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Bumper month with 31 hours of December shows - plus 2022 Festive 50 arriving from Christmas day.
Click here to visit Andrew Morrison's pageAndrew Morrison
For the first time since July, Andy's show for December is back to its typical duration of two hours just in time for Christmas, with a mostly moody selection of wintery tunes. He'll be paying tribute to Mimi Parker, who we tragically lost in November, by playing four of his favourite songs by Low. Andy also features new music from Telefís, Laura Cantrell, Arab Strap, Paragon Sea, Zouj, The Balloonist and Bonemachine. There are two radically different versions of Seagoth's latest single; a Kraftwerk cover by Boy Omega; an awesome slab of shoegaze from MOLLY; a brand new single from former session guest Tired Cossack; an Andy's Old Chestnut from 1997 by Mansun, and much more.

Also listen out for the results of the official 2022 Festive Fifty repeating every from Christmas Day until the end of January in a co-hosted show counting down Dandelion Radio listeners' favourite tracks of 2022.

Now Playing:
Seagoth - Amorphous Buy this track
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Birds In The Brickwork - December (Empty Hall) Buy this track
Sjöblom - A Thousand Words Buy this track
Marsheaux - We Met Bernard Sumner At A Christmas Party Last Night Buy this track
Low - Especially Me Buy this track
Boy Omega - Radioactivity (Feat. Clara Luzia) Buy this track
Laura Cantrell - AWM Bless Buy this track