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Almost no time left to hear November's shows and vote in the 2020 Festive 50!
Photo of Rocker
This month's three hour show from Rocker squeezes in a mammoth 54 tracks, including new music from Kiwi Jr[/artist]; Neutrals; The Slugs; Milky Wimpshake; Stupid Bitch & The Dumb Cunts; The Total Rejection; Fixtures; Hamburger; All Ashore!; Arrest! Charlie Tipper; The Drain On The Balcony; Swansea Sound; The Flatmates; The William Loveday Intention; and Chelsea Bombs.
There's electronica from Magdalena; Hyph11E remixed by Kode9 and Philipp Gorbachev remixed by Barnt. There's also several new collaborations - Helen McCookerybook teams up with Robert Rotifer; Murray Lachlan Young joins Blabbermouth and Mick Jones channels his inner Oscar Wilde with Primitive Ignorant.
This month's Rocker's Shellac Attack is a 1956 country song, while this month's Educating Elizabeth record is from 1964.

Now Playing:
Star Party - Something To Do
Before that we played:
All Ashore! - Obsolete Format
Gaudi with Dennis Bovell - Cross To Theramin
McCookerybook & Rotifer - Sorry
Stupid Bitch & The Dumb Cunts - Momsong
Barry - Shy Or Cunt
The Mary Veils - Carefully Carefree
James Leonard Hewitson - So Much More To Do