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The Beatbox Saboteurs and Gareth Jones are back with us for March. Let us know what you think.
Photo of Gareth Jones
Gareth Jones
I did a 1 hour Dandelion show back in December, but in an attempt to prove I'm not just here for Christmas, I'm also here for Easter and the mad month of March. I felt that perhaps one hour was not an oeuf, so I've eggs-tended it to two hours this time.
There are some cracking new bands and artists coming up for you to shell out your money on, including France's Musique Chienne and Japan's Chai plus tracks from new albums hatched by old favourites like Go-Kart MozartCalexico and of course the always eggs-cellent The Lovely Eggs.
But it's not all about the new as I present two retro musical features: 'Secret Songs From The Sixties', this time featuring a curio from Gene Pitney and a psychedelic football record! Plus 'Soundtracks of the Strange', presenting weird movie scores, with tracks taken from 1972's Requiem For A Vampire and 1967's Bedazzled. And in celebration of the new Daytrip Records Kinks tribute album 'This Is My Street', I've chosen four Kinks cover versions including The School and Cardiacs.
It all promises to be a musical eggs-travaganza, and that's no yolk.

Now Playing:
Los Bansais - Todo El Dia Y Toda La Noche (All Day And All Of The Night)
Before that we played:
The School - Animal Farm
No Middle Name - Sax For Melody
Couteau Latex - Colere Vide
Macho Boys - Victim To Blame
Musique Chienne - Tous les Matins du Monde
Calexico - Unconditional Waltz