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Keep that sunny feeling with our new shows for September.
Photo of Thomas Blatchford
Thomas Blatchford
Greetings from Australia where nobody's entirely sure who the prime minister is, Thomas' sinuses have an attitude problem, and the new Nasho album is the cultural artefact you should be clutching to your chest when the local crows swoop to kill. That astounding record gets a look in this month, as does new #content by Kayo, Peach Club, Lime Crush, Tkay Maidza, HoT To RoT, and so on.
This show features a decent chunk of fruity language, an ode to stinky bedsheets that could get its creator in a lot of trouble, and two tributes to two very different artists (Aretha Franklin and Barry Chuckle, did they ever meet? Speaking of which did you know that there's a photo in existence of Paul Chuckle and Chuck D hanging out together on Southampton Common?) Have a great month!

Now Playing:
Lime Crush - I Don't Wanna Die Alone
Lime Crush
Before that we played:
Olsen Twins - Eternal Water Falling
Tkay Maidza - Flexin' ft. Duckwrth
Peach Club - Boy In A Band
Kayo - Shadow