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Keep that sunny feeling with our new shows for September.

Sean Hocking - DJ

On My Show - Contact Me - Biography - My Tracklistings - My Twitter Updates

Sean Hocking

On my show this month:
We're 3/4 through the year and I'm still starting my show with Chats songs. Here at Ring of Fire we just love these lovable Brisbane chaps and their songs of post teen rebellion. We've also got more new music from Django Django, Perth's Cold Meat, our favourite LA producer Secret Circuit and Metal Postcard's Melbourne based Gravy Murphy amongst many others.
Be prepared for a long piece of adult rock in the middle of the show with that heavy heavy monster sound of the Swans.
Our favourite new UK band has to be Cambridge, now London based Sports Team. Great songs that remind me of the way I wanted Suede to sound after I read about them in NME as a younger man, I think if I were 17 again I'd be following this band from gig to gig around the country.
Odder selections include a Euro loving track from Craxxxmurf and Toto ( Yes that Toto) covering Weezer.
We 've managed to fit in some Gram Parsons too.
Thanks for listening

On the show NEXT month:
Three hours of fun from me this month. So much great music I can hardly keep up. London serves us Teleman, Sports Team & Gaika. Further afield in the UK we have new albums from Gazelle Twin & Thom Yorke and the first solo release from Brian Bordello, something new from Forest Swords ... oh and of course we have to feature something off the Idles album which gather has headed up the UK charts.
Over the pond in the land of the orange man we are hearing more and more music that reflects what's going on in the land of the free. Lonnie Holley's, I Woke Up In A Fucked America, says it fairly succinctly. We've also got new tunes from Brooklyn's Bodega and Boston's Mr Airplane Man and a wonderful oldie from the early 1990's by Wingtip Sloat out of North Carolina covering the Clean's, "Anything Can Happen".
We've also got some Somalian 70s funk, a new one from The Orb that isn't like anything we've heard from them before, new Metal Postcard artist, Lou Terry and some Italian Rock 'n' Roll from the 60s to boot.
Thanks for listening and don't forget to start thinking about your Festive 50 choices, Gaika, The Chats and Sports Team are topping our list for the year so far.

Website: hockingsean.wix.com/metalpostcardrecords
MySpace: www.myspace.com/metalpostcardremixed
Twitter: twitter.com/metalpostcard1

Sean Hocking is the founder and owner of Metal Postcard Records and based in Hong Kong.

An avid Peel listener from the late 70’s onwards he discovered the true breadth of music available between 10:00pm and midnight for many years. Metal Postcard Records follows the Peel/Tony Wilson philosophy of play it, release it, and don’t worry about other people’s opinions too much; they all come round eventually.

"My first DJ experience aged 15 was being asked by older schoolboy Simon Raymonde (Cocteau Twins/Bella Union) to play a six form dance in the dim distant days of Dexy’s Midnight Runners and a three-piece Cure. Since then I have played Sydney warehouses, West Sussex fields, Brooklyn Bars, Cambodian restaurants, Vietnamese Riverbanks, Hong Kong rooftops and too many empty houses with dodgy fuse boxes to mention.”

“Mentioning favourite recordings would be pointless as they change from day to day but I can tell you that amongst my favourite gigs has been Black Flag at the lyceum in 1980 something, The Cramps on their Psychedelic Jungle tour, The Triffids final Sydney concert at the Paddington Town Hall, Julian Cope’s main stage sunset set Glastonbury in 1987, any Ed Kuepper performance over the last 30 years, Konono No.1 in New York a few years back and The Stone Roses at Spike Island was, without a doubt, a great day out. Oh and the three times I was lucky enough to catch Melbourne’s Morning After Girls who should all be considered for sainthood.”"

The launch party for the Cambodian Space Project’s debut single on Metal Postcard Records in Phnom Penh was a revelation as the band was joined on stage by various musical survivors of the Pol Pot genocide who sang and played their hearts out for hours on end. Couldn’t remember feeling such musical joy... Well not since Peel played The Dodgems’ ‘Lord Lucan Is Missing’ for the first time."

A listener (DJ lano) made my day with this comment on Mixcloud ... "When I was 16 John Peel was my 'go to' man for new music. Now aged almost 46, you - Sean - are the person I most look forward to listening to. Many thanks for another top selection!"

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