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'Broadcast One' - Dandelion Radio's 1st compilation album

February shows ... lots of them ... 10 in fact.

This Month On Dandelion Radio
Descriptions of every show broadcasting within our looping audio stream until the end of the month
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Gareth Jones

It's February and love is in the air. Well sod that. Here's 2 hours of absolutely no love songs!
Eclectic as usual, there's rap/hip-hop from The Good People and Afro-Latin sounds from Yanga. There's also experimental and arty electro from Cute Girls Doing Cute ThingsPas MusiqueGrand Veymont and even an electro track from They Might Be Giants! Plus new garage-psyche-rock'n'roll tracks from The Chocolate Watch BandWeird Omen and Snakerattlers. All this plus a brand new track by Glasgow lo-fi electro-punk-pop legends Bis too!
This month's 'Secret Songs from the Sixties' come from The Tornadoes and Lulu who will be singing in four languages! There are also some secret songs from the Seventies because I'm playing 3 tracks from a new Cherry Red 3-CD box set of Junk Shop Glam obscurities called 'All The Young Droogs' featuring tracks by HustlerOne Hit Wonders and Steve Elgin.
The 'Soundtracks of the Strange' come from the 1980 film 'Tusk' and a current puppet theatre play in Chicago called 'The Stranger and the Shadow'. And for the cover versions section, I've chosen covers of songs by artists who died in 2018. So there are songs originally by The Fall, Aretha Franklin, Chas Hodges (Chas & Dave) and Pete Shelley (The Buzzcocks).
So please be my valentine and join me for my February show.

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Leo Gilbert

For the second month in a row, Leo could not restrain himself. He simply had to overstuff the Dandelion Radio sofa with irresistible tunage. Four whole hours' worth.
Once again, Leo cast his ear trumpet across the planet, hauling in tunes from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Canada, Egypt, Italy, Germany, Ghana and a whole host of other countries besides. It's a global gorge-fest.
There will be names you know (Sharon van Etten), names you don't (wait and see), names that trip off the tongue (KOKOKO!) and those that twist your tongue into boy scout knots (SHXCXCHCXSH). There's a lot of dancey tunes and one or two nobody (that's nobody) would be able to tap their toes to. A few guitars are strummed and one or twenty three drums are banged.
In short, it's an unmissable celebration of all that is wonderful in the world of music in February 2019. Don't you dare not listen.

Click here to visit Mark Cunliffe's page

Mark Cunliffe

Well, this year hasn't started too badly on the music front eh? There is something new from Sleaford Mods and we have some Bolivian hip hop in the form of BK TRAP.
Sweden throws up something really beautiful from Lewy Papaw Lagnemyr and the Vanishing Point compilation give us another equally lovely track via paulfcook.
There is RIOT twerking the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Hey O Hanson have a very,very welcome new 7" out, it's been a long time.

Click here to visit Mark Whitby's page

Mark Whitby

This month, our insatiable quest for the best new music of 2019 takes us, among other places, to Uganda, with another fine release from the Nyege Nyege Tapes label, on to Mexico, where we find the new album from Regal 86, and back across the Atlantic to Senegal, for a timely Sourakata Koite reissue, stopping off on the way to take in tracks from a couple of live sets from France's La Souterraine and The Skiperdees, from the United States.
A couple of cracking new releases from the Armellodie label make an appearance - a new single from Yip Man of Scotland and an EP from Bloke Music which is a available in both download and spanner (yes, spanner) formats.
There are a number of appearances from established show favourites, with more from that EP from Bernays Propaganda and the new James Yorkston; we have a new single from The Pocket Gods and Macerator remixes Diane Marie Kloba with, not for the first time, spectacular results.
Our featured compilation comes from the Seagrave label and this month's Peel Back... features delves into the Peel Session archives to emerge with tracks first broadcast in February 1969, 1979 and 1989.

Click here to visit Pete Jackson's page

Pete Jackson

Pete's first show of 2019 brings a plethora of tracks from artists new to the show, including France's Les Synapses, Finland's Mantra, Australia's Sand Pebbles and North Wales' Dez Williams, and a couple who are a bit harder to say (I'm looking at you, Bad Stream & ^L_).
There's new stuff too from firm favourites Warped Freqs, Mt Mountain, The Telescopes and Parly B, Richard Quirk's been on his travels and there's the first in a long while from BeMyDelay.
Following his debut in December's show there's more soundtrack fun from Jerry Goldsmith along with some old gold from Super Furry Animals, Rhythm Is Rhythm and Buzzcocks.

Click here to visit Rocker's page


Another three hour show this month packed with new music, including tracks from Corduroy; Reverse; The Perfect English Weather; The Magic City Trio; Buffalo Postcard; The Speedways; Drinking Boys & Girls Choir; The Lurkers; Teen Body; Feels; Paper Machine featuring Lonely Tourist; Lucy Morris; Youth Avoiders; Bad Sleep and Jetstream Pony.
There's another take on The Clash by Phoenix City All-Stars. Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders bravely tackle Roy Orbison, while both Eux Autres and The Wendy Darlings take on The Kinks, from an excellent tribute album on the Daytrip record label.
There's also electronica from Oniris remixed by Marc Romboy; Jan Blomqvest remixed by Solée; Franky Wah and Anii.
There's also tracks from 'Kings & Queens Of The Do It Now' - an excellent 2019 preview compilation from the Emotional Response label, including Boyracer; Seablite and Fatty Cakes & The Puff Pastries.
This month's Educating Elizabeth record is a Motown classic from 1966; while this month's Rocker's Shellac Attack features Western Swing from Fort Worth, Texas in 1938.
As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: The Light Crust Doughboys claim to be the longest running band in the history of recorded music. They were formed in 1931, and are still gigging and recording to this day (albeit with a different line up).

Click here to visit Sean Hocking's page

Sean Hocking

This month it's 3 hours of new tunes from 2019, some recent 2018 finds and a couple of oldies. 2019 has started off well with new releases from south London's ROC, Fat White Family who we gather have decamped to Sheffield to record their new album and also something new from the Sleaford Mods. All three are on top form and we're particularly happy to hear from ROC who've been on hiatus for nigh on a decade! Also a new album from personal favourite, Salary from Perth WA who have created something that straddles the ground between the Triffids, Born Sandy Devotional and Astral Weeks which, as they say on Escape to the Country, ticks all the boxes for me.
Out of the UK we've got 3 from new artist Jimothy who does a wonderfully wry but serious take on hip hop in the second decade of the 21st century. I for one hope he becomes huge - he's exactly what hip hop needs at the moment. Other new acts include LA's Mom & The Mailman on Burger Records, they've actually been a round a few years but it's the first we've heard of them. The Mascara Snakes out of Western Australia, The Viagra Boys from the US who seem to be making waves at the moment. We are also loving the wonderfully named Cocaine Piss, The Donkey Bugs & Jenny Moore's Mystic Business.
On the oldie front there's California's originally hippy musician, Eden Abhez and his laid back surf beat exotica. Some Hi-energy from the Flirts and a 12" we'd forgotten about, Busy P's Rainbow Man.
As always lots more and hopefully next month we'll be able to bring you the first Metal Postcard releases for 2019. Sir Robert Orange Peel has an album up his sleeve as does Little Albert out of Hong Kong whose music has just been featured on a couple of UK TV shows which is very exciting for us.

Click here to visit The Beatbox Saboteurs Show's page

The Beatbox Saboteurs Show

We are celebrating our first anniversary on Dandelion Radio and what better way of doing that than playing you a whole gamut of new and exciting music from around the globe.
This month we introduce you to Nat & The Noise Brigade, Kroşe, Mary May, One Friend, Inkblot Astronaut, Moonlight Waves, Karelia's Discord, Forest Crows and Kai Orion.
There's a wonderful track from Italy's Pinhdar, a thumper from Austria's Rache and even a mid-show mini-mix featuring Tangerine Dream, Arjen Schat, Mac Quayle, Future Sound of London and Orbital. Whispering Sons and Silvermouse lay some skin on you, I Am A Rocketship launch a sonic ray from their "Mind Graffiti" album and Cheerbleederz keep everyone up with their spiffing debut on Alcopop! Records.
There's another track from Analogue Electronic Whatever's "Since Year Dot" album and a beautiful finale provided by the Spanish band we adore, Uniforms.
We should also mention that pay a small tribute to the recently departed, June Whitfield. If you know us, then you'll know what that involves. Hope you enjoy the show!

Click here to visit Thomas Blatchford's page

Thomas Blatchford

Is it too late to say "happy new year"? Or way too early, depending on your outlook?
Anyway, Thomas enters your computer from a Melbourne that is regularly hitting above forty degrees (celsius!) with thirty songs for your consideration on this Februarian morn. From way back in 2018 (remember those days? Remember flossing? Remember Dominic Raab? Remember Fruit Salad Chews?) are songs from Corella, RSD, Bryte, Palm Springs, Ross From Friends etc., while from way further back there's Micachu and the Shapes, The Fear Merchants, and a track by The Fall never played on this station before. Ever!
As for the future, there's new toe-tappers by Cherry Pickles, V, Gordon Koang, Angel-Ho, G36 and many more, plus two morsels from Thomas' favourite album of the year so far by Shrimpwitch. What a classic flourish!

Click here to visit Trev's page


My first show of 2019 is a bumper 3 hours of new music, including 3 songs from forthcoming release on my own label Odd Box (All Ashore!, The Wendy Darlings and My Lo-Fi Heart).
Elsewhere Australia gets a healthy look in with tunes from The Stroppies, The Native Cats, Mope City and The 208L Containers.
There is ambient noise from Tornike Karchkha & Nazi Chavchavadze and Noel Meek & Bruce Russell. There is new song from Makthaverskan and some brilliant pop music from Glasgow with Current Affairs (on the fab Not Unloved label) and we also a new song from Jay Glass Dubs from his forthcoming LP 'Epitaph'.
On an electronic(a) tip there are fab tracks from Punch Cards, Percusive P and Bad@maths.
There is one golden oldie thrown in from The Honeycombs in memory of Honey Lantree who died back in December.