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NEWS: We are still making shows under lockdown - another 25 hours this month
Photo of Mark Whitby
Mark Whitby
We've a brilliant session from the wonderful Diane Marie Kloba this month, showcasing alternative versions of tracks that will appear on her new album this month, plus something from the new album from last month's session guest rOZZ and two featured compilations, one a lockdown album from the Fallen Love label, the other a brilliantly intense EP from France's Nashton.
There's more from that highly anticipated trio of albums from Idles, I Like Trains and Bill Callahan as well as a track from the delayed Throwing Muses album that finally sees the light of day this month.
Among other things, ss we build up to the US presidential election, there's a suitably acerbic take on the event from Protofall, while Black Market Dub channel Star Trek and it's the turn of DJ Bronski to remix the Dzambo Agusevi Orkestra.

Now Playing:
Nuage Rose - The Heavy Lid Of Light
Before that we played:
Emma Parry - Pardon
Bushpilot - 23 (Single Edit)
Ital Tek - Deletion Quarter
Throwing Muses - Dark Blue
Bill Callahan - Protest Song
Breichiau Hir - Preseb O Las