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The July shows are playing while we are at festivals and on the beach!
Photo of The Beatbox Saboteurs Show
The Beatbox Saboteurs Show
July marks the 50th Anniversary of the moon landings and we have put together a special show that will surely eclipse anything else out there on the airwaves. As usual we have an astronomical number of fresh tracks - including, Polarized Eyes, easily the youngest band we've ever featured. To balance that, we have a track from The Membranes new album, along with an apt track from our very own TV Themes album.
New acts include The Rope, Bvrth, Bollard, Kempt, The Gloomy Killers Club, No Exits, Ipkiss and Skethcy Lines. Loads more too!
As promised, there's another wonder from Cellista's intriguing 'Transfigurations' album and our dear, slightly over-dramatic friends, Spray, pop in to drop (that's what the kids say now, isn't it?) a stripped-down version of a tune from their new masterwork.
Expect lunacy, great tracks and two DJs steering everything into a massive black hole.

Now Playing:
The Beatbox Saboteurs Show: Dandelion Radio
Before that we played:
Lazerpunk - Black Lambo (Quixotic Remix)
The Membranes - Black Is The Colour
Uniforms - Big Bang
Barry Gray - Theme from Space 1999
Herbert von Karajan & the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra - Also Sprach Zarathustra