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'Broadcast One' - Dandelion Radio's 1st compilation album

For July we have 9 new shows - including some election specials from Gareth

About Dandelion Radio

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We could tell you how a bunch of volunteers felt inspired by the legacy of the late and much-missed BBC Radio DJ John Peel to create our own Internet radio station, named after Dandelion Records, the label Peel ran from 1969-1973. We could tell you that we're bored with automated and formatted radio, and yearn for the days when DJs made it up as they went along, like we do. Or that we want to serve the needs of the people who create and distribute new and interesting music and provide a unique listening experience, with the spirit of Peel running through all we do. We could also tell you about all the strange, challenging, new, old and different music we play. And the exclusive live recordings and sessions we regularly feature. Or about how we are the official new home of John Peel's legendary Festive Fifty - a broadcasting institution since 1976.

However, we think our station speaks for itself. So why not click on one of the 'listen live' links above and hear what it has to say?

You can find out more about us and our achievements under History, below.

Mailing List
If you would like to receive our occasional newsletter with all the latest on shows, sessions, DJs and events, join our mailing list by sending an email to us .

The Stream
We broadcast our monthly shows consecutively, in a schedule that loops 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Shows are not downloadable. You can listen to the live stream in a number of ways from the web site: Click the "Listen Live" button at the top of the page to open a player in a new browser window. When there click the Play button and keep that window open. You can also try to launch a local player on your system using media players such as Winamp, iTunes and RealPlayer by clicking dandelionradio.com/DandelionRadio.pls (you could also enter this manually imported into the simple and free Android app CustomRadioPlayer) ; or to open in Windows Media Player, but without track information try dandelionradio.com/DandelionRadio.asx. Plus ... there is the "RADIO Dandelion" iOS app which brings a much richer experience, The new schedule begins at midnight on the 1st of every month. Tracklistings are published online at the end of every month. You can also listen to Dandelion Radio on a varierty of hardware Internet radios, as well as many Internet radio applications on mobile phones.

The home page of this site provides live track details, biographies and web links for each artist, which auto-refreshes.

Trouble Listening?
Because we're self-financed, there's a limit to the number of listeners we can support at any one time. Listeners do disconnect from the stream every few minutes, so please keep trying to connect - you'll soon be listening in. If you have any other problems with the link or the connection, please let us know and we'll try to help.

Demo Submissions
If you have some music you want us to hear, or if you're interested in getting involved with Dandelion Radio, visit the Contact section of this site. Thanks to everyone who has sent in demos, records & CDs. Keep them coming - everything gets a listen.

The News/Events section lists gigs that members of the Dandelion Radio team are involved with.

If you would like one of our DJs to handle the decks at one of your gigs (not a family wedding ... they are not that sort of DJ) then contact them via their pages.

If you want the gigs of your band to appear on the site when we play their music or on their "Artist" page (like this page for "Wet Leg") then simply add details of the gig on Songkick (you will need a free account there) and we should pick it up within a day.

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the gig listings - so always contact the venue before buying tickets or travelling to the event. Also - watch out for bands who have the same name as someone else ... we might be showing upcoming gigs for the other one!.

Press and media reviews
"As close to what it was like to listen to the John Peel BBC Radio 1 show as humanly possible. I think Mr Peel himself would have tuned in on occasion" (Dukla Prague Away Kit - 22 Dec 2011)

"If you haven’t ever listened to Dandelion Radio... I promise it’ll be worth your while" (Louder Than War - 21 Nov 2011)

"Enthusiastic DJs who know their music play an eclectic mix" (Rebekah Delgado - 1 Jul 2011)

"My favourite music show of any kind anywhere... Dandelion Radio provides a unique listening experience, skipping around every music genre you can imagine... I definitely implore anyone who used to listen to and enjoy John Peel to spend a few hours listening to Dandelion if you aren’t already" (Guy Manchester, Louder Than War - 6 Jun 2011)

"Dandelion Radio is run by a lot of very committed volunteers with excellent taste in music" (Right Where You Are Sitting Now - 22 June 2011)

"Dandelion Radio play the most diverse and truly crazy shit you will ever hear outside of that strange guy who lived two flats down from you and might have killed things" (Supajam - 1 Jun 2011)

"After 5 years worth of incredible music Dandelion Radio has grown into being the greatest Internet radio station in the world" (Simon Pott, The Chasms - 1 Jun 2011)

"In the spirit of the man from Peel Acres, airtime for the obtuse, the plain song or the plain noisy. In short, radio for all that isn’t simply banal" (John Donaldson, JD Meatyard/Calvin Party - 1 Jun 2011)

"Dandelion’s Greg Healey altered the course of my musical career forever" (Jay Stansfield - 1 Jun 2011)

"Wonderful... I feel sure the old boy [John Peel] would approve wholeheartedly" (Buzzin Music - 28 Feb 2011)

"Dandelion Radio is the only place you are likely to hear such music and they, and this compilation ['Broadcast One'], should certainly be applauded for that" (indie-mp3.co.uk - 13 Dec 2010)

"Dandelion Radio is a cause well worth supporting, with an album ['Broadcast One'] that’s well worth hearing, and all for only six quid or so. It sums up Dandelion Radio’s Peel-esque vision to give an outlet for songs a bit too strange even for most independent radio" (Sounds XP - 10 Dec 2010)

"The great man would surely have approved... An essential alternative to commercial radio and even to the more “indie-friendly” stations like 6 Music" (The Line Of Best Fit - 22 Nov 2010)

"For the new, old, ear-bleedingly raw, devilishly weird challenging collisions that Peel used to concoct, there's the breathtakingly varied Dandelion Radio" (The Guardian - 27 Oct 2010)

"Dandelion Radio is the true alternative British Internet radio show. Plugging the gap left by the death of John Peel. Its succeeding where Radio 1 is failing" (Soiled blog - 11 Oct 2010)

"Dandelion Radio do amazing work, but they don’t get the love they deserve" (The Line Of Best Fit - 6 Oct 2010)

"A blast of broadcasting nonconformity" (Q Magazine - Feb 2009)

"Dandelion is a sanctuary of thumping, spirited weirdness" (The Guardian - 26 Nov 2008)

"Excellent... you will almost certainly love it" (The Guardian - 14 Nov 2008)

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History and news archive

• 2005: Members of the John Peel Yahoo! Groups web forum discuss the possibility of creating an Internet radio station inspired by the ethic of the legendary BBC broadcaster following his death in October 2004. The founding members of what would later become Dandelion Radio were DJs Neil Jenkins, Andrew Morrison, Dan Barrell, Mark Rosney, Rocker and "backroom boys" Alan Williams, Neil Cutmore, Paul Webster and Phil Edwards. Members spent the following year researching Internet radio; recording demo shows for test broadcasts; procuring licences to ensure the legality of the station; putting together a website; and trialling audio stream hosting providers.

• 31 January 2006: First ever face-to-face meeting of Dandelion Radio, at the BBC's Maida Vale Studios in London. Members see Mogwai and Jakokoyak record a live session for Radio 1's One Music show, and discuss plans for launching an Internet radio station. See Photos section for pictures of the event.

• 15 February 2006:
Members meet again at Maida Vale, this time to see The Suicidal Birds recording a live session for One Music while discussing plans for Dandelion Radio. More pictures in Photos.

• 21 June 2006: Dandelion Radio begins broadcasting its first stream, with shows from Andy, Dan, Mark Rosney, Neil Jenkins and Rocker.

• August 2006: Peter Nelson and Rachael Neiman both contribute their first shows to Dandelion.

• October 2006: Steve and Brian, otherwise known as Radiodubster, join Dandelion Radio and broadcast their first show.

• November 2006: Dandelion Radio is asked to take over the late John Peel's annual Festive Fifty listener's poll by his former BBC production team. Dandelion Radio and its Festive Fifty are promoted heavily on Radio 1 by both Huw Stephens and Rob Da Bank.

• 1 December 2006: Voting begins for Dandelion Radio's 2006 Festive Fifty - marking the first time it's ever been broadcast on any station other than Radio 1.

• January 2007: The results of Dandelion Radio's first ever Festive Fifty are broadcast in a show that repeats throughout the month. The show is co-hosted by a number of Dandelion Radio DJs, who each count down a different section of the chart. Tall Pony's darkly humorous cult classic 'I'm Your Boyfriend Now' takes the coveted number one spot, as introduced by Neil Jenkins. Portsmouth's Autons are at number two with their frantic electro-punk track 'Snakes'.

• 26 January 2007: Steve Evans of Dubster records Shifty Disco Records' 10th anniversary gig at the Kilburn Luminaire in London - live performances by My Device, The Race, Seagull Strange and Paperlung all get broadcast on Dandelion Radio during 2007. See Photos section for pictures of the night .

• February 2007: Festive Fifty high-flyers Autons become the first ever act to feature in session on Dandelion Radio, with four tracks appearing exclusively on Andy's show.

The Dubster boys broadcast a show documenting the 10-year history of Shifty Disco Records, featuring two hours of live tracks and releases from the Oxford-based record company, as well as an interview with label boss Dave Newton.

• 6 February 2007: Autons, Forest Giants and King Of Spain perform live for the first ever Dandelion Radio night at the Shoreditch Cargo in London, with Andy and Rocker both playing DJ sets. All three bands are recorded by Dandelion Radio for future broadcast. See Photos section for pictures of the event.

• 23 February 2007: Dandelion Radio's live recording of The Race's 'Comfort, Comfort' is released as a single on the Shifty Disco Records MP3 Singles Club.

• March 2007: Neil Jenkins broadcasts the Luminaire live set by My Device recorded in January. Andy plays Seagull Strange's set from the same night during his show. Rachael's show features live tracks from Forest Giants at Cargo in February.

• April 2007: Sasser joins Dandelion Radio and broadcasts his debut show. Forest Giants appear in session on Andy's show alongside a live recording of Samuraj Cities playing a support slot for I'm From Barcelona on March 27th 2007 at Koko in Camden, London.

• 21 April 2007: Andy and Paul meet John Peel favourites Decoration at Gravity Shack studios in London to watch them record an exclusive session for Dandelion Radio. The session is broadcast during Andy's June show. See pictures of the day in the Photos section.

• May 2007: Mark Whitby, author of the book 'The Festive Fifty' presents his first ever show on Dandelion Radio. Horrowitz feature in session on Rocker's show. The Bobby's McGee's are Andy's session guests, with Paperlung's Luminaire live set also featuring.

• June 2007: Rachael has Syd Howells in session. Andy broadcasts Decoration's session, including brand new song 'Good Health' and an excellent cover version of 'Laid', originally by James. He also features a live set by Hush The Many, recorded at The Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth, on April 18th 2007.

• July 2007: Rachael's session guest this month is Master Solo. Andy features King Of Spain's live tracks recorded earlier in the year at the Shoreditch Cargo

• August 2007: Andy broadcasts the Luminaire live performance from The Race recorded as part of the Shifty Disco 10th anniversary night back in January. His girlfriend Teresa contributes her first two 'Tasty Tips' during a guest spot pre-recorded at her home.

• September 2007: Neil Jenkins' show features a session from Cartridge. Mark Whitby's has one from Subliminal Attraction. Andy's best friend Scott Ruston introduces the first of his regular 'Funky Five Minutes' during Andy's show. These are not always funky, or five minutes, but they are recorded on location at their local pub, The Coach & Horses in Hilsea, Portsmouth.

• October 2007: Voting begins for the second Dandelion Radio Festive Fifty. Again, Rob Da Bank and Huw Stephens plug the poll and Dandelion on Radio 1. Mark Whitby's session guests are 2 Hot 2 Sweat. Andy's session is from Epic45. Mark Rosney contributes his first show for ages...

• November 2007: As Festive Fifty voting continues, Autons become the first band invited to contribute a second session to Dandelion Radio, debuting three brand new songs on Andy's show. Rocker features live recordings from Pete Green.

• December 2007: Voting closes for the 2007 Festive Fifty. The results are compiled and broadcast in a show presented by several Dandelion DJs, repeating within the regular schedule from Christmas Day until the end of January 2008. Battles are very worthy winners with 'Atlas', from their album 'Mirrored'. Fittingly, Mark Whitby (author of a book about the Festive Fifty) has the privilege of announcing this year's top five. Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip are runners up with 'Thou Shalt Always Kill'.

Mark Cunliffe joins Dandelion Radio, providing his own show and also participating in the Christmas Eve Festive Fifty Build-Up show and the Festive Fifty show itself. Andy plays classic tracks from previous Festive Fifties in his show, and also features a session from The Pony Collaboration.

• January 2008: As the Festive Fifty repeats throughout the month, Pete Jackson joins Dandelion Radio with his one-hour demo show featuring in the schedule. Steve Evans makes up for the lack of a regular Dubster show with Electronicshire, a one-hour program playing experimental electronic music.

Rachael Neiman and boyfriend Adam are joined in the studio by solo artist Ste McCabe, who chats and picks some of his favourite records. Scott Ruston courts controversy during Andy's show, selecting Whitesnake's 'Here I Go Again' as his 'Funky Five Minutes', justifying his choice by saying it would make great walk-on music for a big sporting event. The nation shudders in disapproval.

• February 2008: Peter Nelson returns to Dandelion Radio after a lengthy absence, featuring an exclusive session from Persil.

• March 2008: Peter Nelson features a continuous mix from Black Rabbit. Andy's girlfriend Teresa engineers and co-presents his show after he breaks both his arms in a cycling accident!

• 9 March 2008: Andy records Eliza Newman (formerly of Bellatrix) performing at The Bullingdon in Oxford on 9th March for future broadcast - see Photos for pictures of the gig.

• 18 March 2008: New-look website goes live.

• April 2008: Dandelion enlists the talents of The Yank Sizzler, who appears for the first time with the show he submitted as a demo to the station. Sessions this month are from Dandelion Children (Neil Jenkins), Dalmatian Rex And The Eigentones (Mark Whitby), Atomizer (Andy) and Rafter (Andy).

Andy provides an additional two-hour 'Autons Special', in which Dave and Tony from the band co-present, picking their favourite records, playing their new single 'Election Singer/Devil In Me' for the first time anywhere, and introducing an exclusive Autons live recording. See Photos for some pictures of the show being recorded.

With hotspots like London, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds and Norwich already placed further down the list, Mark Whitby finally reveals the greatest UK town or city for music during his show.

• 18 April 2008: Andy DJs for an Autons gig at The Fawcett Inn, Portsmouth - see a photo here.

• May 2008: May's schedule is the longest yet - 22 hours in length over ten different shows. Sessions come from Skin2Soul (Mark Whitby), The War Crimes (Andy) and Before You Die... (Andy). Andy also features an exclusively-recorded live track from Eliza Newman, recorded in Oxford back in March - pictures of which can be seen here.

• 14 May 2008: Andy and girlfriend Teresa appear as guests on Mark Parham's show for Portsmouth radio station Express FM, promoting Dandelion Radio, picking some tracks and talking about John Peel.

• June 2008: Another 22-hour/10 show schedule, with sessions from Violet Violet (Rocker - see pictures of the session in Photos) and Whole Sky Monitor (Andy), a second exclusive live recording from Eliza Newman (Andy), and Pete Jackson's top five cover versions. Teresa helps Andy present an additional two-hour 'Fantasy Festival' special, in which they pick their ideal line-up for a 2008 summer festival!

• 5 June 2008: Dandelion Radio launches its Facebook page.

• July 2008: Horowitz contribute their second session to Rocker's show, along with a session from McDowell - see pictures of both sessions being recorded in Photos. Andy's show includes a session from Ramp and a third live recording from Eliza Newman.

• August 2008: Dandelion Radio welcomes two new DJs to the station: Simon Hickinbotham and Jeff Grainger, whose demo shows both feature as debut broadcasts. Mark Rosney makes a welcome return, with a show featuring Rachel & The Lawn Grower in session. Andy's session guests are Alex Canasta, and Rocker has The Parallelograms in session on his show - see a picture from the session here.

• 8 August 2008: Andy travels up to Gravity Shack studios in London again, to watch Decoration record their second exclusive session for his show. The session is broadcast during Andy's September show. See a photo of the evening here.

• 22 August 2008: Andy DJs for Alex Canasta's album launch party at the Damhus Tivoli in Copenhagen. Their live performance is recorded for future broadcast - see pictures of the night in Photos.

• September 2008: Pete Jackson warms up for the first Dandelion Radio night in Warrington on September 19th with some classic live mayhem from headliners Lovecraft. Steve and Brian of Dubster host a T In The Park and Wickerman festivals special, with backstage access and interviews from many of the acts appearing at those events - see pictures in Photos. Ste McCabe is a guest on Rachael Neiman's show for the second time in 2008.

Past John Peel faves Decoration are in session on Dandelion for the second time, performing material from their new album and a mystery cover version on Andy's show. Andy also features an exclusive Alex Canasta remix, as well as a live recording from's the band's Copenhagen album launch party, and an innovative live violin and decks session from Fidgital. Mark Cunliffe has live drum & bass from Iziah DC, and there are also shows from Jeff Grainger, Rocker, Simon and The Yank Sizzler.

• 6 September 2008: Andy presents a show on Bestival Radio live from the music festival site, broadcasting to the entire Isle of Wight on 87.7MHz FM and the world at www.bestival.net.

• October 2008: Voting begins for the 2008 Festive Fifty - the third time this listeners' poll has been held by Dandelion Radio. October's schedule is the longest yet, with 23 hours of shows including The Yank Sizzler, Simon, Rocker, Rachael, Neil, Mark Cunliffe and Jeff. Andy's show has a live session recorded at Alex Canasta's album launch party in Copenhagen, Pete Jackson has a session from Lovecraft, and Mark Whitby's show features Art Raghfunkle providing the shortest ever session recorded for Dandelion Radio!

• November 2008: As voting continues for the 2008 Festive Fifty, acclaimed Dutch DJ Marcelle joins Dandelion Radio, presenting her debut show on the station as part of the ten show, 24-hour looping schedule (our longest ever, again). Mark Cunliffe features a live set from Babar Luck recorded at The Vic in Derby, Jeff's show includes its first ever session guests Dalmation Rex And The Eigentones, Andy's show features two more exclusive live tracks from Alex Canasta's Copenhagen album launch party, and France's Al Dente Records is Mark Whitby's featured label.

• 14 November 2008: "Excellent... you will almost certainly love it": Dandelion Radio features in an article for national UK newspaper The Guardian on Friday 14 November - read it online here.

• 26 November 2008: "Dandelion is a sanctuary of thumping, spirited weirdness": Dandelion Radio appears again The Guardian newspaper, this time receiving a glowing review in its TV and radio pages - read it online here.

• December 2008: December sees the addition of another new DJ to Dandelion Radio, with Matt Jones contributing his first show to our 25-hour looping schedule. Mark Cunliffe's show includes the second half of Babar Luck's live set at The Vic in Derby. Machine Boy and Galleon both contribute live sessions to Jeff's show. The schedule becomes longer still from Christmas Day until the end of January, when the results of the 2008 Festive Fifty broadcast in a four-hour countdown show, repeating every day. The Fall top the poll with the epic '50 Year Old Man'. Das Wanderlust are placed 2nd with 'Puzzle'.

Dandelion treasurer Alan Williams appears as a guest on several editions of Martin Hovden's 'Live Sounds Live' show for Southport Community Radio, promoting Dandelion Radio and playing tracks we've featured. Dandelion also features in Martin's column for Sefton and West Lancashire's Champion Newspaper.

• January 2009: While the Festive Fifty countdown repeats each day as part of Dandelion Radio's January schedule, Rocker's regular show features live recordings from The Wedding Present and The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. Matt's second show for Dandelion features his first exclusive session, with Kid Hideous providing exclusively-recorded tracks.

• 26 January 2009: "A blast of broadcasting nonconformity": Dandelion Radio is featured in the February 2009 edition of Q Magazine.

• February 2009: Winner of the 2007 Student Radio Awards 'Female Presenter Of The Year' and former Radio 1 guest presenter Katherine Godfrey joins Dandelion Radio, with her debut show featuring in this month's 28-hour long looping schedule. Pete Jackson's show includes an exclusive session from Lord Numb, Andy's session guest is Small Crew, and Mark Cunliffe features a live session from God Has Tits.

• March 2009: 10 DJs and 23 hours of shows comprise the March schedule, with a session from Wolfram Wire being split in two and shared between Jeff Grainger and Mark Whitby. Andy's exclusive session guest is Raw Milk.

• 12 March 2009: Katherine Godfrey appears as a guest on Bethan Elfyn's BBC Introducing In Wales show for Radio 1, picking tracks and promoting Dandelion Radio.

• April 2009: April's schedule is 25 hours long, with shows from 10 Dandelion DJs including Jeff who has The Half Sisters in session, Andy with a session from Spidersleg, and Pete Jackson whose session guest is The Lucid Dream.

• May 2009: 10 DJs provide 24 hours worth of music in our looping May schedule, with sessions from The Manhattan Love Suicides and Hazel Winter on Rocker's show, The Pocket Gods on Mark Whitby's show, and Alisia Casper on Jeff's show. Andy features an exclusive first ever play of the new EP from Stylus Rex.

• June 2009: Dandelion Radio celebrates its third birthday in June, with an 11-show looping schedule lasting 23 hours, including sessions from Stink Taps (in Jeff's show), The Nightingales (on Marcelle's), Little Whores On The Prairie (during Mark Cunliffe's), Nickname: Rebel (in Mark Whitby's) and Dilworth (in Matt's). Pete Jackson's show features two exclusive new tracks from Lord Numb.

• July 2009: Ste McCabe joins Dandelion Radio as a DJ, with his one hour demo becoming his debut show for the station. This month's session guests are: Block 45 on Andy's show; Nicolas And The Iceni and Stranger Son Of WB for Jeff Grainger; Edgars Lisp on Mark Whitby's show; MJ Hibbett & The Validators for Rocker; and a live set from The Vaudevillians on Pete Jackson's show.

• August 2009: Dandelion Radio announces plans for a "Peel Legends" month in October to commemorate the fifth anniversary of John Peel's death - when exclusive new sessions from classic Peel session acts will be featured.

The 20-hour, 9-show August schedule includes sessions from Captain Polaroid (on Pete Jackson's show), Dan Peace (for Matt Jones) and Slideshow Freak (for Mark Whitby). Marcelle's show consists entirely of songs more than ten minutes in length.

• September 2009: There's 21 hours of music and 9 shows looping non-stop throughout September, highlights of which include sessions from Hurtdeer (for Matt Jones), The Chasms (on Pete Jackson's show) and Lord Numb (for Mark Whitby). More news is announced about the upcoming "Peel Legends" month in October, when Dandelion Radio will be marking the 5th anniversary of John Peel's death by broadcasting brand new sessions from classic Peel session artists.

• 11 September 2009: Andy presents a show on Bestival FM, live from the festival site, broadcasting to the entire Isle of Wight on 87.7MHz FM and the world at www.bestival.net!

• 24 September 2009: Dandelion Radio launches a brand new email newsletter. To receive all the latest on shows, sessions, DJs and events, join our mailing list by sending an email to us .

• October 2009: "Peel Legends" month: As voting opens for the 2009 Festive Fifty, Dandelion Radio marks the 5th anniversary of broadcaster John Peel's death with a "Peel Legends" month. Shows in the 26-hour schedule feature brand new sessions and exclusive tracks recorded by former Peel session artists. There are also classic tunes from acts championed by John Peel, as well as some "New Legends" sessions from artists we feel John would have approved of. Highlights include:


The Aphrodisiacs (Andy)

I, Ludicrous (Pete J)

Beatnik Filmstars (Rocker)

Magoo (Mark C)

Calvin Party (Mark W)

Martin Carr [The Boo Radleys] (Andy)

Davey MacManus [The Crimea] (Andy)

Tarwater (Marcelle)

Decoration (Andy)

Trembling Blue Stars (Mark W)

Eat Static (Andy) The Woodentops (Mark W)

Fun-Da-Mental (Matt)




Exclusive tracks:


Calvin Party (Rocker)

The Orchids (Mark W)

Caroline Martin (Mark W) Solex (Mark W)



"Peel Legends" Classic Tracks: Additional "New Legends" Sessions:
Extreme Noise Terror (Andy) Atomizer (Andy)


Clutter (Jeff)

Wolfram Wire All Stars (Jeff)

• November 2009: While votes continue to flood in for the 2009 Festive Fifty, Dandelion Radio provides ten shows and 24-hours of entertainment during our looping November schedule. Guest sessions come from Dilworth on Matt's show, The Bordellos for Jeff, Pseudo Nippon on Andy's show and The Pocket Gods for Mark Whitby - who also features three exclusive tracks from the 'lost' Factory Records album by Miaow.

• 21 November 2009
Marcelle is asked to remix the catalogue of electro label Narrominded. With the help of some of her own records and noises, she makes it into a personal mix that can be downloaded at www.eclectro.nl.

• December 2009
New DJ Greg Healey joins the station, hosting his first show and co-presenting the 2009 Festive Fifty countdown with other Dandelion DJs - repeating every day from Christmas Day until the end of January. The same DJs also co-host an exciting Festive Fifty Build-Up show at 22:00 GMT on Christmas Eve! The winner of the official 2009 Festive Fifty is revealed as Los Campesinos! with their song 'There Are Listed Buildings'. Runner up is 'Young Adult Friction' by The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. Sessions in this month's 29-hours of shows come from Dave Swain (Andrew Morrison), Gnod (Pete Jackson), The Rain Bonnets, Rev Porl and Alisia Casper (all for Jeff Grainger).

• January 2010
The 2009 Festive Fifty countdown show plays daily at varying times throughout the month. The sizeable gaps between repeats are comprehensively filled by our January shows. Highlights include an exclusive 30-minute mix of brand-new and current material from Rival Consoles on Andy's show; sessions for Jeff from Billygonebad (featuring Names Are For Toe Tags) and Asian Women On The Telephone; and The Owls Are Not What They Seem in session for Mark Whitby. Rocker celebrates his recent 50th birthday with a special show - co-presented by fellow Dandelion members Andy, Neil Jenkins, Paul Webster and Mark Rosney - in which he chooses some of his all-time favourite tracks. See photos of the show being recorded here.

• February 2010
10 different DJs provide 25 hours of aural delights in February's looping schedule. Session guests this month are Chad Golda (Greg); Spidersleg (Mark Whitby); The Dust Collectors (Mark Cunliffe); The Rain Bonnets, Truth About Frank and four Fall cover versions from The Hausfrauen Experiment (Jeff); and The War Crimes (their second session for Andy). Jeff's show also includes an exclusive dub track from Dihedral.

• March 2010
March offers listeners a wealth of session guests during Dandelion Radio's looping 10 show, 23-hour schedule. Veterans of the John Peel show and champion purveyors of ambient dub The Orb feature in Andy's show, providing an exclusive 17 minute version of unheard new track 'Battersea Bunches'. Greg Healey features two live sessions from three different artists, the enigmatic Ed Askew - whose career spans over 40 years - and Frost Faire with Brad Fielder. Rocker also has two sessions, Gregory Webster (of The Razorcuts and Sportique) and the 30th anniversary reformation of Solihull's finest acoustic punk band The Drain On The Balcony - the first time they've played together since 1982! Other March sessions come from Volatil (Matt) and Dilithium Tourdes (Mark Whitby).

• April 2010
April's 11-show schedule provides 25 hours of music, including the welcome return of Radiodubster - their first show since this time last year. Sessions this month come from We Show Up On Radar (Jeff); Dead Times (Mark Whitby); Fieldhead live in Brussels (Pete Jackson); The Pete Green Corporate Juggernaut (Rocker); Clatterbox and Engine7 (both on Greg's show). Andy's show is a specially extended session spectacular featuring Errors recorded live in Southampton; studio sessions from The Spinoza State and Cygnus X-1; and a repeat of The Orb's classic 1989 John Peel session version of 'A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre Of The Ultraworld (Loving You)' in all its 20-minute glory.

• 22 April 2010
Marcelle features on music blog l'Apartament 18, answering questions about her record collection and radio shows in their 'Your Records & You' section. Read the article here.

• May 2010
May's looping schedule is 22 hours long and includes shows from nine Dandelion Radio DJs, with sessions from The Wendy Darlings (Rocker); Th' Parish (Mark Whitby); Tear Throes and Dihedral (Jeff). Andy has more live tracks from Errors, as well as sessions from Red Cosmos and Dandelion favourites The Horn The Hunt; and Pete Jackson features Thee Vicars recorded live in Brooklyn along with a session from Lord Numb.

• June 2010
Dandelion Radio celebrates its 4th anniversary with a 9-show, 21-hour looping schedule including sessions from Nickname: Rebel (their second for Mark W); the final part of Errors recorded live, plus a studio session from Swathes (both on Andy's show); and Farmer Joe & The Ignorant Corpses, Wire Mother and Autorotation (all in Greg's 4-hour show).

• 19 June 2010
Dandelion Radio launches a custom search facility for this website. Visit the Tracklists page and use if to see if we've featured your favourite acts or songs in our shows.

• July 2010
July's schedule is 9 shows and 22-hours long, with sessions from Spiral Into The Storm and Block 45 (both on Andy's show); Gideon Conn (for Mark Cunliffe); Strawberry Whiplash (for Pete Jackson); Playground Mafia, Jash and Apskaft (all on Greg's show); and Extradition Order (for Mark Whitby).

• August 2010
Dandelion's August schedule loops every 18 hours and includes 8 shows. This month's sessions have a European flavour, coming from Gothenburg's Liechtenstein (Rocker); Edinburgh's Tactus (Mark Cunliffe); Slovakia's Urbsounds Collective (Marcelle); Liverpool's Crescendo (Mark Whitby); Vacuum Spasm Babies - also from Edinburgh - and Copenhagen's Ghost Society (both on Andy's regular show). Andy also contributes an additional show: the return of 'Andy's Archives'. As the only DJs to have featured in every schedule since Dandelion Radio began, Rocker and Andy are both congratulated for achieving the accolade of presenting their 50th regular, monthly shows.

• 1 August 2010
Backroom boy Paul Webster is announced as Dandelion Radio's new station controller and secretary. Paul takes over these roles from Neil Jenkins, who has been busy with other non-radio activities. Paul also continues his existing duties as website developer.

• 7 August 2010
Andrew Morrison becomes the second Dandelion DJ to be interviewed for the 'Your Records & You' section of music blog l'Apartament 18, providing in-depth answers to questions about his life, record collection, radio show and favourite music. Read the article here.

• 10 August 2010
Pete Jackson appears as a guest on Preston FM show The Music Forum, answering questions about his job and Dandelion Radio.

• 14 August 2010
Dandelion Radio DJs handpick tunes for a forthcoming compilation album on Odd Box Records. Release dates and further news are posted on Twitter and Facebook. A sneak preview of the cover and more info is published here.

• September 2010
There's a whole day's worth of shows in September's looping schedule, with 24-hours of music spread across 10 shows. Sessions this month come from The Pony Collaboration (Andy); World Atlas (Rocker); Toffeetronic (Greg); Mushi Mushi (Jeff); and Floyd The Phenomenal Cat Trophy (Mark Whitby).

• 3 September 2010
Dandelion Radio's very own Rachael Neiman is a contestant on BBC TV's long-running quiz show Mastermind on BBC Two. Her "specialist subject" is Belle & Sebastian!

• October 2010
As voting opens for the official 2010 Festive Fifty, our DJs offer up 22 hours of October shows, featuring sessions from 93MillionMilesFromTheSun (Mark Whitby); Ooti Skulf, The Horn The Hunt and Dementio13 (all for Greg); WeirdGear and Document 3 (both on Andy's show). In addition to his regular show, Matt Jones hosts a "netlabel special", recommending a wealth of tracks that can be obtained for free on the Web.

• 6 October 2010
"Dandelion Radio do amazing work, but they don’t get the love they deserve" comments Adrian Mules in an article about the sixth anniversary of John Peel's death for The Line Of Best Fit.

8 October 2010
The music and culture "webzine" God Is In The TV published a feature on Dandelion Radio to correspond with this year's John Peel Day. Read the article here.

• 11 October 2010
"Dandelion Radio is the true alternative British Internet radio show. Plugging the gap left by the death of John Peel. Its succeeding where Radio 1 is failing". Kind words from Marcus H at his Soiled blog.

• 27 October 2010
Dandelion Radio appears in The Guardian's TV and radio review pages, who comment "For the new, old, ear-bleedingly raw, devilishly weird challenging collisions that Peel used to concoct, there's the breathtakingly varied Dandelion Radio". Read the full article here.

• November 2010
Dandelion Radio extends a warm welcome to our newest DJ, Matt Gunn, who hosts his first show as part of our 26-hour, 13 show schedule. 10 of our DJs co-host a Broadcast One 'Bonus Disc' Special, playing songs by some of the acts that appear on our first ever compilation CD. Elsewhere amongst November's regular shows, our DJs remind listeners to vote in the official 2010 Festive Fifty and there's nine exclusive session guests, namely: Drowned UFO (Marcelle); Sea Dweller (Pete Jackson); Ruth Bellamy (Mark Cunliffe); Small Crew (their second for Andrew Morrison); Vert:x (Mark Whitby); Jah Mission Vibes With Mbackah Darboe (recorded live for Matt Jones); and Sunset People, Jay Stansfield and Pygmy Globetrotters (all for Greg Healey).

• 21 November 2010
Hazel Winter, Spidersleg, Alisia Casper and The Chasms perform live at Dandelion Radio's 'Broadcast One' free afternoon album launch party at Notting Hill Arts Club in London. DJs Mark Cunliffe, Pete Jackson, Andrew Morrison, Matt Gunn and Rocker all spin tunes at the event, where copies of Dandelion Radio's Odd Box Records compilation CD go on sale for the first time. See photos from the event here, and view the gig's promotional flyer here.

• 22 November 2010
Dandelion Radio's first ever compilation album is released on Odd Box Records. 'Broadcast One: New Music Handpicked By Dandelion Radio' contains over an hour of great tunes and exclusive session tracks. The CD can be ordered for just £6 from Odd Box's website as well as all good real and online record stores. Tracklisting and ordering information is published on the releases page.

The Line Of Best Fit are the first to review 'Broadcast One', commenting: "The great man would surely have approved... An essential alternative to commercial radio and even to the more “indie-friendly” stations like 6 Music". Read the full review here.

• December 2010
For the second month in a row, Dandelion Radio welcomes a new DJ, Paul Ackroyd, who presents his first ‘Kamikaze’ show as part of December’s 28-hour, 12 show looping schedule. December’s session guests are The Orch., Raw Milk and High Frequency Bandwidth (all on Andy’s show); The Pocket Gods, Mike Livesley, and Spidersleg with Lord Numb (both for Mark Whitby); Burnt Cross (Matt Gunn); The Skints (Mark Cunliffe); 1dp (Marcelle); and Mushi Mushi, Birdflew, Rev Porl With The Tea Time Trio (all for Jeff Grainger).

12 December 2010
"Dandelion Radio is a cause well worth supporting, with an album that’s well worth hearing, and all for only six quid or so" reckons Sounds XP in their review of 'Broadcast One'. They also comment: "it sums up Dandelion Radio’s Peel-esque vision to give an outlet for songs a bit too strange even for most independent radio". Read the whole article here.

• 18 December 2010
Watch a video of The Chasms' debut live performance (at the launch party for Dandelion Radio's 'Broadcast One' compilation CD) at: www.thechasms.co.uk/live.html.

• 19 December 2010
A free Dandelion Radio application developed by Jeremy Quinn is launched for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch users. The RADIO Dandelion app is available on iTunes here.

• 21 December 2010
indie-mp3.co.uk review 'Broadcast One', commenting: "Dandelion Radio is the only place you are likely to hear such music and they, and this compilation, should certainly be applauded for that". Read the full review here.

• January 2011
The Official 2010 Festive Fifty countdown show repeats at different times every day alongside January shows from eight of our DJs. Session guests in regular shows are Before You Die... (their second session for Andy), Extended Modulation (Paul Ackroyd) and Hehfu (Mark Whitby).

• 9 January 2011
More photos from our 'Broadcast One' compilation CD launch gig uploaded to Dandelion Radio's Facebook page.

• February 2011
Dandelion Radio welcomes new DJ Sean Hocking to its collective warm bosom. The demo show he submitted to the station becomes his first broadcast. Elsewhere in the 22-hour, 10-show schedule are exclusive sessions from Damn Vandals (Andy) Trevor Sensitive & The Locals (Mark Whitby); Chimo 25 (Pete Jackson); Alex Blood & The Diggers (Mark Cunliffe); and The Electric Riot, Beat Frequency and Burgy Rocks (all for Matt Gunn).

• 25 February 2011
Dandelion Radio DJ Marcelle provides John Peel’s son Tom Ravenscroft with a guest mix for his BBC Radio 6 show. Marcelle explains the DJing “methods behind her madness” in an interview with online magazine The Quietus.

• 28 February 2011
The Buzzin Music blog publishes an article about the Festive Fifty and Dandelion Radio, which they say is: "Wonderful... I feel sure the old boy [John Peel] would approve wholeheartedly". Read the full article here.

• March 2011
Former Hefner member Jack Hayter contributes two exclusively-recorded sessions to Dandelion Radio's March schedule: one for Andy Morrison, the other for Mark Whitby. Other sessions in the 22-hour, 10 show schedule come from Stella Zine (Ste); Flay (Matt Jones); Alright The Captain (Mark Cunliffe); and Rita Lynch (Rocker).

• April 2011
There's a hefty 30 hours of music across 13 shows in April's looping schedule. Greg features a whopping five session guests across his two shows, with exclusive recordings from Dub Chieftain, The Ribside Band, Machine Boy, John Trap and Gordon And Gunn (consisting of Louis Gordon with Dandelion Radio’s very own Matt Gunn). Andy also hosts two shows, with Cygnus X-1 in session for a second time during his regular show, and an 'Andy's Archives' featuring an hour of older tunes. Other sessions in April come from California's Eux Autres (Rocker); The Greencoats second session for Pete Jackson; Earthling Society (Mark Whitby); Banjo Dave (Mark Cunliffe); and Jeff Grainger features The Fag Machine as well as The Truth About Frank in session for a second time.

• 1 April 2011
Dandelion Radio DJ Rachael Neiman appears in the semi-finals of the famous BBC TV quiz show Mastermind. Rachael made it through to the semi-finals in September by correctly answering questions including those on her specialist subject of Belle & Sebastian. Her specialist subject this time is the comedian John Shuttleworth!

• May 2011
13 shows appear in May's 26-hour schedule, including sessions from Sugarbrute on Mark Whitby's show, and Warm Widow for Jeff Grainger. Andy has two shows, with sessions from Lord Numb, Spidersleg and The Reject Club in his regular show, and another hour of older tunes in 'Andy's Archives'.

• 24 May 2011
Former Hefner member Jack Hayter releases both exclusive sessions he recorded for Andrew Morrison and Mark Whitby’s March 2011 shows. All six tracks are available for download at jackhayter.bandcamp.com. It’s a pay-what-you-think-it’s-worth price tag, so while all tracks can be obtained for free, Dandelion urges fans to contribute some money to reward Jack’s creative efforts.

Dandelion Radio's 5th birthday in June 2011• June 2011
Dandelion Radio celebrates the 5th anniversary of its first ever broadcast with some special shows, the welcome return of one of our original DJs, and a surprise free birthday present for each and every listener!

June's 30-hour, 14 show schedule includes two additional shows: our 2-hour 'Birthday Special' features nine DJs introducing tunes they've discovered and enjoyed since the station began; and 'Andy's Session Archives' revisits some of the very best tracks recorded for Andrew Morrison's show in the last half-decade. Neil Jenkins makes a long-overdue return to Dandelion's airwaves, hosting his first show since December 2008, and this month's sessions come from Mike Livesley (for Mark Whitby); The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies (on Pete Jackson's show); Tiny Concept and David Shane Smith (both recorded live for Greg Healey) and Swarvy (with an exclusive mix for Mark Cunliffe).

A 34-track free Dandelion Radio download compilation is released on Mark Whitby's Unwashed Territories netlabel as a 5th birthday present to all our listeners! 'Five Years' features artists who collectively recorded over forty John Peel sessions; eleven tunes from Dandelion Radio sessions; and a further ten tracks exclusive to the release and is available until the end of July.

1 June 2011
Some nice quotes about Dandelion Radio, coinciding with the release of Unwashed Territories' 'Five Years' download compilation:

"Dandelion Radio play the most diverse and truly crazy shit you will ever hear outside of that strange guy who lived two flats down from you and might have killed things" (Supajam - 1 Jun 2011)

"After 5 years worth of incredible music Dandelion Radio has grown into being the greatest Internet radio station in the world" (Simon Pott, The Chasms - 1 Jun 2011)

"In the spirit of the man from Peel Acres, airtime for the obtuse, the plain song or the plain noisy. In short, radio for all that isn’t simply banal" (John Donaldson, JD Meatyard/Calvin Party - 1 Jun 2011)

"Dandelion’s Greg Healey altered the course of my musical career forever" (Jay Stansfield - 1 Jun 2011)

• 27 June 2011
The BBC's Steve Bowbrick "highly recommends" Dandelion Radio's free iPhone application in his 'Five Best Radio Station Apps' blog. Developed by Jeremy Quinn, the RADIO Dandelion app is available from iTunes here.

July 2011
July's ten show looping schedule last 24 hours, and highlights include sessions from Spidersleg (for Mark Whitby); The Ultimatemost High (on Pete Jackson's show); The Bordello's and The Dead Sea Apes (both for Jeff Grainger); and Haiku Salut (on Mark Cunliffe's show).

1 July 2011 Rebekah Delgado reckons on Dandelion Radio: "Enthusiastic DJs who know their music play an eclectic mix" in her article on the station here.

• 6 July 2011

In his 'Ultimate Guide On Where To Hear New Music' for the Louder Than War website, Guy Manchester says Dandelion Radio is "My favourite music show of any kind anywhere", adding "Dandelion Radio provides a unique listening experience, skipping around every music genre you can imagine... I definitely implore anyone who used to listen to and enjoy John Peel to spend a few hours listening to Dandelion if you aren’t already." Read the whole article here.

• August 2011
Dandelion Radio welcomes new DJ Gareth Main, whose first broadcast is one of 12 shows featured in August's 26-hour schedule. August's sessions come from The Fireworks on Rocker's show (see a picture from the day of the session here); Emily & The Faves for Mark Whitby; a session mix from Jerneo (now known as From Fields) in Mark Cunliffe's show; and Jeff features a repeat play of Mushi Mushi's session for his show in 2010. In addition to his regular ‘Hong Kong Garden’ show, Sean Hocking presents a 1-hour special in which he picks a selection of tunes that provided inspiration for his record label Metal Postcard.

• September 2011
12 shows span Dandelion Radio's 28-hour looping September schedule, one of which finds Radiodubster's Steve and Brian returning with their first show for some time. This month's sessions come from: The Sinatra Test (Mark Whitby); Jaya The Cat (Mark Cunliffe); Ekca Liena, Broken Shoulder, and Dead Pilot Records (all for Paul Ackroyd); and The Half Sisters (a repeat play of their April 2009 live session for Jeff Grainger).

• October 2011
There are 12 shows across a 24-hour schedule in October. Andrew Morrison has two shows: his 2-hour regular show, featuring an exclusive session from Twiggy And The K-Mesons; and 'Andy's Peel Session Archives', marking the 7th anniversary of John Peel's passing with 60 minutes of tracks (spanning over 30 years) recorded especially for the Peel show on the BBC. Paul Ackroyd also crops up twice in this month's loop, with a regular 2-hour show and a 1-hour 'Reissues Special'. Elsewhere, other sessions come from Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences on Mark Whitby's show, and Tender Trap for Rocker.

• November 2011
Voting opens in the official 2011 Festive Fifty from 1st to 30th November, with listeners picking their three favourite tracks from the last year, in the hope they'll make it into our countdown show at the end of December! This year, the promotion of the poll is being shared with our friends at SoundsXP, l'Apartament18 and The Devil Has The Best Tuna.

We're joined by friends both new and old in November's 26-hour, 12-show schedule. Award-winning DJ Mark Coles joins us for his first show - recorded down his garden shed!  Mark has 25 years’ experience at the BBC, reporting on Radio 4’s current affairs programme ‘Today’ and presenting arts shows on the World Service. Read more about Mark Coles at his profile page. November also sees the welcome return of DJ Peter Nelson to our schedule - his first show in over three years!

This month's exclusive sessions come from McDowell (their second for Rocker); Benjamin Shaw (for Mark Whitby); a mix from Moombahton producer Chong-X (on Mark Cunliffe's show); and a session from The Gummy Web plus a mix of new material from Rival Consoles (both on Andy's show).

• December 2011
The results of the 2011 Festive Fifty play in a co-hosted countdown show that repeats daily from Christmas Day until the end of January. There's a bumper 30-hours of regular shows in December. This month's 15 shows include a very alternative Christmas special from the mysterious 'Coseyhead' (one of Dandelion Radio's DJs working under a pseudonym) with a 60-minute continuous mix of "songs to frighten small children". Rachael Neiman also appears with her annual selections of indie Christmas tunes.

Session guests in December's shows are 2010 Festive Fifty winners Standard Fare (Rocker); Liquitex (Andy); Float Riverer and a Christmas session from Rev Porl (Jeff); Nameless and The Fuzz (both on Mark Whitby's show); three exclusive festive tunes from Dementio13, Blue Giant Zeta Puppies and Lovecraft, plus a brand new session from The Chasms (all for Pete Jackson); and a mix from Sydney’s Mackai plus Bearsuit in session (both on Mark Cunliffe's show).

• 22 December 2011
"As close to what it was like to listen to the John Peel BBC Radio 1 show as humanly possible. I think Mr Peel himself would have tuned in on occasion", comments Philip Neeson on his Dukla Prague Away Kit music blog. Read the full article here.

• January 2012
As the official 2011 Festive Fifty countdown show plays daily throughout the month, Dandelion Radio's January schedule features 31 hours of other shows. These 13 shows include a special, co-hosted '2011 Review', in which Mark Cunliffe, Marcelle, Jeff, Rocker, Pete Jackson, Mark Whitby, Paul Ackroyd and Andy each pick their own favourite music from the last 12 months.

Exclusively recorded sessions in January's regular shows come from Matt Stevens (Mark Whitby); The Short Stories (Rocker); Crushing Blows (Mark Cunliffe); and both Pete Jackson and Andy have highlights of the many sessions from their respective 2011 shows. Marcelle provides two shows: her regular show in which she plays some of her favourite vinyl from last year; and an 'Umlauts Special', with artist names all featuring the umlaut (ä päir of döts aböve ä vöwel)!

• February 2012
There's a 32 hour looping schedule of 16 shows in February, with sessions from Chris T-T for Mark Cunliffe; The Bigsby Brothers on Jeff's show; Cygnus X-1 and The Horn The Hunt for Andy; and a session mix from Dementio13 on Mark Whitby's show. In addition to their regular shows, there's specials from three of our DJs: an hour of mash-ups from Sean; Paul Ackroyd with two hours of African music from Awesome Tapes; and Marcelle playing records backwards for 120 minutes!

• March 2012
Peter Nelson introduces the first edition of 'Dandelion Roots', a new show specialising in reggae, as well as his regular monthly show. Paul Ackroyd also contributes an additional show: a special featuring releases from Mississippi Records. Elsewhere in the 28 hour, 13 show schedule, exclusive sessions come from The Trinity Band (for Mark Cunliffe); Ant - Antony Harding, formerly of Hefner (on Mark Whitby's show); Milky Wimpshake (for Rocker); a second appearance on Andy's show from Document 3; and a session mix from Dementio13 for Pete Jackson - hot on the heels of his mix in Mark Whitby's Februrary show.

• April 2012
There's 24 hours of music across 11 shows in April, including Mark Cunliffe's special on the moombahton genre, and Marcelle's 'He Is Not Appreciated' show, in which she plays what fans of The Fall picked as the band's very worst songs. Exclusive sessions in this month's shows are from Big Joan (live for Neil Jenkins); The Metatrons (on Andy's show) Extradition Order (live in Mark Whitby's show); Allo Darlin’ (live) and One Happy Island (for Rocker); China Shop Bull (live in Mark Cunliffe's regular show).

• May 2012
13 shows feature in May's 26-hour looping schedule, with sessions from former Hefner member Jack Hayter (for Andy); Don Trust (on Peter Nelson's show); Ruth Bellamy (for Mark Cunliffe); and Mark Whitby celebrating five years as a Dandelion DJ with a session from Dalmatian Rex And The Eigentones. Peter Nelson also introduces his second reggae-themed 'Dandelion Roots', plus there's a "nuggets special" from Sean Hocking - in addition to his regular show - in which he plays tracks he bought and heard on the John Peel show in the late 1970s and early '80s.

• June 2012
In the 26 hours split across 11 shows for June we have not just one but two outings of a rather famous song with a couple of our DJs choosing to start with it.

• July 2012
In the July shows (24 hours of them) you'll be hearing an Indietracks festival special on Rocker's show, a featured album from The Liftmen (Neil Jenkins), a session from Wooferface (Mark Cunliffe) and a one-off session collaboration between The Chasms and Vert:x (Mark Whitby), and a preview of what you can expect to hear at the very first "Sometimes A Great Notion Music & Arts Festival" in Portland, Oregon (Sean Hocking) among many other wonderful things, including a return to the Dandelion airwaves for Gareth Main.

• August 2012
Plenty to listen to again this month - 22 hours worth of great music.
For example, we have sessions from long-time Dandelion favourites Lord Numb, his associate Spidersleg and The Reject Club (Andrew Morrison), Sleaford Mods and wonderful Derbyshire based ukulele duo ThorntonClough (Mark Cunliffe), Jack Hayter (Mark Whitby) and McDowell (Rocker).
DJ Coseyhead is back with Dandelion Roots, our specialist reggae show and summer festivals get some mentions, in particular Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedlia (Pete Jackson) and the Green Man Festival (Mark Whitby).

• September 2012
For September we have 24 hours of goodness. There are 3 sessions - Sathanao, a Georgian choir, recorded at a recent gig (Mark Cunliffe) - The Tinopener's Art (Mark Whitby) -
The Time And Space Machine (Pete Jackson).
Pete Jackson again features acts from the Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia.
On the same day you can catch Marcelle DJing in Ulm, Germany where she is launching her new double dinyl album, which gets a mention in the show.
Pussy Riot get a couple of plays across different shows (we had even played them before the court case) as does Humousexual.
The playing of a track by "Glen Miller" (not that one - this one has one "n") by Peter Nelson has set off a train of thought within the DJs at Dandelion Radio that might lead to a show featuring other name-alikes ... feel free to send in your ideas!

• October 2012
Peel Day - remembering the anniversary of John Peel's death is in the month of October with a number of events around the world and we have a tributes as well.
Andrew Morrison brings out more from his Peel Session Archives, tracks from Peel sessions over the years. Mark Whitby also has some old session tracks but adds to it with new tracks from old Peel session artists - plus among his other music he has a session from The Pocket Gods.
We have a welcome return from Jeff Grainger who brings two sessions (Peopling and Stranger Son) as his comeback gifts.
Be prepared to not hear much from Paul Ackroyd as every track is around 20 minutes long including some cross-DJ promotion where Paul plays something from Marcelle's new album.
Marcelle herself achieves what she usually aspires to ... every track is played from vinyl ... even the sounds of a steam engine.
There are sessions from Cloaka and Mouthy Poets along with other weird and wonderful stuff on Mark Cunliffe's show. Rocker has his usual mixture of old and new, including a tribute to Poly Styrene and a rare outing for something that might suprise you from Candi Staton.
With Sean Hocking back in Hong-Kong we get tracks from artists around the region including mainland China, Cambodiam Tahiti and Australia.
October ends with Halloween and Pete Jackson prepares the way with some spooky music from Lord Numb plus tracks from d.e.a.d., Blanck Mass and Cheval Sombre, among others. The 2nd half of the show lightens up a bit and includes Sun Araw, Blue Giant Zeta Puppies and three acts playing at Manchester's Un-Peeled all day Peel Day event..

• November 2012
A mammoth thirty, yes thirty, hours of shows for this month. We have sessions from Mallard The Wonderdog (Mark Cunliffe) and Spidersleg (Mark Whitby).
Sean Hocking launches he geographically enlarged "Ring Of Fire" show with a 5 hour countdown of his favourite discoveries of 2012 from around the Pacific region.
We spend a lot of time seeking out new acts to play and this time Jeff Grainger fills his 3 hours with artists that he has never played before, indeed many have never appeared on Dandelion Radio in the past.
Marcelle has 2 shows this month. Her regular shows also features much new music - although one track does get played 3 times, at 2 different speeds and backwards. Her second show was inspired by the current U.S. presidential race and is full of tracks about, and clips of, presidents, prime ministers and dictators.
Among all of the rest you will find new tracks from Beak>, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Bee Mask plus some songs from Festive Fifties past to remind you that the voting for the 2012 Festive Fifty is open throughout November.

• December 2012
Another month with a lot of music - new and old. 12 shows and 28 hours up to 24th December and then we inject the Festive 50 from midnight on 25th. There are welcome returns from Rachael Neiman (her only show this year - but she has been very busy, including appearing again on Mastermind), Neil Jenkins and Peter Nelson (whose last shows were in September). We have some shows that embrace Christmas with many related songs (especially Rachael Neiman) and other that are fastidiously avoiding it (with Marcelle going as far as playing three versions of Summertime Blues). There are sessions from Solarno (Mark Whitby), Broken Fingers (Mark Cunliffe) and Rev Porl (Jeff), exclusives from Drink and Drive, One Step Program and The Truth About Frank (Jeff), Mark Cunliffe may well be breaking a record (as in "world record") by playing 19 tracks in 15 minutes. All in all, whether or not you enjoy the outside world's run up to Christmas, there are plenty of presents here for you to enjoy.

• January 2013
As usual, the Festive 50 plays throughout the month - mixed in with an additional 23 hours of our regular shows. There is loads of great new music including some cracking sessions from Penny Goring (Mark Cunliffe), Christ. (Mark Whitby), repeat airings on Pete Jackson's show for sessions from BeMyDelay and Lord Numb, an entire show inspired by the Pendle Witch Trials from (Paul Ackroyd), a space-themed show dedicated to the memory of Patrick Moore from Neil Jenkins and a special best of 2012 show from Andy Morrison.

• February 2013
February's schedule includes loads of great new music including the usual bunch of exclusive sessions from Hallouminati and Grey Hairs (both in (Mark Cunliffe's show), Hehfu (Mark Whitby), The Black Twig Pickers (Pete Jackson) and The Spook School (Rocker); there's also a show featuring fifty tunes chosen by Peter Nelson to mark his fiftieth birthday - many happy returns, Peter - and a special additional show from Marcelle where all the links are provided by train sounds. Plus - we are now experimenting with MixCloud with the plan that shows get archived there for On Demand plays after they have finished streaming.

• March 2013
Among the many highlights in our 30 hour March schedule are sessions from Haiku Salut (Mark Cunliffe), Flies On You (Mark Whitby) and Manwel T (Pete Jackson); Rocker's show features two sessions, from T.O.Y.S. and Fireworks while Mark Cunliffe also has a cracking live set from My Psychoanalyst. There is also another train ride, Marcelle's Vinyl Train. Like the February 2013 trip, the only time Marcelle speaks is at the introduction of the show. Feedback on these experimental shows (Paul Ackroyd did a similar thing back in January) helps us to decide the best way to put shows together so do tell us what you think.

• April 2013
Among the many highlights in our April schedule are sessions from Ayanna Witter-Johnson and Kid Lib (both on Mark Cunliffe), Long Hat Pins (Mark Whitby) and The Carbon Manual (Rocker); Rocker's also got a special one hour show featuring a whole load of tunes selected to commemorate the death of one Margaret Hilda Thatcher.

• May 2013
26 hours this month - including a special set from Tippa Irie (Mark Cunliffe), the getting together of a number of people behind Vert:x and The Chasms to bring us Ramalama Codex & The Universal Unconsciousness (Mark Whitby). Some of the DJs have so much music to play that they have 2 shows each this month (Marcelle, Sean Hocking and Paul Ackroyd). Not to be left out, Jeff Grainger brings us a 1-hour special looking at the history of music from Manchester with Andy and Rocker filling out the rosta.

• June 2013
Highlights in the June schedule include sessions from Beans On Toast (Mark Cunliffe) and This Is Ethmo (Mark Whitby), and. a featured EP from the Council Tax Band (Neil Jenkins).

• July 2013
An exclusive session from the amazing Mark Wynn on Mark Cunliffe's show is just one of the highlights of a cracking July schedule. Others include a live recording from Macedonia's Bernays Propaganda (Mark Whitby), a brand new Veronica Falls track on Rocker's show, a couple of tracks from the new Samuraj Cities album (Andrew Morrison) and a feature on the Sometimes A Great Notion festival (Sean Hocking).

• August 2013
Exclusive sessions from Mylamine (Mark Cunliffe) and Spidersleg (Mark Whitby) along with a featured album - the Indietracks Download compilation - on Rocker's show while Sean Hocking's show brings us a featured cassette release: White Fang's Steady Truckin' For Summer.

• September 2013
Exclusive session from the excellent JD Meatyard and the second half of the live session recorded by Bernays Propaganda, both in Mark Whitby's show. Mark Cunliffe features a live recording from The Caravans, recorded at Spanky Van Dyke's in Nottingham, while Pete Jackson and Jeff Grainger both feature some of the acts appearing at live events they were DJing at in the last weekend of September.

• October 2013
Among the highlights of our October schedule are sessions from The Bordellos (Jeff Grainger), Seas of Mirth (Mark Cunliffe), Helena Dukic (Mark Whitby) and Sandfingers (Pete Jackson), plus a double helping on Rocker's show, courtesy of Victoria Anderson and Muddy Summers & The Dirty Field Whores. Andrew Morrison commemorates the ninth anniversary of John Peel's passing with an extra show featuring vintage Peel Session recordings from down the years.

• November 2013
Highlights in the November schedule include the third annual Lord Numb love-in on Andrew Morrison's show, with exclusive session recordings from Numb, Spidersleg and The Reject Club. Italy's Cazzurillio are the session guests on Mark Cunliffe's show; Mark Whitby has a session mix from Indidginus and Rocker has the debut album from The Spook School as his featured album. This month is also the last chance to hear a new show from Marcelle.

• December 2013
Highlights in the December schedule include excellent sessions from Biscuit Mouth (Mark Cunliffe) and The Pocket Gods (Mark Whitby). Also, there's an extra show from Mark Whitby, counting down his Truly Festive Festive Fifty of Christmas-themed tunes, originally voted for in 2006 but never previously broadcast. There are also featured albums from Chris T-T (Mark Cunliffe) again) and Hazel Winter (Rocker).

• January 2014
Highlights in the January schedule include the first show from new DJ Kevin Robinson, plus sessions from Cheap Jazz (Mark Cunliffe), Superman Revenge Squad Band (Mark Whitby) and Lord Numb (Pete Jackson). Pete's also got highlights from sessions he featured during 2013.

• February 2014
Mark Whitby's got the first session for over four years from Edgar's Lisp in his February show, while Pete Jackson plays a classic Peel session from forty years ago in its entirety - give his show a listen to find out what it is. We also welcome the excellent Dubster show back to the Dandelion fold after too long an absence.

• March 2014
March's schedule includes sessions from Gold Codes (Mark Cunliffe), Dementio13 & Nita Disaster (Mark Whitby), Victoria Anderson (Rocker) the legendary I, Ludicrous in Pete Jackson's show.

• April 2014
April's schedule includes sessions from Grawlix (Mark Cunliffe), Qualchan (Mark Whitby) and Hazel Winter (Rocker) and the first show on Dandelion from Lee Adcock.

• May 2014
May's schedule includes sessions from Jack Hayter (Lee Adcock), Muha (Mark Cunliffe), White Mary and ILL (Jeff Grainger).

• June 2014
June's schedule includes sessions from 2 Koi Karp (Jeff Grainger), One Happy Island and The Wendy Darlings (Rocker). There's also a two-hour World Cup special from Mark Whitby.

• July 2014
July’s schedule includes sessions from David Tantamount (Lee Adcock) and Diane Marie Kloba (Mark Whitby). Mark also has a featured album in the form of the excellent recent Soul Jazz calypso compilation, while Rocker showcases some of the band’s playing at this year’s Indietracks festival.

• August 2014
August's schedule includes a special mix for Mark Whitby from Lee Negin to coincide with his new release. Mark also takes a look at bands featured in the Green Man Festival. Rocker has a session from Thee Ahs recorded at his place ... watch out for more news about releases of recordings made at his studio.

• September 2014
A couple of cracking sessions this month: we've got Broken Shoulder in Lee Adcock's show and The Pocket Gods strutting their considerable stuff for Mark Whitby. Rocker has a featured album from Flowers, while Pete Jackson's September show is, as usually, showcasing some of the delights of the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia.

• October 2014
Dandelion reaches its 100th month of broadcast in the same month that John Peel fans all over the world mourn the tenth anniversary of his death. Dandelion DJs are commemorating both events: We have 10 shows, with Andy Morrison playing a couple of classic session tracks from his show and also has an additional show in which he features a range of Peel session tracks from the last three decades. Mark Whitby brings you three of Peel's favourite bands covering songs from three other Peel favourites, and across the schedule DJs are playing tracks from the 21 Songs for John compilation, available free from the Unwashed Territories bandcamp page until the end of November. There are also new sessions from Scrabbled (Jeff Grainger), The Sinatra Test (Mark Whitby), Blue Giant Zeta Puppies (Pete Jackson) and Beau (Rocker), an artist who has the distinction of recording the first release for John Peel's Dandelion Records back in 1969. Rocker also brings us a fitting featured album in the form of the new Fall live LP, released at the end of this month. Plus there's also a very welcome return to the Dandelion schedule for those Dubster boys.

• November 2014
Among the many highlights of the November schedule are a session from Papernut Cambridge in Lee Adcock's show, one from the Charlie Tipper Experiment for Rocker and a joint session from Piresian Beach, split between Mark Whitby and Pete Jackson. Rocker's also got two featured albums, in the shape of the eagerly awaited new releases from Allo Darlin' and Half Man Half Biscuit.

• December 2014
Mark Cunliffe makes a welcome return to the Dandelion schedule this month and there's a fantastic session from Mas Y Mas on his show. Papernut Cambridge have a second Dandelion session broadcast this month, this time on Mark Whitby's show, while Rocker has two session guests, Eureka California and Rita Lynch. Oh, and there's a repeat of the fantastic session from ILL on Jeff Grainger's show.

• January 2015
In addition to the Festive Fifty, our January schedule features a session from Jackn Bones in Mark Whitby's show while Rocker has three featured albums - including the much-awaited new LP from Manhattan Love Suicides, the upcoming debut from Fireworks and the Very Gun compilation that snuck out at the end of last year. Listen out also for a Review of 2014 show, featuring five of our DJs' personal favourites from last year.

• February 2015
Jim Milne, formerly of Traffic and The Way We Live, is the session guest on Mark Whitby's show, this month, playing new recordings of tunes dating back to the late sixties. Andy Morrison is back with his first show since October, and look out for a special one-off show from Sean Hocking, a tribute to Kim Fowley recorded after the enigmatic singer/producer/all-round champion of oddball music's death in January.

• March 2015
Among the highlights from this month’s shows, you can hear a session from re-formed first generation Brighton punk band Late Road Lunatics in Mark Whitby’s show, while ace Scottish troubadour Lonely Tourist is in session for Rocker. Plus an update to the great Dandelion Radio iOS App was released.

• April 2015
Among the highlights from this month’s shows are sessions from Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love (Lee Adcock) and the legendary Cuban Boys (Mark Whitby), while Pete Jackson features two exclusive preview tracks from the forthcoming I, Ludicrous album.

• May 2015
That lucky dog Jeff scored two exclusive sessions for his show – Outside Your House and Paul McGladdery & The Uncommitted; Pete also has a Vert:x session and exclusive tracks from I, Ludicrious; and Mark Whitby has a session from The Socialist. Also, there’s a mystery track called “Faster Master” (we think) on Lee’s show that remains unidentified. And while the election is long gone (unfortunately), you can still tune into Mark Whitby's political 2-hour special.

• June 2015
Mark Cunliffe finally managed to include a live Sleaford Mods set from 2014; Neil Jenkins celebrates the big 5-0 with the 1st half of his 50 all-time favorite tunes; Mark Whitby hosts the debut session from Nanaki.

• July 2015
Mark Whitby features a session from Videa Gam on his show, and Rocker airs a session from Plasticon. Mark Cunliffe put out a marvelous compilation to raise money for theMotor Neurone Disease Association which you can check out at http://supportingmnd.bandcamp.com/

• August 2015
Among the highlights from this month’s shows are featured albums fromSleaford Mods and Haiku Salut on Mark Cunliffe’s show and sessions from Flemmings (Rocker) and Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love (Mark Whitby), with what may well be their last recordings as a band.

• September 2015
Mark Cunliffe has Mallard The Wonderdog in session this month, while Mark Whitby’s show features the Isle of Man’s Postcode as the session guests. Rocker’s got the forthcoming album from The Spook School as his featured album and you can hear the first show for two years from Gareth Main. Following the terrible news of Mark Rosney’s passing last month, we also feature again Mark’s very last show for Dandelion, which features among other things a fine session from Rachel & The Lawngrower. One of Dandelion Radio’s founders, Mark also opened the broadcast of the very first Dandelion Festive Fifty and his warm personality and sense of humour touched all of those who knew him and are very much in evidence in this final show.

• October 2015
Mark Cunliffe has a live set from Haiku Salut in his show this month, as well as a featured album from Tamikrest, and there are sessions from The Bordellos (Mark Whitby) and The Charlie Tipper Conspiracy (Rocker). Meanwhile, in anticipation of Halloween, Pete Jackson features a full half hour of supernaturally inspired tracks as part of his October extravaganza.

• November 2015
Mark Whitby has a session from the excellent Anonymous Bosch in this month’s show (the quirky British duo, not the formulaic Canadian rock band), while Pete Jackson features some tunes from the Liverpool Psychfest triple compilation album. Alongside those, we have of course the usual teetering pile of new music releases from around the globe.

• December 2015
You can finally hear the long-awaited live recording from Ghana’s King Ayisoba in Mark Cunliffe’s show, while Mark Whitby features a session of dub mixes from Manwel T. We also close the year by welcoming back into the schedule new shows from Andy Morrison, Gareth Main and Jeff Grainger.

• January 2016
Six Dandelion DJs have put together a review show featuring the best of 2015 and that’s currently streaming as part of our regular schedule this month. There’s also a great session jam from Twice Dead in Mark Whitby’s show,

• February 2016
There are sessions this month from Zoë Bestel (Jeff Grainger), Steven James Adams (Mark Cunliffe) and Unqualified Nurse Band (Mark Whitby).In the second of his year-long series of specials to commemorate his 50th birthday and Dandelion’s tenth anniversary Jeff also broadcasts a classic session from Hausfrau Experiment.

• March 2016
There’s a session mix from Ghost-Youth & Honeyruin in Mark Cunliffe’s show this month, while Mark Whitby has a session from Pulco, featuring tunes all based on Ian McEwan short stories. Meanwhile, Rocker has featured albums from Burnt Palms and Expert Alterations while the month also sees the welcome return of Dubster to the Dandelion schedule for another in their occasional series.

• April 2016
Mark Whitby has a session from Crowdrock in his show this month, while Rocker has a featured album from Plume of Feathers. Meanwhile, as part of his year-long celebration of Dandelion’s tenth anniversary, Jeff Grainger dusts off and repeats a classic session from ILL.

• May 2016
Happy 10th, everyone! Dandelion Radio hits the big 1-0 next month. Kevin will be clocking out of regular rotation at Dandelion as he is off to experiment with some other projects - keep an eye (or more properly, an ear) out for him on MixCloud. Rocker aired the debut session from Exedra on his condensed two-hour show, and Mark Whitby hosted a session from Ian Thistlethwaithe.

• June 2016
A session this month from The Firedogs and you can still tune in to our 10-year anniversary celebration, including a retrospective playlist from Pete Jackson.

• July 2016
This month, Rocker captured the debut session from Plume of Feathers, and Mark Cunliffe aired a recording of a live set from Pet Crow. Also, Andrew Morrison has returned after a 5-month hiatus. Oh, yes, and we’re now in an economic, moral, and executive free fall thanks to Brexit, so expect plenty of rage, sympathy for Europe, and more rage in August.

• August 2016
Mark Cunliffe has a session mix from o_S_k_m in his show this month, while there’s a second session from The Bordellos in Mark Whitby’s show. Meanwhile, Rocker has a featured compilation from Leeds’ No Dice label.

• September 2016
There are three exclusive sessions in the schedule this month: Chuck features in Lee Adcock’s show, while Mark Whitby has one from Bloomin’ Nora and Expert Alterations are the session guests for Rocker. Plus, you can hear Pete Jackson’s annual preview of this year’s Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia, more of which below.

• October 2016
There’s a session mix from Wolverhampton’s Nilaesh in Mark Whitby’s show this month, while Andrew Morrison returns to the Dandelion schedule and adds a special Peel Session Archives show for good measure.

• November 2016
There’s a session from Chuck in Mark Whitby’s show this month. If you heard the one he did for Lee Adcock recently, you’ll know that’s not to be missed. Mark joins Pete Jackson and Rocker in showcasing tracks from the marvellous #MoreInCommon Hope Not Hate compilation and there’s an extra show from Sean Hocking, celebrating Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize, among other delights.

• December 2016
This month you can hear Part One of two shows commemorating the fortieth anniversary of the festive fifty, featuring DJs’ choices from charts from 1976 to 1995. The second part, featuring choices from 1996 onwards, can be heard in January. In the same spirit, Mark Whitby is also playing tracks from a classic Fall session, while one of three shows from Sean Hocking focuses on choices from the festive fifty’s lower reaches down the years. Dubster also return to the Dandelion schedule and focus their attentions on celebrating ten years of Dandelion Radio. It’s not all retrospectives though. There’s the usual focus on new music throughout the rest of the schedule and Rocker has two debut sessions, from Church of Elvis and Johnny Kincaird & The Imaginary Nowhere Band.

• January 2017
This month we’ve got the second part of our Festive Fifty retrospective, featuring DJs’ picks of favourite tunes from the chart in the years between 1996 and 2015. The Festive Fifty itself continues to the end of the month. In Mark Whitby’s show you can also hear tracks from the only Peel Session ever to generate four Festive Fifty entries. Mark also has a new session from Diane Marie Kloba, while Pete Jackson features session material from Orange Bomb.

• February 2017
In addition to his regular show, Mark Whitby has an additional ‘Seven Nations’ show, featuring music from the seven nations banned from the USA in Trump’s executive order. Mark also has a session mix from Dementio13 while Pete Jackson features Jumble Hole Clough in session and there’s a featured album on Rocker’s show from legendary Bristol band The Blue Aeroplanes.

• March 2017
Session guests this month include Lord Numb (Mark Whitby) and Dementio13 (Pete Jackson), while Rocker features two bands in session: The Wolfhounds and The Twelve Hour Foundation.

• April 2017
This month, Pete Jackson has a session from Violent Pacifists, who manage to cram 12 tracks into a little over three minutes – definitely the shortest session Pete’s ever had and, we think, the shortest to appear on Dandelion since Art Raghfunkle recorded one that lasted mere seconds for Mark Whitby way back in 2008. This month, Mark features one from David Tantamount while Rocker’s show has sessions from both Karen and Neurotic Fiction.

• May 2017
Mark Whitby celebrates a decade of DJing with his compendium of Pocket Gods sessions, and promises some jams next month from Sir Robert Orange Peel. Meanwhile, Pete Jackson coaxed the Dead Sea Apes back to his show after a five-year hiatus.

• June 2017
Mark Whitby hosts the long-awaited session from Sir Robert Orange Peel, and Rocker presents a session from Johnny Kinkaid & the Invisible Nowhere Band.

• July 2017
Jamie Robinson- no relation to ex-Dandelion DJ Kevin Robinson - landed at the station this month with his pilot show. (Do you dig him? Hate him? Need more of him? Let us know!).Pete Jacksonscored his first session mix from The Heartwood Institute, whileRockerhung ten with The Dukes of Mumbai.

• August 2017
This month marks the fiftieth anniversary of John Peel’s last Perfumed Garden show on Radio London. Mark Whitby’s commemorating the anniversary in his show as well as broadcasting an exclusive new session from Peel favourites the Cuban Boys. Meanwhile, Rocker has a featured album from Girl One & The Grease Guns.

• September 2017
Mark Whitby has the first Spidersleg session in four years in his show this month, while Pete Jackson has a session from The Telescopes as he looks ahead to their appearance at this month’s Liverpool Psychfest, more of which below. Rocker introduces a new feature to his show – Shellac Attack – that reaches back in time to pick out gems from the age of the 78.

• October 2017
There are sessions this month from Circus World(Mark Whitby) and Istanbul Hippodrome (Pete Jackson). Mark Whitby also commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of the first Peel Session broadcasts with a track first aired on 1 October 1967, while Rocker’s Shellac Attack features an old calypso 78. We’ve also got the first show from new DJ, Trev.

• November 2017
This month Mark Whitby has an exclusive session mix from Manfred Hamil and there’s a session from The Junta in Pete Jackson’s show.Trev’s second show for Dandelion has Tricky as his featured artist and there’s a not-to-be-missed Dandelion Radio debut show from Melbourne’s Thomas Blatchford.

• December 2017
This month’s schedule contains a special, one-off Xmas show from Gareth Jones along with a clutch of sessions – Mark Whitby has one from Postcode while Peter Jackson features an exclusive debut from dreamherbs. Meanwhile,Trev presents Ela Orleans as his featured artist in his show.

• January 2018
In addition to the Festive Fifty, we've got our annual Review show, where three Dandelion DJs select some of their favourites from 2017. Pete Jackson is celebrating 10 years with Dandelion and to commemorate this he's featuring a mix of some of the session highlights from his 2017 shows. Meanwhile, Mark Whitby features a new session from Sir Robert Orange Peel. The world lost Mark E Smith in late January so we have been busy over the last few days and have put together 8 hours of his output to feature in our schedules for February. Over the years we have played more music by The Fall than any other artist so it is right for us to have a tribute now.

• February 2018
Like us, many of our listeners were deeply saddened to hear of the recent passing of Mark E. Smith. A number of you wrote in with suggestions of favourite Fall tracks and other MES releases and we decided to put these together along with many of our own favourites The result is two four hour tribute shows that you can hear in our February schedule. We've also got sessions from Sandfingers (Mark Whitby), the mysterious Alain Chamois (Pete Jackson) and Rainbow Reservoir (Rocker). Trev's featured artist is Chumbawamba and listen out for the debut show from The Beatbox Saboteurs.

• March 2018
We've got sessions this month from The Tinopener's Art (Mark Whitby) and Glass Angel (Rocker), while Trev's featured artist is Hood and there's a very welcome second show from Gareth Jones, who now joins us in a permanent capacity following his highly enjoyable one-off Xmas special.

• April 2018
Sessions this month come from Astro-B (Mark Whitby), Istanbul Hippodrome (Pete Jackson), The Groove Farm (Rocker) and My Lo-Fi Heart (Trev), while Gareth Jones takes a look at some of the more interesting Record Store Day releases and The Beatbox Saboteurs present a bunch of tunes from featured label Kapitan Platte.

• May 2018
Only one session this month - Mark Cunliffe has Two's Company, More remarkable though is that this is Mark's first show for over a year so do let him know how much you missed him! Trev has an interesting experiment running. This month there are two shows from him and two guests presenters. We are keen to find some female DJs to join the ranks and Trev came up with a way to move this along. He called for volunteers to put together half hour segments to include in his show and he has two this month. Gareth Jones features some unusual Eurovision entrants from the past, Mark Whitby has plenty of European content but nothing to do with Eurovision. Rocker has all sorts of varied content but we could not help being drawn to his mention of testicles in his show synopsis ... listen in to see if he explains more. Sean Hocking has more discoveries and some new releases that will be coming out on his label, The Beatbox Saboteurs are back to full strength and the pair are oozing double-entendres. Thomas Blatchford features a number of B-Sides plus something from the oddly names "Ross From Friends".

• June 2018
We have 9 shows this month for you to get stuck into. Gareth Jones is running a competition to win a pair of tickts to Indietracks and is one of many of the shows to feature a track from Ex-Vöid. We have a session from Vert:x on Mark Whitby's show. Mark Cunliffe has a track from the new release by Hallouminati. Pete Jackson did not have a show last month but makes up for it this time with an hour more than he usually has. Rocker is here as usual and has something new from Half Man Half Biscuit. Sean Hocking has something for football World Cup fans in his 3 hours. The Beatbox boys only have 1 hour this month but have squeezed a lot into it. Thomas Blatchford features ponies, love, trust, fire, Stockport, the essence of meaning, Louis Theroux, chips, and plenty more besides - and Trev has a stack of new things including songs from The Goon Sax, T-Shirt Weather and Tigercats.

• July 2018
We have sessions this month from Peel stalwarts Mugstar (Pete Jackson), The Socialist (Mark Whitby), Helen McCookerybook (Rocker) plus Mark McDowell & Friends (Rocker). Sean Hocking needed 4 hours to get all of his stuff played. Thomas Blatchford records his show in Australia ... and would like some sympathy because it is cold - which he is unlikely to get because of the excessive heatwave the rest of us have been having.

• August 2018
The Sinatra Test (Mark Whitby) and Twice Dead (Pete Jackson) both return with excellent new sessions, while Rocker has two session guests, Colour Me Wednesday and Arrest! Charlie Tipper.

• September 2018
Mark Whitby has sessions from both Dead Bambies and Skullfuck Jackson in his show this month, while Rocker features one from The Good Good Things. Among other things, Beatbox Saboteurs offer a bunch of tracks from featured label Z Tapes in their show while Gareth Jones celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Damaged Goods label.

• October 2018
Gareth Jones has entered into the spirit of the season with a Halloween special this month, while Rocker has the new Nightingales album as his featured album. Mark Whitby has two featured compilations – the latest Knekelhaus compilation of Dutch eighties cassette tunes and the eight in the Subbass ‘Ethnopop' series – while The Beatbox Saboteurs celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Damaged Goods label and Trev celebrates an anniversary of his own, as he commemorates a year as a Dandelion DJ.

• November 2018
Leo Gilbert joins us this month with his first show for Dandelion. A big welcome to Leo and also to this month's session debuts: Pearls and The Total Rejection both feature in Rocker's show while Goofy18 appear courtesy of The Beatbox Saboteurs. No less welcome is the new session from Diane Marie Kloba on Mark Whitby's show. Meanwhile Gareth Jones celebrates the 50th anniversary of The Beatles' White Album with some brilliantly twisted covers of tracks from the legendary double album. Had Charles Manson heard The Bobs' a capella version of ‘Helter Skelter' you wonder if things might have turned out differently…

• December 2018
As usual, the results of the 2018 Festive Fifty will be broadcast in a single show that will be replayed during the final days of December and repeated into January. Many thanks to all who voted. Other than that, we have sessions this month from Warped Freqs (Pete Jackson) and VX (Mark Whitby). Mark also has a second show this month, a full-blown Xmas special and there's a Christmas extravaganza from Gareth Jones too, with both shows featuring, among other festive delights, tracks from the new A Very Cherry Christmas compilation from Cherryade.

• January 2019
You can still listen to the results of the festive fifty if you've not had a chance to do so yet. The results show will be streaming until the end of the month as part of a January schedule that also includes our review show of 2018 a sessions from Guitar PK on Mark Whitby's show, featured albums from Tullycraft and JD Meatyard from Rocker, plus various recollections of past festive fifties and, of course, DJs' tributes to the late, great Pete Shelley.

• February 2019
There are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about what 2019 holds in store in this month's show, at least in a musical sense. Mark Whitby's featured compilation in this month's show comes from the Seagrave label, while Rocker digs out some gems from the Emotional Response 2019 preview sampler. Trev treats us to tracks from forthcoming releases from his Odd Box label. Meanwhile, Thomas Blatchford throws in a couple of tracks from an early contender for his album of the year, by Shrimpwitch, while Gareth Jones features three tracks from the Cherry Red Box Set All The Young Droogs.

• March 2019
With what may sadly be his last show for a while, the soon-to-be-married Gareth Jones takes a timely swipe at the PM with an eight-song Theresa May mix, while Mark Whitby's featured album is a cracking compilation of Mexican bands and The Beatbox Saboteurs give over a section of their show to some to the always excellent Lee from Thomas Imposter and kiY'Omi from Astro-B, who play us some of their favourite Japanese releases. Meanwhile, Trev's show includes, among many other things, a tribute to the late Peter Tork.

• April 2019
The April schedule features sessions from Skullfuck Jackson (Mark Whitby) and Orange Bomb (Pete Jackson) while Sean Hocking features tracks from the debut EP from Beauty Stab and Thomas Blatchford pays tribute to Hal Blaine with an hour of tracks featuring his trademark drumbeat. There's also an extra show from Sean featuring releases from Bob Last's seminal Fast Product label.

• May 2019
In May we have 8 shows ... 20 hours of largely new stuff for you to listen to. Pete Jackson has a session from Richard Quirk (who you might remember as the noise monger with The Chasms, Sandfingers and Twice Dead). Rocker has a session from London band Secret Power. Mark Whitby features two compilations with one of them coming from from London's No Hats No Hoods who took a bunch of grime producers to Addis Ababa, supplied them with traditional Ethiopian instruments and shoved them in a recording studio.

• June 2019
Ten shows this month - including two from Leo Gilbert. One is non-stop music ... which we called a Ceasless Salmagundi. Gareth is back after a couple of months off. Mark Whitby has a debut session from Snakeskin Shoe Review and Rocker has one from Syndromet.

• July 2019
1969 features heavily this month - fifty years on from men walking on the moon we have some lunacy from The Beatbox Saboteurs, Pete's show includes only songs from 1969 and Gareth even features a dub reggae version of the Star Trek theme. Sean has a couple of shows with one of them reprising the output of the Sahel Sounds label. Trev is also back after a short break and is playing some tracks from LPs that have been dropped off at his secondhand record store (and beer emporium).

• August 2019
Festivals get a few mentions this month - both Indietracks and Green Man and Gareth contemplates summer weather with his show. We also have a special from Sean Hocking featuring songs related to visits to the supermarket.

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