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Powered by Audioscrobbler™Stoner / Doom / Sludge / Folk Metal band from Decatur, Alabama with an eclectic sense of progressive tendencies, and a breadth of interesting instrumentation. Featuring members of Sleep Through Storms and Hipbones, which adds a myriad of different influences, Kudzu is setting a task to adjust the view of what Stoner Metal can be and would like to remind everyone that there is always room for an emotional connection in heavy, slow, tone rich music.

Kudzu is-

Nick - Guitar/ vocals
Alex - Drums
Daniel- Bass

Kudzu Facebook
Kudzu Bandcamp

Kudzu, or "Japanese arrowroot", is an unassumingly malicious plant in the pea family Fabaceae, subfamily Faboideae. Spreading exponentially over short periods of time, it's creeping, coiling, climbing, serpent like nature has subtly plagued the countryside of many areas around certain parts of the world, such as Japan, Canada, and the Southern United States, among others. This invasive, misunderstood menace seeks to ominously choke the life giving light, essential for photosynthesis, from any plants that might try to compete. The actuality of its purpose is to consume and expand itself until there is no further or different way to go. The entire notion seems uncannily familiar...

Symbolically, the term Kudzu should bring images and feelings to mind that have more in common, analgously, with the unrelenting expansion of dark matter or a virulent virus, rather than random visions of dirt, trees, green leaves and an uncountable amount of vines. Either way it is perceived, it still seems negative. However, Kudzu is also used for medicine and a means to manage inordinate erosion; so, it can be viewed as a positive entity, based on context. It is a confusing plant, but the beauty is the fact that it can be many things, both detestable or appealing. It is unique.

For three young friends, from one of the most nostalgically boring, industrial towns in northern Alabama, the inherit meaning of their name is as multifaceted as their version of musical output. Mimicking the nature of Kudzu (the plant) in many of its eclectic and contradictory traits, Kudzu (the band) have crafted an eerily warm, energetic and mesmerizingly psychedelic sound worhty of anyone's notice who enjoys a little exploration from their heavy music interests.

This talented convergence of styles comes from a solid base in "Stoner metal", vaugely similar to Mastodon, Kyuss, Elder and even Torche; but, also includes many minimal mixtures of "Doom Metal", like Sleep, Ancestors, Boris, and Black Sabbath, hints of "Atmospheric Sludge Metal" like ISIS, Cult Of Luna and Steak Number Eight, undertones of "Dark Folk" like Tenhi, and even a few tasteful inflections of classic, progressive rock atmosphere and structure.

"Psalms of my Hand", the debut song from the bands forthcoming E.P., showcases many of the aforementioned qualities to a very fun degree and is only a glimpse of what will come from these fellows, as they sharpen their sound by honing their effective dynamics.

Glancing at the sky, closed eyes, falling backwards, into the bushes, branches and vines of the kaledioscopic flow, as consuming thoughts of misplaced comfort and a distant fear of helplessness plead for deeper investigation. Kudzu is wherever the traveler finds themselves when the nature of it engulfs their sense of being. The ones willing to try will always find enjoyment.

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