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Clocks go back this month! Nights are drawing in (at least in our part of the world) so snuggle up and listen to our new shows.
Photo of Sean Hocking
Sean Hocking
Another 4 hours from me this month and as always lots of wonderful things left on the cutting room floor. That said the even more wonderful things made the show.
Personal favourite this month is Gordon Koang a refugee from South Sudan living in Melbourne, he's still only on a temporary visa so doesn't know if he'll get to stay in Australia or be sent back to South Sudan, but it's not stopping him making music and we're glad that's the case. Also out of Australia we have a plethora of new releases from the likes of Bananagun, Disco Junk & Civic amongst others.
This month's anti-brexit songs come from Alan Jenkins, Bob Vylan and Rabo de Toro and talking of Alan Jenkins, his cover of Search & Destroy is one of the best things I have heard this year, if you like what you hear, do check out the rest of his catalogue another great English songwriter I wish I had come across earlier.
Had to include a couple of different sounding covers this month and have been wanting to include Floyd Parsons Italo ambient version of Shine on you crazy diamond for yonks and came across the Kleins covering Devo's Mongoloid, last month and knew I had to find a space for it in the show.
Saw Justin Townes Earl last month having not really listened to him much. A total revelation live and if he's ever schlepping through your neck of the woods make sure you pick up a ticket to see him, I've included a track off his debut EP from 2012 if you've not come across his songs before.
As always I hope you enjoy the show and remember it's not long until we all have to start thinking about this year's Festive 50. I'm already in the whittling down stage.

Now Playing:
Floyd Parsons - Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Before that we played:
Yu Su - Watermelon Woman
Spartaco Sax - Ne Nous Fâchons Pas
Eddy Huntington - U.S.S.R.
Minami Deutsch - Boogie Down
Alessandro Adriani - Storm Trees
Gordon Koang - Asylum Seeker
Silicon Teens - Lets Dance