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We have a few occasional nods to the pandemic but otherwise much the usual sort of stuff from us.
Photo of Mark Cunliffe
Mark Cunliffe
Hopefully this and the other Dandelion shows can provide some escape from these rather difficult times.
Where can you be escaping to? Well, I've managed to squeeze a half century of tunes into this three hours.
One of those is Bumble Bee Crown King, who are back with another fab tune and DJ Manny is treating us to some more footwork magic.
The New Art School are no more but fear not, C.S.E Art Project have risen from the ashes and you can hear the result in this show.
Son's Of MU make another appearance but so do two more Son's Of MU off shoot bands, Quadian and Dukebox Accelerator. I'm playing Baxter Dury for the first time in years and Swarvy has a new album out to marvel at.

Now Playing:
Soviets - Waiting On Me
Image from Discogs
Before that we played:
Dukebox Accelerator - V8
P├ępe - Bridging Mechanics
Quadian feat Neil Marsden - D 128 v4 - Mark C Mix
Cellar Door - Hands Up
Yoofee - Lie U Know
C.S.E Art Project - It's a Very Messy Business