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The Beatbox Saboteurs Show - DJ

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The Beatbox Saboteurs Show

On my show this month:
Have we got a show for you this month!
Mr Blu has been over the pond for a couple of weeks and that has allowed Skreen to seek out tracks for the show without any form of supervision. That can be pretty dangerous territory, as you will hear during the show.
Worry, but don’t worry too much! There is still a degree of stability, as we play new tracks from a few of our favourite repeat offenders such as Soft Science, Dentist, Klammer and Vandal Moon, the latter guesting on a terrific vverevvolf single. Added to that Transmission 13 pop up with Xqui.
One great discovery for this show is a jazzy track with spiky words by the collage artist Ashley Reaks accompanied by Joe Hakim and some slinky sax. We are also glad to share an absolutely ripping ditty by Turkish Delight which was sent to us by our new friends at the I Heart Noise label.
Since stumbling across them on Bandcamp a few months ago, we have also quietly been fans of the Z Tapes label and this month we have included a few of our top choices from their Summer 2018 compilation. That means an airing for Wind Mile (featuring Marie Léger), Cody & the Jet Skis and LoVision.
What else? There are too many genres to list (happily most defy classification anyway) so we will just tell you that you will be able to hear a variety of sounds from acts such as Rectal Distrophy, Hyperion, Matt The Martyr, We Are Replica, Plebs & Fuckboys, EriS, K Michelle DuBois, WUK, Darto, Evan Jewett, Palm Ghosts, Surowa Kara Za Grzechy, Solemnly Sage, Peter Zimmermann, High Dart and Lemondoza.
Finally, we have to mention that the recording of the show was slightly disrupted by an international airshow taking place in the background, so if we seem even more ragged than usual it is because of all the Fokkers outside.
Chocks away!

Homepage: www.skreen.co.uk
Twitter: twitter.com/BeatboxSaboteur

My previous session guests:

Artist Broadcast Artist Broadcast
Nolika 04/2018

The Beatbox Saboteurs are Blu and Skreen B, we are a couple of miscreant toffs from the South of England who simply like making and listening to music.
We are probably most well-known for being members of the Cuban Boys, the band who became an integral part of the John Peel Show in the late 90s and, amusingly, through a sequence of fortunate events, ended up being signed to the EMI mothership and gatecrashing the UK charts. We charted higher than S Club 7, pretty good for a "bad Technohead tribute band". However, winning John Peel's Festive 50, recording a couple of sessions for him and having our homemade CDRs played on his show remain our greatest achievements.
The Beatbox Saboteurs formed as an escape pod from the Cuban Boys, aiming to further propel the tradition of twisting popular sound recordings into something fresh and interesting. Call it smiling entertainment with a devilish grin. Once again, we found ourselves adored by John Peel, along with an ever-expanding rabble of DJs from radio stations all around the globe. Between 2002-03, the Beatbox Saboteurs released a rapid succession of albums and special one-off recordings before taking the decision to disappear before the lure of corporate labels tainted the project.
Aside from The Beatbox Saboteurs, we have been involved in many music projects. Our early days as schoolboys were spent making horrendous metal-bashing experimental noise but since then we have worked in nearly every genre: goth, synth-pop, techno, classical, ambient, drum & bass, pop, dance, rock, electro and possibly even novelty pop.

We now run a micro-label called House Of Beauty Records and enjoy the freedom to create whatever takes our fancy. We are goths at heart but can see the wonder of light. If you want to send us a dodgy demo then we would love to hear it!

Tracklistings for my previous shows:
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