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'Broadcast One' - Dandelion Radio's 1st compilation album

26 hours of December shows - plus Festive 50 arriving from Christmas day.

This Month On Dandelion Radio
Descriptions of every show broadcasting within our looping audio stream until the end of the month
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Andrew Morrison

Andy's two-hour December show is somewhat surprisingly the first December show he's put together since 2015. This therefore means it's the first opportunity he's had for four years to playlist some top notch alternative Christmas tunes, such as those from Shame, Curxes, Life As Surface Noise, Spray, Low and two from Mark Peters - one of which is the final release from this year's Sonic Cathedral Records singles club.

Andy will also be playing you some non-festive tunes from such acts as Ezra Furman, We Show Up On Radar, M. Rexen, Esya, Slowdive, Human Don't Be Angry, Lingua Nada, Pleasure Symbols and more. Also remember to stream into our 2019 Festive Fifty countdown show, playing the fifty favourite tracks of Dandelion Radio listeners from the last year, broadcasting every from Christmas Day until the end of January!

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Gareth Jones

It's the most wonderful time of the year, and I've got a bumper 3-hour bulging sack of Christmas goodies for you. There are several surprise guests popping up throughout the show who have recorded special festive messages. I won't reveal who they are though, you'll just have to listen in!
Plus along with Mark Whitby this month, I'll be bringing you five tracks from 'A Very Cherry Christmas Vol.14', the Indie Christmas compilation CD released by Cherryade Records. It includes a cracker of a new Christmas song by Arrest! Charlie Tipper featuring our very own Rocker on his big Christmas organ.
This month's edition of 'Secret Songs from the Sixties' contains two cuts from the compilation CD 'Merry Luxmas, It's Christmas In Crampsville! - Season's Gratings From The Cramps' Vinyl Basement', released on the Righteous label through Cherry Red.
For those who don't eat turkey, there are 3 Vegan Christmas songs. You'll also hear Christmas songs sung in French, Russian and Spanish plus all styles of Christmas music, from Hip-Hop to Bluegrass to Gabba to Punk.
And if you want to hear more, I'm DJing 12 hours of non-stop Christmas songs for charity on Friday 13th December (unlucky for me!). Please donate if you can. Full details at https://justgiving.com/fundraising/12hours

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Leo Gilbert

There is a definite Chinese flavour to my show this month. After chancing upon a BBC programme on music from the Guizhou Province, I felt compelled to dig a bit deeper and unearthed some fascinating recordings, which have been sprinkled throughout December.
Alongside these crackers, I have selected two tracks from each of my favourite albums and EPs of the past few weeks, including the enigmatic Anna Meredith, the intelligent Jeffrey Lewis, caustic Andy Stott, scintillating Max Cooper, filmic A Winged Victory for the Sullen, melodic Low Roar, eclectic Kasper Bjørke and strife-torn Hermeth.
There are also two from the brilliant Clark, the latest, of course, from Surfbort and a smattering of tunes from around the world, including Mexico, Finland, Croatia, Kenya, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Japan, Chile and a good many countries besides.
And sneaking in at the eleventh hour of recording the show was Daniel Knox's hypnotic new single. You might also hear a couple of my favourite Christmas tunes if you listen carefully. Forty-plus songs for you - now how's that for good value?!

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Mark Cunliffe

I'm sure I think this every year but there have been loads of decent tunes released in 2019, I've found it just as exciting as ever.
Sleeparchive is fully back on the form he had a few years ago when every release was expected to be fire. The Cave Singers have a new one out that I'm really loving, been years since I last played them! Interplanetary Criminal are pushing their UKG levels which is fab cos I love decent UKG.
Def Robot are featuring again with another slice of top tunage and Shal Marshall & Busy Signal have combined for some Soca goodness. Unbelievably I heard someone say, the other day, they don't like Soca cos it sounds too happy???? There is a place for everything, no? I have TWO featured albums.
One is an outstanding piece of vinyl from the new-to-Sub Pop, Omni and the other is the excellent, not-quite-yet-but-soon-to-be-released, album from John Paul, it's a banger.

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Mark Whitby

December isn't just about the build-up to Xmas. We present a whole range of non-festive offerings issued during the pre-advent period and beyond, including tracks from new albums by Jeffrey Lewis & The Voltage, Xylouris White, Boobs of Doom and Adrian Raso. There are also a couple of cracking split releases, one a cassette released by Wilhelm Show Me The Major Label, the other a music and poetry offering from Clangroyd Music.
We also preview a release has a fairly good chance of providing the highlight among December releases - that Idles live album - and another likely to be the standout offering in January: the new album from Holy Fuck.
Not that we're neglecting the festive season entirely. Our featured compilation is the latest Christmas album from Cherryade and we close the show with a globe-wandering selection of Xmas tunes including Japan's Otomoni, Martin & The Vampires from Sweden and New Zealand's The Beths.
And of course we haven't forgotten the Festive Fifty. Our Peel Back... section features three highlights from the chart of 1989.

Click here to visit Rocker's page


A two hour show from Rocker this month, starting with his entirely unbiased and balanced (in the BBC sense of the words) election special.
There's new music from Jetstream Pony; Sissy Space Echo & the Invisible Collaborators; AJJ; Keys; Ducks Unlimited; Ekkoes; Fresh; Peel Dream Magazine; The Bitter Springs; Comet Gain; Thick and More Kicks.
Electronica is provided by Squarepusher; Petar Dundov & Marc Romboy; Blackrachas and The Phenominal Handclap Band remixed by Superpitcher.
This month's Educating Elizabeth record is a new release on the Dunham record label; while this month's Rocker's Shellac Attack is a classic French recording from 1947.
As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: Anhedonia is a psychiatric condition, the inability to feel pleasure in normally pleasurable activities.

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Sean Hocking

Here again already, December! 2019 might have been awful for most things, like, our planet, freedom of speech, our fellow species and so on and so forth. But, as any alternative music lover knows the rule of inverse reasoning applies when it comes to great new music and shit years. The worse it is out there the more we get great quality tunes, bands and weird sounds. Before we get to this month I'd just like to say thank you to the following for immeasurably improving my year via their audio output. Craven Faults, Gino & The Goons, Modern Nature, Bob Vylan, The Proper Ornaments, Sports Club, R.M.F.C, Kevin Morby, The New Art School & Occult Character amongst a host of others.
It is also worth mentioning that introducing the 17 year old and pals to the live delights of Underworld & The Chemical Brothers put a big smile on my face. Talking of smiling, watching Iggy do his thing at the Sydney Opera house is one for the photo album as they used to say in the 20th century.
That's enough revelling in nostalgia, let's get on with what's new and worth listening to in December. Another 4 hour show from me this month and we've got a great new 12" from Pye Corner Audio, Neil Young's new album, Colorado, is a joy, Perth outfit Verge Collection, have finally released their debut and unsurprisingly it's worth its weight in gold.
US band Palehound have released a heartachingly good single entitled, "Autumn Sweater" and Bristol's Giant Swan eventually release their debut. Last year the Idles finally popped out of the pubs and into the imagination of festivals and bigger halls, let's hope Giant Swan do the same in 2020. There's lots and lots of new sounds on the show but we would also advise taking a closer listen to hip hop artist, Jeremiah Jae. His DJ Shadow, meets Kool Keith, the Avalanches and Kendrick Lamar aesthetic has me hooked.
Thanks for listening to Ring of Fire and Dandelion in 2019. Looking forward to bring you the newest of 2020 next year.

Click here to visit The Beatbox Saboteurs Show's page

The Beatbox Saboteurs Show

One hour of delights for you this month, we couldn't resist playing another track from the Alice Hubble album but we also have loads of marvellous acts you've probably never heard of, including Lijo, Marlenarium, Moondrive71 and Strange Weather.
Linda Guilala and The Barbarian Horde return with recent top tunes, we play something from the new Fabienne Delson album and by keeping the chat concise, we even manage to squeeze in the fantastic Paul Rooney.
Unhinged as ever, watch out for the ghost of Christmas past!

Click here to visit Thomas Blatchford's page

Thomas Blatchford

Merry thingy from The Thomas Show at Dandelion Radio, and welcome to the End Of The Decade extravaganza! Yep, this month we're commemorating the dying moments of the 2010s (and maybe humanity in general) by revisiting some hot hits from the past ten years. (Please note anyone writing in to argue the end of the decade would actually be this time next year will get blocked in every conceivable manner).
While not a definitive Top 30 - if you like charts then sit tight for the Festive Fifty - it was still tough to whittle down a hundreds-strong shortlist, so be thankful that the temptation to make this show half a day long wasn't given in to. To make things easier, you'll only hear artists Thomas hasn't featured on Dandelion before; indeed, many of them have never previously appeared on the station at all.
Without wanting to give anything away, this month's funfest features: Thomas diving into their 3" vinyl collection (yes, such a thing does exist); accidentally but fortuitously playing several artists with new music coming next year; and unleashing an earworm that always appears on the 86 tram line. See you on the other side!
ps. For anyone playing along at home, last month's mistake was calling Ebony Steel Band's Kraftwerk cover 'Computer Love' when it was, of course, 'Computer World'. Nobody wrote in to claim their prize, so hopefully you didn't notice.
pps. this show now has an official Twitter account: @thomasdandelion

Click here to visit Trev's page


Another year biting the dust. But there is little time for nostalgia here and this month I have 2 hours of mostly new music, with crackers from East Man, Apollo Soul, The Original Beekeepers, Grotbags, Billy Nomates, Salad Boys and Decoherence to name just a smattering of the new things in the show.
There's a three pronged attack in Shop Corner this month with tunes from Bo Hanssen - gets ambient and prog with a track from his concept LP "Music Inspired by The Lord Of The Rings", Baby Ray and The Ferns - an early 60s band featuring Frank Zappa! and a track from early British thrash outfit Onslaught from their debut LP The Force from 1986.
Also introducing a new feature that has a working title of B sides are Better - where I play the flipside to a couple of 7" singles - and the first one features the B sides to Men Without Hats' 'Safety Dance' and The Jesus and Mary Chain's April Skies.