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March 2019 ... we are getting into the swing of things now
Photo of Gareth Jones
Gareth Jones
March is my last Dandelion show for a couple of months before I take a break from the station to get married! I thought I'd bow out with a Brexit Special. There are Brexit themed tracks and song parodies, plus a Theresa May mix containing 8 songs about our beloved/beloathed prime minister. We also tackle racism with a track from the new album by Woog Riots.
Of course we embrace all of Europe at Dandelion Radio, so I'll be playing you songs sung in Spanish from Abjects, Italian from Deidre & The Dark and Turkish from Fatos Balkir, plus new tracks from French electro-pop band Le SuperHomard and French surf guitar band Cannibal Mosquitos.
Plus this month's 'Secrets Songs from the Sixties' are by two artists from Belgium/Brussels. Away from Europe, there's new tracks from Japan's Otoboke Beaver and Korea's Drinking Boys and Girls Choir.
Besides Brexit Day, March 29th is also the UK cinema release date for the documentary film 'Being Frank - The Chris Sievey Story', and I'll be playing tracks by Frank Sidebottom and Chris Sievey from the soundtrack album released by Iain Lee's 7a Records label.
So please remain listening to me for these two hours, don't leave!

Now Playing:
Gareth Jones: Dandelion Radio
Before that we played:
Frank Sidebottom - Bros Medley
Milqman (Feat. Anna & Mimmi) - Regrets Won't Do On Brexit Day
Madeleina Kay - Brexit Hokey Cokey
Friz Frizzle - Deep EU Something
Uke Hunts - Theresa
Barnaby Griffin - Theresa May I?
Richard Sorrentino - Don't Resign Theresa May