The Official 2017 Festive Fifty - January 2018
Happy Christmas! An assortment of our DJs count down through the best 50 tracks from 2017 based on your votes - continuing the John Peel tradition.
You can hear the full results of this classic poll repeating from Christmas Day and into January, finishing off with Mark Whitby revealing this year's winner!
We repeat it to give everyone a chance to listen in - therefore many people will be listening long after others so please keep the results to yourself for a while.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Cherry GlazerrNurse Ratched   
REVBJELDELankin Jig   
The Just JoansNo Longer Young Enough   
The FlatmatesCome On, Santa!   
HearingTwo Girls   
Captain SKALiar Liar GE 2017   
Blanck MassThe Rat   
AlvvaysSaved By A Waif   
Aldous HardingImagining My Man   
Public Service BroadcastingAll Out   
Hayman Kupa BandNo More Bombs   
The Darling BudsEvergreen   
SpoonHot Thoughts   
Yeah YouSkin (I Have Only Lived Once)   
The Pink TilesTime For Love   
The OriellesSugar Tastes Like Salt   
The CaretakerA Losing Battle Is Raging   
Peter PerrettHow the West Was Won   
LCD SoundsystemCall The Police   
Jesus and Mary ChainAll Things Pass   
Holy FuckBird Brains   
Cuban BoysKids From The Rotating Door Of Fame   
Big ThiefMary   
WireShort Elevated Period   
Sir Robert Orange PeelCourse you can Malcolm   
Manfred HamilHollow   
Kloba KentFools Make Walls   
Cuban BoysTheme For A Revolution   
The Pet ProjectThe Sporting Life (Archie)   
The HorrorsSomething to Remember Me By   
Piss FactoryThe Day After The Night Before   
MogwaiCrossing The Road Material   
IdlesWell Done   
Flat WormsRed Hot Sand   
PJ Harvey and Ramy EssamThe Camp   
Blanck MassRhesus Negative   
Belle and SebastianWe Were Beautiful   
AlvvaysPlimsoll Punks   
MadonnatronHeadless Children   
Holy FuckChains   
AlvvaysIn Undertow   
P J HarveyA Dog Called Money   
dreamherbsWelcome to Fuzzbrain   
BambooWake Up Your Heart   
Gavin Osborn & the Comment SectionI Am European   
MogwaiParty in the Dark   
Jeffrey LewisDictator Seeks Reichstag Fire   
Blanck MassPlease   
The FallFol De Rol   
Astro-BWelcome to the Astro-B   
The Luxembourg SignalLaura Palmer   
Paul RooneyLost High Street   
2017 Review - January 2018
For January 2018 Dandelion Radio introduces a Review of the year 2017, as seen through the eyes or perhaps more correctly heard through the ears of our DJs.
Join Neil Jenkins, Rocker and Mark Whitby as they take a turn in guiding you through some of their musical high points from the past year.
Tune in, enjoy, and give us your feedback.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Jane WeaverLoops In The Secret Society   
Orlando FuriousRage   
The Wedding PresentEveryone Thinks He Looks Daft   
ShrimpwitchLust For A Kick   
London GrammarHell To The Liars (Kolsch Remix)   
Astro-BFuture Rock   
The WolfhoundsFire In The Home (Session)   
Broken Social ScenePlease Take Me With You   
KarenBroken Stars (Session)   
Astral SkullsWhat We Lost   
Pama InternationalI Cried Til I Stopped   
Neurotic FictionMediator (Session)   
LAPSWho Me?   
The Twelve Hour FoundationAnalogjam   
The Charlie Tipper Conspiracy with Helen McCookerybookFemme Fatale   
The Dukes Of MumbaiDo The Crab (Session)   
Jonny Kincaid & The Invisible Nowhere BandProtest Song No. 1.2 (Session)   
Guerilla Toss vs Jay Glass DubsString Dub   
Nac/Hut ReportLunar   
RiddloreThe Crush   
Cuban Boys & Astro BRational Dress Society   
Le Cercle Des MallissimalistesCittà aperta   
Paul RooneySunday Best   
Andrew Morrison - January 2018
Stealing some precious time away from work, DIY, travelling and - more recently - Christmas socialising (and the inevitable Christmas cold), Andy is back for a two hour January show. He'll be playing you a sample selection of some of the releases he's snapped up since his last show in June, including Matt Maltese, Broken Social Scene, Paul Draper, Alvvays, PJ Harvey, His Electro Blue Voice, Yeti Lane, Black Honey, Public Service Broadcasting and Norma. In the latter half of the show, Andy will be revealing his ten favourite tracks of 2017.

Also listen out for the results of the official 2017 Festive Fifty in the countdown show repeating at different times every day until the end of January.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Victories At SeaEchoesiTunes EP 'A Place To Stay'Static CaravanNone
DriftGenderlandiTunes single 'Genderland'Avant! RecordsNone
NormaS.A.D.iTunes single 'S.A.D.'NovotonNone
MGMTLittle Dark AgeiTunes single 'Little Dark Age'Columbia RecordsNone
Public Service BroadcastingThe PitiTunes LP 'Every Valley'Test Card Recordings / Play It Again SamNone
Black HoneyDigiTunes single 'Dig'Foxfive RecordsNone
BrutusJustice De Julia IIiTunes LP 'Burst'Hassle RecordsNone
Yeti LanePsychic HazeiTunes single 'Psychic Haze'Yeti LaneNone
His Electro Blue VoiceEarthwormiTunes LP 'Mental Hoop'Maple Death RecordsNone
Mark Reeder With The KVBIn SightCD LP 'Mauerstadt'Kennen601298
Bugzy MaloneThrough The Night (Feat. DJ Luck & MC Neat)iTunes LP 'King Of The North'Ill Gotten RecordsNone
ArchitectsDoomsdayiTunes single 'Doomsday'EpitaphNone
PJ HarveyA Dog Called MoneyiTunes single 'A Dog Called Money / I'll Be Waiting'Island RecordsNone
MISSIOEverybody Gets HighiTunes LP 'Loner'RCA RecordsNone
DaveQuestion TimeiTunes LP 'Game Over'DaveNone
Wolf AliceYuk FooiTunes LP 'Visions Of A Life'Dirty HitNone
AlvvaysDreams ToniteiTunes LP 'Antisocialites'Polyvinyl Record Cp. / Transgressive Records Ltd.None
The HorrorsSomething To Remember Me ByiTunes LP 'V'Wolf Tone Limited / Cartoline InternationalNone
Null+VoidWhere I Wait (Feat. Dave Gahan) (Radio Edit)iTunes LP 'Cryosleep'HFN MusicNone
Paul DraperThings People WantiTunes LP 'Spooky Action'Paul Draper / KscopeNone
At The Drive-InGhost-Tape No. 9iTunes LP 'In•ter a•li•a'Rise RecordsNone
SlowdiveStar RovingiTunes single 'Star Roving'Dead OceansNone
The Flaming LipsHow??iTunes LP 'Oczy Mlody'Bella UnionNone
Broken Social ScenePlease Take Me With YouiTunes LP 'Hug Of Thunder'Arts & Crafts Productions Inc. / City SlangNone
Cherry GlazerrNurse RatchediTunes LP 'Apocalipstick'Secretly CanadianNone
Matt MalteseAs The World Caves IniTunes single 'As The World Caves In'Café Bleu RecordingsNone
Mark Whitby - January 2018
There are plenty of new releases to sift through in the early stages of 2018 and we preview the very best of them in this first show of 2018, including tracks from new albums by The Spook School, Xylouris White, Hailu Mergia, Efrim Manuel Manuck, Death And Vanilla and Belle and Sebastian.
There's also a new session from one of last year's best artists - the wonderful Sir Robert Orange Peel - and the first in a series of exclusive tracks from Ian Thistlethwaite, along with a fascinating glimpse into the always enthralling world of Bloomin' Nora and a preview track from the next Jan Strach release. In contrast, our featured compilation this month has been out for some time - it's the Post-Soc album in aid of homelessness charities, still available at and still very much worthy of attention for a number of reasons, only one of which is the extraordinary quality of the music.
Of course there were many excellent releases towards the end of 2017 that couldn't be ignored, including a fine EP from Seekersinternational, an album from The Tinopener's Art and Xiu Xiu covering ZZ Top. Meanwhile, this being the month of the Festive Fifty broadcast, we Peel back... to some of the wonders on offer in the 1997 chart and offer a piece of wild speculation concerning what might have made the FF fifty years ago, had such a thing existed, though many will see this as another thinly disguised excuse to play something from one of my favourite albums of all-time.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Deux Boules VanilleMister GoodmixCD 'Planete Gougou'Kythibong 
The Spook SchoolLess Than PerfectCD 'Couldn't It Be Different?'Alcopop! 
SeekersinternationalRun Come TestCD EP 'Run Come Test'No Corner 
Ernestas SadauRiots In Jail Near Kaunas12" EP 'Gonzo On Tour'Pinkman 
Jan StrachWoda Pada Mido Domump3 downloadNone 
Sir Robert Orange PeelEuropeans In AustraliaExclusive TrackNone 
Belle & SebastianI'll Be Your PilotCD 'How To Solve Our Human Problems'Matador 
Wolf-E-WolfSludge HammerCD EP 'Battlemode'Gravitas 
Dalmatian Rex & The EigentonesStegosaurus StompCD SingleMusic 4 Goldfish 
Bridget Wishart & EverlingYesterday's FutureV/A Download Album 'Post-Soc'Post-Soc 
Ian ThistlethwaiteRight To Remain Somewhat SilentExclusive TrackNone 
The Soft MoonBurnCD 'Criminal'Sacred Bones 
TMRWAvaratroCD EP 'Zebu'Soigne Tes Oreilles 
Xiu XiuSharp Dressed ManSplit 7" Single w/[r]Polyvinyl/Stoned To Death 
Sir Robert Orange PeelGet Your Mince Pies Off My Eggs!Exclusive TrackNone 
Simo CellFeel Di Kouala Vybz12" EP 'Pour Le Club'Livity Sound 
Bloomin' NoraCharactersmp3 downloadNone 
Chad FreyThe SingleV/A Download Album 'Post-Soc'Post-Soc 
Hailu MergiaGum GumCD 'Lala Belu'Awesome Tapes From Africa 
NovakRapunzel7" SingleKitty Kitty Corporation 
StereolabFluourescencesCD EP 'Fluourescences'Duophonic 
The HitchersStrachanCD 'It's All Fun & Games 'Til Somebody Loses An Eye'Murgatroid 
Country Joe & The FishHappiness Is A Porpoise MouthCD 'Electric Music For The Mind & Body'Vanguard 
Sir Robert Orange PeelWhen The Boat Comes InExclusive TrackNone 
Death And VanillaLabyrintheCD 'The TenantFire 
EMAMoptops (Dance While The World Stops)CD EP 'Outtakes From Exile'City Slang 
J-ZbelSelecta (Neuneu Anthem #5)V/A EP 'Rends L'Argent'Brothers From Different Mothers 
Bunny & The Invalid SingersThe Sun Is Dead - Thanks For The AddV/A Download Album 'Post-Soc'Post-Soc 
MudhoneyJudgement, Rage, Retribution & Thyme (Live)CD 'Live In Europe'Sub Pop 
The Tinopener's ArtIncubus PhalanxDownload Album 'A Mode Of Reward'None 
Sir Robert Orange PeelMrs MarshExclusive TrackNone 
PeplumStadeCD 'Api Uiz'Kythibong 
Xylouris WhiteOnly LoveCD 'Mother'Bella Union 
Manfred HamilUna CorduroyDownload EP 'The Dandelion Session/Una Corduroy'None 
Efrim Manuel MenuckLxOxVx/Shelter In PlaceCD 'Pissing Stars'Constellation 
Koti & Thee ImmigrantsSend Me Through The GateDownload Album 'The Relaxing Sounds From Tinsley Prison'Death Roots Syndicate 
Claude SpeeedMemories Of Eternal FutureCD 'Other Infinities'Planet Mu 
Sir Robert Orange PeelSeconds Out!...Round 2Exclusive TrackNone 
M Is WeQuicksand BeachCD 'Oceans'Silber 
BeltismInappropriationV/A Download Album 'Post-Soc'Post-Soc 
[r]Gimme All Your Lovin'Split 7" Single w/Xiu XiuPolyvinyl/Stoned To Death 
Buen ChicoLet's Not Go Back To Work In JanuaryDownload SinglePhilophobia 
Pete Jackson - January 2018
January 2018 sees the 10th anniversary of Pete's first Dandelion Radio broadcast, and to celebrate he's prepared a mix of 2017's greatest session tracks, from the likes of The Telescopes, Dementio13, dreamherbs, Dead Sea Apes and The Heartwood Institute, among others.
There's one or two familiar names among this month's noisemakers too, so you'll hear Cornershop, Mugstar, The Mothers Of Invention and I, Ludicrous, though they are rubbing shoulders with newer acts like Dunjins, Hand And Leg, Plastic Crimewave Syndicate and Skull Defekts, so though the years progress the approach remains the same, pretty much.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Albert Ammons & Meade 'Lux' LewisTwos And Fews   
MugstarMy Babyskull Has Not Yet Flowered   
CornershopDemon Is A Monster   
Rob Clarke And The WooltonesEntente Cordialle   
Canonball Statman(She's In) Rehabilitation   
Skull DefektsA Brief History Of Rhythm, Dub, Life And Death   
Linton GarnerDouble A Mambo   
Lord NumbGlitch Jingle   
BradfordIn Liverpool   
GloriaThe Rain Is Out   
The Screaming Love CollectiveLaika   
The Mothers Of InventionI Ain't Got No Heart   
Hand And LegSilly Boy   
DunjinsHive Mind   
EfektvolUSSR Sinaya   
Plastic Crimewave SyndicateVast Beyond   
The MonsieursAt The Hop   
Japan SuicideCircle   
Lord NumbCountry Jingle   
I, LudicrousA Very Important Meeting   
TechnographusI'm A Bit Late   
Pylon Reenactment SocietyPrecaution   
MugstarI Got The Six   
Rocker - January 2018
Happy New Year to all our listeners! Whilst elsewhere in the schedule we have the 2017 lookback show and the 2017 Festive 50 chart show coming round in the January loop, here in our normal shows we are as ever striving to bring you the newest freshest tracks from artists you may already know and especially from those you do not.
This month's three hour show features new tracks from The Just Joans; The Total Rejection; First Base; Half Forward Line; Jessica's Brother; The Spook School; Jesus & His Judgmental Father; Nervous Twitch; Lonely Tourist; James Leonard Hewitson and The Millipedes.
There's electronica from Visnadi & Matteo Bruscagin remixed by Guy J; Khen remixed by Patrice Baumel; Solee & Alyne remixed by Microtrauma; and Obrotka remixed by Petar Dundov.
This month's Rocker's Shellac Attack is a 78RPM Calypso 10" from 1946, while this month's Educating Elizabeth record is a classic instrumental Northern Soul dancefloor filler from 1966.
As well as little known acts, here's this month's little known fact: You can work out what day I am writing this if I tell you that as I write, every child in the UK was born in this millennium, while every adult was not.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Not RightTory ScumLP - 'Your Turn'Not Right 
Captain SKASons & DaughtersDownload Single  
The Flux CapacitorsSatanDownload Single  
Pete AstorWater Tower7"Tapete RecordingsTR390
KhenLand Of Goshen (Patrice Baumel Remix)Download EP - 'One Day Of Independence Remixes'Lost & FoundLost & Found 039
The Spook SchoolLess Than PerfectLP - 'Could It Be Different?'Slumberland 
Corner BoysJust Don't Care7" EP - 'Just Don't Care'Drunken SailorDR78
James Leonard HewitsonCare Less, Love LessDownload EP - 'Six Demos, 2016 - 2017'  
OnsindHuey AlabasterLP - 'We Wilt, We Bloom'Specialist Subject Records 
Suggested FriendsPlease Don't Look At Me On The BusLP - 'Suggested Friends'Odd Box Records 
Jen CloherStrong WomanLP - 'Jen Cloher'Milk! Records 
First BaseNot That BadLP 'Not That Bad'Drunken Sailor Records 
Dark ThoughtsFallin' OutLP - 'Dark Thoughts'Stupid Bag Records 
Lonely TouristFrank The BarberLP - 'Remuneration'Tourist Info Records 
Élan VitalDreamsLP - 'Shadow Self'Fishrider Records 
The Total RejectionThe Legendary Orgasm (Everything In My Mind Is Groovy)LP - 'Wrapping Yourself In Silver Foil Won't Save You From The Blast'Raving Pop Blast 
Danan Hargeysa feat. Mohamed "Huro" AbdihashiUur Hooyo2LP - 'Sweet As Broken Dates: Lost Somali Tapes From The Horn Of Africa'Ostinato RecordsOSTLP003
Mo TroperPlay DumbDownload Compilation - 'Good Cheer Records 2017 Label Sampler'Good Cheer Records 
Erin Bardwell CollectiveThe Maiden NameCDLP - 'Great Western Reggae Soundclash'Pop-a-TopPATCD021
Wilmoth Houdini & His Royal Calypso OrchestraGin & Cocoanut Water78 RPM Shellac 10"Decca23543 A / 72815 A
Solee & AlyneElfen (Microtrauma Remix)Download EP - 'Elfen'Soulful TechnoSoulful Techno 14
Jesus & His Judgemental FatherMy MistakeLP - 'It Might Get Better'Specialist Subject 
Diet CigRoad TripLP - 'Swear I'm Good At This'Frenchkiss RecordsFKR088-1
Gavin Osborn & The Comment SectionBe CreativeLP - 'Echo Bridge'Little Owl Records 
Self LoveI Don't CareLP - 'No'Towed By The Ghost 
Brad San MartinSong About SoulfingerLP - 'Shoot Tomorrow / Learn Tonight'Jigsaw RecordsPZL128
Luther Ingram & His OrchestraExus Trek7" - 'If It's All The Same To You Babe'Hib Records698-B
Nervous TwitchTorment MeLP - 'I Won't Hide'Odd Box RecordsBOX042
Jessica's BrotherOvernight HorrorDownload SingleFika Recordings 
The Big HoweverI'm Yuri GagarinCDEP - 'Soft Lad'Breaking Down RecordingsBreak025
The Charlie Tipper ConspiracyThe Way I'm Wired2CDLP - 'The Astonishing Rise Of Charlie Tipper'Breaking Down RecordingsBreak023
The MillipedesThe Letter SongDemo  
ObrotkaStage Whisper (Petar Dundov Remix)12" - 'Stage Whisper 2016 remixes'Astronaut RecordsASTR 007 VIN
Bee Bee SeaI ShoutedLP - 'Sonic Boomerang'Wild Honey / Glory 
Linqua FranqaEight WeeksLP - 'Linqua Franqa'Happy Happy Birthday To Me 
Half Forward LineFor CenturiesLP - 'The Back Of Mass'Jigsaw RecordsPZL 131
The Just JoansI Only Smoke When I DrinkLP - 'You Might Be Smiling Now'Fika Recordings 
Miss WorldClick And Yr MineDownload EP - 'Waist Management'Punk Slime Records 
Les LulliesDon't Look Twice7" EP - 'Don't Look Twice'Slovenly 
Mannequin PussyEmotional HighDownload Compilation - 'Tiny Engines 2017 Label Sampler'Tiny Engines 
TicaRacist Friend (B-Man Re-edit)7"Zero / Angel's EggAEDSZ-002S
The ShiftersContrast Of Form7" - 'A Believer'Market Square Records 
East Brunswick All Girls Choir14 Clay Gully CourtDownload Compilation LP - 'Milk! Records 2017'Milk! Records 
Polish ClubOnly ChildLP - 'Alright, Already'Island Records AustraliaPOLISH004
Visnadi & Matteo BruscaginDrps Classic (Guy J Remix)Download EP - 'Triptico / Drps Classic'Lost & FoundLF040D
Hank Levine & His OrchestraImage (part 1)7”His Master's Voice45-POP 947
Sean Hocking - January 2018
Welcome to another year of Ring of Fire at Dandelion. In this, our first show of the year we bring you our usual selection of snotty Aussie punk, represented this month by The Chats from Queensland.
New music from Peru, Egypt and all points between. A new release from Canterbury's Origami Horses is a personal favourite, as are the aforementioned Chats, and also, Attic Ted, E Ruscha V, Powell's newbie and my Charles Douglas obsession grows apace.
Also, keep an ear out for Fancy Rosy track, "Punk Piece".
Thanks as always for listening - and listen out for our other show this month ... "Reverence or Reference".
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
The ChatsSmoko   
The StroppiesGo Ahead   
The Stevenson Ranch DavidiansWack Magick   
Bonny DoonEvening All Day Long   
Charles DouglasSuicide Note (1998)   
Attic TedNext Time   
The BugBad (Ft. Flowdan)   
E Ruscha VWho Are You   
Chris KordaSave The Planet Kill Yourself   
SwedemasonTrump Vs Talking Heads   
Origami HorsesMedicate Me   
Fancy RosyPunk Police (1977)   
Anita LaneThe Next Man That I See   
Johnny Cash And June CarterI Got A Woman   
Candice GordonJohn I'm Only Dancing   
The HigsonsTear The Whole Thing Down   
NeophyteAlways Hardcore   
Barkly Desert Culture ProjectPrison Life   
Luzmila CarpioCh'uwa Yaku Kawsaypuni (Nicola Cruz Remix)   
AfrobotIndian Acid (Am)   
Here Are The Young Men & Uncle PeanutThe Day The Hipsters Stole Our Look   
The Creature ComfortWhat We Want (Power Corruption & Lies)   
Rats On RaftsOrangeorangutan   
Night OwlsBoomerang   
Stef SmithGot Ya Money   
Oliver HeldensIbiza 77 (Can You Feel It)   
Nada El ShazlyPalmyra   
Logic System, Ryo KawakamiClash (Dj Harvey Remix)   
Reverence Or Reference - January 2018
Here's a couple of hours of bands singing songs to their musical heroes. Also, as we all know bands and artists can be a little self involved from time to time, so I've chucked in a couple of self name checks as well. All to keep you in the party spirit.
My favourite ... Syd Barrett's "Bob Dylan Blues".
Als, listen out for our regular show as well.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
Half Man Half BiscuitIrk The Purists   
Elton JohnCrocodile Rock   
Daddy CoolEagle Rock   
The MolesWe Are The Moles (Part 1)   
Barbara ManningMark E Smith & Brix   
HuntingtonsI Wanna Be A Ramone   
Television PersonalitiesYou, Me & Lou Reed   
Tex Don CharliePostcard From Elvis   
The Fat White FamilyI Am Mark E Smith   
Upholststered EldorradosWanna Talk Like Iggy Pop   
AvalanchesFrank Sinatra   
StereolabJohn Cage Bubblegum   
The BandBlind Willie McTell   
Van MorissonJackie Wilson Said   
The WaterboysThe Return Of Jimi Hendrix   
Pete De BreeHey, Mr. Presley   
Ramones ForeverShonen Knife   
MGMTBrian Eno   
Dr AlimantadoTribute To The Duke   
Daft PunkGiorgio By Moroder   
ShragMark E. Smith   
Bob DylanSong To Woody   
Spacemen 3Ode To Street Hassle   
HeinzJust Like Eddie   
Those Naughty LumpsIggy Pop's Jacket   
Ian DurySweet Gene Vincent   
The JuvenilesBo Diddley   
Syd BarrettBob Dylan Blues   
Atari Teenage RiotAtari Teenage Riot   
Thomas Blatchford - January 2018
Happy new thingy! Thomas is still catching up with records from 2017 and is in a festive mood for the Festive Fifty. Who'll be in the chart? LAPS? Open Mike Eagle? Mixed Infants again, perhaps with their cover of a shock-jock classic? There's also a few artists to look out for in 2018 such as V, Hatchie and Dream Wife, the lattermost being one of three bands played this month with the word "dream" in their name. Dream baby, dream ...
Oh! The closing piece of music by Eluvium is from an album called Shuffle Drones, where the listener is invited to put all 23 "sonic vignettes" on shuffle and create a randomised listening experience "anywhere between 13 minutes and 13,000 hours long, depending on how (and how long) you choose to play it".
There was only a couple of minutes spare at the end of the show, but you get the idea.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
The Pink TilesTime For Love#1 Fan LPSelf-releasedPT005
The Bran FlakesOf CourseHelp Me LP  
Suss CuntsNewby   
Daniel RuaneMutualism (Mike Drones & Enoby Remix)Daniel Ruane x PermahighPermahigh 
Baby KoolBlack BarbieBlack Barbie EPKool Muzik Productionz 
Alice SkyePoetry By Text   
Dean Rodney Junior & Ravioli Me AwayChicken Boom BoomDean TV Girls  
The Night Before TomorrowNick Cave (Yarra)Berry Street / Nick Cave 7"  
The Kondi BandBelle WahallaSalone LPStrutSTRUT143LP
Open Mike EagleNo Selling (Uncle Butch Pretending It Don't Hurt)Brick Body Kids Still Daydream LPMello Music GroupMMG-00106-2
Face FaceLaw SchoolFace Face LP  
VNot Ready For ThisIdentical Records Compilation OneIdentical Records 
QwertySunIdentical Records Compilation OneIdentical Records 
Fidel 500ChillaxNo Brainer EP  
Rieth & KekPhone   
Purple WizardI've Been Wrong BeforeI've Been Wrong / I'm Not Angry 7"Girlsville 
Severed HeadsPetrol (Country & Western - 1984)Lamborghini / Petrol EPDark Entries RecordsDE-104
Burning Love JumpsuitCheerleaderPlease Pull ApartGreyslateGreyslate 023
Hyper KinakoTokyo Invention Registration OfficeHyper Kinako / Yumi Yumi / Plouf! / The Seven Inches EPGoJonnyGoGoGoGo RecordsGoGo 001
Mixed InfantsJumpI Thought It Was Swagger But Up Close I Could See He Was Limping EP  
FriendshipsLeather Dog MaskCling Clang: Compositions for Computer-Controlled Bells and Australian ElectronicsHeavy Machinery Records 
Gutara KyoGenkai ToppaGutara Kyo LPSlovenly Recordings 
HextapeNice Cop Bad Cop Vapor Noir 
Ergo Phizmiz PLC, Rococo Chanel, Depresstival and The SuperfoolsScore Music for a Sport ManifestoThe Beautiful Epoch of Avant Garde Sport  
Dream WifeFireDream Wife LPLucky NumberLucky112
Time For DreamsNewscene (Various Asses remix) It Records 
Dream NailsJoke ChokeDare To Care EP  
DraagThe Ideal Workerxxxxxxxxx EP  
Madd Again!BawloutMaddTing Vol. 2.1 EPSwing TingSwing Ting #014
Luke YouDear You, This week's issue...10 Recentish ZinesYNTPMYNTPM024
EquiknoxxEnter A Raffle...Win A FalafelColón Man LPDDSDDS027-COL
EluviumModern Listening HabitsShuffle Drones LP  
Trev - January 2018
A new year and I am sick of mince pies! The January show is another 180 minutes of great (mostly) new music. You can look forward to hearing excellent stuff by Onsind, The Number Ones, Sky Faction, Color TV, The Beths, Corner Boys, Fox Face, Camp Cope, The Baby Seals and a whole host of others.
Guitar drones are found courtesy of Metal Rothko and electronica (is that still a thing?) is found in shape of Joshua Wentz, Esem, Lily, Taylor Stewart, Wilted Women and Finn. We also have the first play of a song from Andrew Golding's solo LP (The Wolfhounds) coming out on a new label, Ghost Magnetic. Plus fans of naughties indiepop should listen out for a song from a new Sheffield band, All Ashore.
The featured artist this month is the power pop brilliance of Baby Shakes. They're due to tour UK/Europe in the spring and we have dug up 3 of their older songs - they've been going since 2005, to get us in the mood for the tour.
The Odd Box triple feature returns and you can hear songs from new releases by Rainbow Reservoir and Suggested Friends. The golden nugget from yester year comes from The Manhattan Love Suicides.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
ONSINDImmatureWe Wilt, We BloomSpecialist Subject 
TigricsCan't Get YouCan't Get YouSelf Released / Bandcamp 
UpsetterSinister CurrentSinister CurrentClandestine 
Joshua WentzThe RealityAlternative Places LP  
Baby ShakesLove MachineThe First OneDouchemaster 
The Number OnesLie To MeAnother Side Of The Number OnesStatic Shock Records 
Sky FactionNo One ElseSky Faction EP  
The Hanging StarsHow I Got This WaySongs for Somewhere ElseCrimson Crow 
EsemNaNI I  
Morning JacketLily12" & D/LDon't Be Afraid 
LeechesSunbaked MetalExobirth LPSpiderchild Records 
Color TVParoxeteensParoxeteens 7"Neck Chop Records 
Metal RothkoSide ATape II  
Night IdeaCanopyRiverless LPGigantic Noise 
Taylor StewartCycleA Look Inside My Generous MindSelf Released / Bandcamp 
SuperKnovaNight's A BitchSplendor Dysphoria  
MattielBaby BrotherMattielBurger Records 
Ewan CruickshanksFaster Than A SnakeD/L singleArmellodie Records 
Hamad KalkabaLamidoHamad Kalkaba and The Golden Sounds 1974?-?1975Analog Africa 
Kindred SpiritsHe Will Always Be With UsThe Dread Of Being  
CorrectionsMoving ThroughIdolatry LP  
The BethsGreat No One   
Rainbow ReservoirCreepy Kissing - Gold Star GirlChannel Hanna LPOdd Box Records 
The Manhattan Love SuicidesBikini Party Birthday KillBikini Party Birthday Kill 7"Odd Box Records 
Suggested FriendsMotherfucking TreeSuggested Friends LPOdd Box Records 
Wilted WomenMeat Alien Jams 
FinnSometimes The Going Gets A Little Tough   
Baby ShakesCome OnTurn It UpLil Chewy Records 
Perfume VWouldn't U Like To KnowBless Bless Bless BlessReflective Tapes 
Camp CopeJet Fuel Can't Melt Steel BeamsCamp CopeRun For Cover 
The Baby SealsYawn PornThe Baby SealsSelf Released / Bandcamp 
All AshorePerfect PopsongDemoDemo / Not yet released 
Shit KidOh Me I'm NeverThis Is ItPnk SLM recordings 
Andrew GoldingLament For Common SenseDragon WeldingGhost Magnetic 
Heejin JangRestlessTrouble in the CampDoom Trip 
Corner BoysJust Don't CareJust Don't Care 7" and D/LDrunken Sailor Records 
Fox Face(You're Gonna) Wish You Were DeadSpoil & DestroyDirt Nap Records 
Test CardThose Long Dusks Of SummerRediffusionSound In Silence 
Les Bombe PopsSo Long AgoSo Long AgoSelf Released / Bandcamp 
Baby ShakesSugar HighStarry EyesLil Chewy Records 
Snow RollerMan ChildXXLReflective Tapes 
Cold MeatNice GirlsPork Sword Fever 7"Static Shock Records 
Anti-gameTreehouseAnti-gameSelf Released / Bandcamp 
ConstantinaBaleiaBlue Twenty-SixBlue Tapes