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'Broadcast One' - Dandelion Radio's 1st compilation album

Getting back into the swing of things now. 26 hours this month including a special show with all spoken links in Bahasa!

X-Ray Moon - DJ

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X-Ray Moon

On my show this month:
This month X-Ray pretends he is one of the windy tornados that Britain has been experiencing recently by not only blowing hard and then harder still (in a musical sense {not in a heavy metal sense though}), sometimes he has blown so hard he has gone red in the face and blown his own socks off ...
Some of his long-since-forgottens include the get-up and shake your chilly British booties to Balkan Beatbox, with a track that probably isn't dedicated to the much missed Mark E Smith - it's called Cha Cha.
Chassol's out last year phenomenal track of I'm Not A Real Person takes the words of the sadly demised outsider artist Jean-Michel Basquiat and puts them to music (read by Chassol). And, of course, interesting for X-Ray Moon, he reminds us, is the link between outsider art (or aka Art Brut) and one of his passions Surrealism.
Talking of Surrealism, X-Ray Moon has included a short poem by the Surrealists Andre Breton and Paul Eluard.
Los Bitchos with their track Tequilla shakes us up and makes us want to find the salt and the lime, even at breakfast.
Not forgetting a new track by the wonderful Faust.
And so so so much more your could hang your coat and gloves on it.
X-Ray Moon states that he is trying to help get us through winter with a massive blowing away of all post festive cobwebs ...
The revolution will be radiovised (sic). Enjoy!

On the show NEXT month:
X-Ray Moon attempts to blast through the walls of winter greyness into the sunlight of a new spring. With an eclectic mix of styles, genres, rhythms and nationalities (one nation, one love!)... Fed up with the damp dark evenings (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), X-Ray Moon takes us through a springtime musical delight. With, as is usual for him, a thunderous mix of old and new tracks (but by far mainly new tracks).
There are, for example, Belgrado with their track Jeszcze Raz; The Serfs with Beat Me Down; there is the extraordinary half French half Tennessee group of Archi Deep; and the formidable lock-up your loose chickens group Bilbao Kung Fu.
As for one or two of the older tracks, as is usual, X-Ray Moon blends chocolate cake-friendly tracks with magic mushroom smoking rhythms... with the likes of: Cabaret Voltaire; Lemon Jelly; Bill Hicks; and, Madsen.
In addition to all of this spanking marvellousness there are two in memoriam dedications to, respectively, Melanie Anne Safka aka Melanie, and, Damo Suzuki, (with among other things The Fall's track 'I Am Damo Suzuki') - for sadly both of these artists died recently.
X-Ray Moon hopes listeners enjoy his show, and he wishes everybody a fab Spring.

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Music both old and new. My tendency has always been to be attracted to the 'different', the other, the subversive… something that in one way or another challenges authority or orthodoxy and somehow attempts to shape wider society. Whether that be Punk, two-tone, Krautrock, Rai… etc.
In addition to that though I quite simply enjoy discovering the new, the different and the strange. Sounds, voices and atmospheres from around this small globe we call home are what excite me...
Over the years I have lived in many different countries, and wherever I was John Peel was the background, for many years, that aurally lit-up my adventures. He so perfectly reminded us that the quality, importance and worth of something has nothing to do with its 'popularity', and more to do with how it breaks down barriers and makes the complacent feel uncomfortable. How music at its best can be so much more than just a wallpaper-friendly pop song. So, then, eternal thanks to John Peel, who helped mould many of us…
Plus, thanks for listening. It is a great pleasure and joy to bring these shows to you; I hope you enjoy what you hear.

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