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Final outing of the February shows from our site. If you missed some then try MixCloud next month.
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I'm marking this months show by playing a Polyhymns track due the very sad passing of their talented bass player, Andrew Bolum. My condolences to the band, his family and his friends, gone way too soon.
For the rest of the show there is Lawns bring more ammunition to the table and DOSS doing exactly the same. There is a wonderful track from Olumo Soundz which is definitely one to settle back to and immerse in.
Pantomime Riot is back at us in their own inimitable way and Rasta Vibez provide yet another remix of a Spice track that gets so many reworkings (cos it's so ace).
There is a garage track featuring the great tones telling an anecdote from a presenter on Galway Bay FM and that is by Lyonz.
The show is packed as always so you know what to do?

Now Playing:
Olumo Soundz - U.N. (United Nonsense)
Before that we played:
Lana - Polyphony
Jellyfish Punch - Doubt 12-14
Tiken Jah Fakoly - Plus Rien Ne Metonne feat. Naâman
u426 - Dusk til dawn radio edit
Dutty Moonshine Big Band - Skank Out (feat MC Pean)
Lawns - Congratulate Yourself
Roman Flugel - Black Acid