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Photo of David Smith
David Smith
Greetings and welcome to my first Dandelion Radio show! I've assembled a carefully curated two hour mix tape that includes several tracks from new and upcoming 2021 releases from Shame, Night Lunch (New Zealand), Carpool Tunnel, Bread Scientists, Nose Goblins, Full Flower Moon Band, Fritz, and Amparanoia.
Early in the set we hear an incredible cover song that must be heard to be believed. We have an Historical Highlight section giving a brief focus on Go-Go music, a style of music from Washington, DC. Speaking of history, we hear two great songs from the long gone Maximum Rock and Roll label, one from Poland and the other from Russia. Enjoy the show!

Now Playing:
David Smith: Dandelion Radio
Before that we played:
Osees - Gong Of Catastrophe
Carpool Tunnel - Flora
Optic Sink - Soft Quiet Life
Trouble Funk - Say What
Chuck Brown - The Party Roll
Frank Zappa - Alien Orifice (Live 1981)
Full Flower Moon Band - New Rocker
Nose Goblins - I