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Moundabout - The Hills Hum Hymns

'Broadcast One' - Dandelion Radio's 1st compilation album

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This month on Bottom of the Pops we are particularly excited by the debut by UK band Jazz Maps. They sound and smell new and fresh and their album is without a doubt my favourite new thing this month.
That said, not far behind come Canada's The Retail Simps, who have just released a glorious pair of ramshackle rock n roll songs that sound like the best bits of the Velvets and the Modern Lovers + their own XO Sauce to finish off the dish, on constant repeat here at BOTP HQ.
August was another sad, music heroes have gone to the great stage in the sky, month. Robbie Robertson & Rodriguez for starters and more keenly felt in our neck of the woods one of Britain's greatest visual artists of the last 100 years, his work will reverberate for centuries to come. Jamie Reid. Never mind down in Australia the quiet passing of Louis Tillett the unsung genius of Australia's great flowering of underground rock music in the late 70's and early 80's, I feature 3 of his songs in the hope that you will devour the rest of his catalogue.
We've also got new tunes from M.Ward, Woods, Jah Wobble (his releases this year are stunning), Jungle, Julian Cope and even Black Grape, it's actually very good.
Talking of surprisingly good, is, the teaming up of Lol Tolhurst, Budgie, Jack Knife and James Murphy. It sounds as though it could be a dog's dinner but actually their track Los Angeles is as sharp as a tack.

Now Playing:
Moundabout - The Hills Hum Hymns
Powered by Audioscrobbler™Some of the most striking ancient structures in Ireland are not its standing stones but the country’s neolithic “passage tombs” constructed between five and six thousand years ago. As this modern name suggests, they were in all likelihood actual liminal zones bridging this world and the next; charnel houses, stone age reliquaries, bone gardens, cairns vibrating between planes and states of being. One of the most interesting of these graves is Knowth at Brú na Bóinne. Its huge, many-passaged central burial chamber is surrounded by 17 small barrows, and among these constructions is over one third of all the rediscovered megalithic art in Western Europe. Kerbstones and pillars are carved with a hypnotising array of spiral, serpentiform and lozenge-shaped patterns; alongside is chiselled the oldest known representation of the moon made by man.

Moundabout is a new folk project based in Ireland by Paddy Shine of Gnod and Phil Masterson of Los Langeros/Damp Howl/Bisect, but the words ‘new’ and ‘folk’ need to be treated with care here. Listening to Flowers Rot, Bring Me Stones is like entering a trance state while staring at one of the Knowth spiral carvings. Like following a ridged epidermal loop inwards, tracing the spiral of an ammonite towards the centre or peeling back the layers of an onion, immersion in this great album sees you travelling both temporally backwards and spatially inwards simultaneously. The listener is invited to see folk – orally transmitted music often concerning national identity and culture played on traditional instruments – as a glowing helix of a continuum stretching way back beyond the revival of the 1950s and 1960s to an eternal vibrancy that predates classical antiquity and Irish civilisation itself.

As the album moves the listener, they are taken on a geographical and geological journey as well as psychological and spiritual, traveling inwards from the coast (‘The Sea’), as well as down beneath the strata (“How many bog bodies are waiting to be found?”) And when you have been primed, it takes you all the way back to commune with older gods on the album’s epic centrepiece, ‘Dick Dalys Dance’, creating the kind of prehistoric drones and trance-inducing rhythms that the echoing, celestially aligned corridors of the Brú na Bóinne were built to amplify. This is not new music but the deep sensations it provokes will be new to most listeners. Imagine for a few minutes something as glorious as a Nurse With Wound List for the 21st Century… were I given such a formidable task as to organise such a collection of mind-bending music, Flowers Rot, Bring Me Stones by Moundabout would be one of the first records I would include.

John Doran, Wiltshire, 2021
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Before that we played:
Lol Tolhurst, Budgie, Jackknife Lee - Los Angeles (feat. James Murphy)
Tha Retail Simps - Easy Street
Wet Taxis - C'mon
Louis Tillett - I'm Down
Wet Taxis - Sailor's Dream
jungle - Us Against The World
Jazz Mags - Summer's Gone
Waq Waq Kingdom - Pure Love