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Tarta Relena - Me yelassan

'Broadcast One' - Dandelion Radio's 1st compilation album

Getting back into the swing of things now. 26 hours this month including a special show with all spoken links in Bahasa!

This Month On Dandelion Radio
Descriptions of every show broadcasting within our looping audio stream until the end of the month
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Andrew Morrison

After looking back last month, Andy's February show pushes forward into 2024 with nearly all of its tracks released this year or in the final weeks of 2023. New music comes from Tired Cossack, French For Rabbits, West Wickhams, Lord Kesseli And The Drums, Masal, R. Missing, MGMT, Deary and Bdrmm. You'll hear two tracks from the brand new Epic45 album (released on New Year's Day), plus there's an extraordinarily rare Andy's Old Chestnut from The KLF's "Pure Trance" era from a frankly unfathomable 35 years ago - where has all that time gone?

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Brownbutter shares new music from Frog, Sprints, Sleater-Kinney, The Umbrellas, and O-D-EX as well as some hidden gems from Head of Femur, Just Mustard, Family Fodder, Monahans, and Okay, plus a Joy Division album cut and ... an unreleased Nico covering Simon & Garfunkel?!?!

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David Smith

Greetings! We have an extra day this month - spend it wisely by listening to Dandelion Radio!
In this month's show I have some cool new songs from Kibaszott Emberek, Vlimmer, Primer Infant, Brudne Czyny, Sprints, and Mint Julep.
I also have sort of new stuff from Guadalupe Urbina & Barzo, Sacred Product, and Siska.
We will also hear a great track from early Throwing Muses. I don't know why 4AD has long neglected the Chains Changed and Fat Skier eps, so I guess I'll have to take matters into my own hands.
Enjoy the show!

Click here to visit Gareth Jones's page

Gareth Jones

Gareth returns in February with another two hours of eclectic tunes. Frank Sidebottom salutes Annie Nightingale while soulful rhythm'n'blues band The Hawkmen want you to be their Valentine.
Theremin player Stephen Hamm has an ode to Sagittarians and there's wonky orchestral jazz sounds from the all-female Japanese 16-piece Tawoyame Orquesta.
Then the 2nd hour's guest is Mia Lust from Chemtrails who is taking part in 'Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue' to coincide with their new album 'The Joy of Sects', out now.

Click here to visit Leo Gilbert's page

Leo Gilbert

Possibly Leo's poppiest show pops up this February. He has four hours of the freshest sounds, many of them only released in the month of January, plus a smattering of sounds that he has plucked from various "best of 2023" lists.
Among the most compelling are underscores, DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ, Pere Ubu, Biosphere, Daniela Pes, Polevaulter and Hey Colossus.
And that's just the tip of the musical mountain coming your way. Don't miss it!

Click here to visit Mark Cunliffe's page

Mark Cunliffe

I'm marking this months show by playing a Polyhymns track due the very sad passing of their talented bass player, Andrew Bolum. My condolences to the band, his family and his friends, gone way too soon.
For the rest of the show there is Lawns bring more ammunition to the table and DOSS doing exactly the same. There is a wonderful track from Olumo Soundz which is definitely one to settle back to and immerse in.
Pantomime Riot is back at us in their own inimitable way and Rasta Vibez provide yet another remix of a Spice track that gets so many reworkings (cos it's so ace).
There is a garage track featuring the great tones telling an anecdote from a presenter on Galway Bay FM and that is by Lyonz.
The show is packed as always so you know what to do?

Click here to visit Mark Whitby's page

Mark Whitby

So much great stuff already coming out way in 2024, there's not even space for a featured compilation this month: just great new tune after great new tune. That includes more from the new Bob Vylan and Idles albums and new singles from Akea Beka, Jan LF Strach and K Board & The Skreens.
We also welcome the recent flurry of activity from the Audio Antihero label, who present new releases from Chuck and My Best Unbeaten Brother and there are some cracking show debuts from the likes of Munay K Dub and Circolo Vizioso.
Firmly in the 'what the hell do you make of that, then?' corner are Plastic Rupert, who deliver a somewhat irreverent rendering of a Dolly Parton hit, while we deviate from the new tunes only, of course, for a Peel Back... selection presenting tracks that featured in session in February 1982, 1992 and 2002 respectively.

Click here to visit Rocker's page


A two-hour show, including a featured new album from Bristol-based charmers The Lovely Basement, and new tracks from The Reds, Pinks And Purples; Homework; The Monorals; SOLO; Jad Fair; House Of All; The Umbrellas; The Drain On The Balcony; Corridor; Plastic Bag; and J Mascis.
There's a fantastic new single from Burial, and more electronica from Booka Shade; and Love Remain. There's a couple of taster tracks from the forthcoming Under The Bridge 2 compilation, which features artists associated with seminal Bristol label Sarah Records.
This month's Rocker's Shellac Attack is a 1955 doo-wop recording out of Los Angeles.
As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: Annie Nightingale was a DJ on BBC Radio 1 for 52 years, outlasting by decades every one of the all-male group of DJs who were employed at the station's inception in 1967.

Click here to visit Sean Hocking's page

Sean Hocking

There are two shows from me this month.
A three hour show with the last hour dedicated to some longer tracks that I've not included in prior shows because of time constraints.
Plus a one hour special from the mystery island of Lembongan somewhere in the Indonesial archipeligo. Not only is your music Indonesian on this show but your Javanese host for this one off show, Oti Prakarti, presents the entire broadcast in Bahasa just to add that little bit of extra mystery.

Click here to visit Thomas Blatchford's page

Thomas Blatchford

Another sweet shindig from our Thomas that starts with a nod to dearly departed Mary Weiss, travels back to 2000 when Daniel Johnston was re-interpreting a Bond theme, and has some new niceness from Lycandope, Yirinda, Bolis Pupul, Aquatico and plenty more.
Song title of the month goes to "(I Am) Matt Damon"s Suzuki' although "Spicy Crab" is fun too. Record label name of the month must go to Oily And Stinky.

Click here to visit X-Ray Moon's page

X-Ray Moon

This month X-Ray pretends he is one of the windy tornados that Britain has been experiencing recently by not only blowing hard and then harder still (in a musical sense {not in a heavy metal sense though}), sometimes he has blown so hard he has gone red in the face and blown his own socks off ...
Some of his long-since-forgottens include the get-up and shake your chilly British booties to Balkan Beatbox, with a track that probably isn't dedicated to the much missed Mark E Smith - it's called Cha Cha.
Chassol's out last year phenomenal track of I'm Not A Real Person takes the words of the sadly demised outsider artist Jean-Michel Basquiat and puts them to music (read by Chassol). And, of course, interesting for X-Ray Moon, he reminds us, is the link between outsider art (or aka Art Brut) and one of his passions Surrealism.
Talking of Surrealism, X-Ray Moon has included a short poem by the Surrealists Andre Breton and Paul Eluard.
Los Bitchos with their track Tequilla shakes us up and makes us want to find the salt and the lime, even at breakfast.
Not forgetting a new track by the wonderful Faust.
And so so so much more your could hang your coat and gloves on it.
X-Ray Moon states that he is trying to help get us through winter with a massive blowing away of all post festive cobwebs ...
The revolution will be radiovised (sic). Enjoy!