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Powered by Audioscrobbler™There are multiple artists named July:
1) A psychedelic rock group based in the U.K.
2) A pop punk band from Canada
3) Korean producer 줄라이, Dong-hoon Lee
4) A 90's emo band
5) an early-mid 90s indie/punk band from Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana.

1) July was a psychedelic rock group based in the U.K. They issued a self titled album in 1968 whose original issue is now a highly sought after rarity. It was reissued with bonus tracks in 2008. A compilation of home demos, "The Second of July", was issued in 1998. Tracks like "My Clown", "Dandelion Seeds", "Jolly Mary", and "You Missed It All" are considered some of the better psychedelic songs of the era. They have reformed and are releasing a new album.

2) July was a four piece pop punk band from Brampton , Ontario, Canada made up of Devin Moody on vocals, Andrew Falcao on guitar and vocals, Mark Sautter on bass and vocals, and Sam Guaiana on drums. They self-released two EPs: "The Best Nights" in 2011 and "MMXII" in 2012. Their debut album "What We Signed Up For" was released on TDR Records in 2013. Often noted as blending modern pop with late 90's and early 2000's pop punk. After the band ended, Devin Moody and Andrew Falcao went on to form TWNRVA.

3) Korean producer 줄라이 (July), Dong-hoon Lee

4) July was once a 90's emo band whom did a split with Jerome's Dream, other then that, not much info can be found about them.

5) "Who better to speak on behalf of July than Ms. Kate B.:

Most teenage girls today wouldn't think it, but in the pre-Alanis days of the early 90s, when a strong woman in music meant Janet Jackson or Madonna, or maybe Pat Benatar (which was on occasion mistaken for Kate's vocals?) a band with a woman singing about taking charge of her life and wreaking havoc on those who wronged her was, apparently, a revolutionary thing for some of the female audiences who heard us -- or at least that's what I heard at shows, especially the few times we played away from the band's house. The sad fact was that very few bands in the Notre Dame family had female singers at all, and those who did generally opted for a sweet and gentle delivery. So when July appeared on the scene, we turned some heads if only for the sheer novelty of it. And personally, I think the time was ripe for women to be getting up and demanding attention, on stage and in general, which is something that happened a lot in the early and mid 90s, especially in the punk and indie scene. Still, I don't see July as a chick rock band, even though I tried to sing it that way. I was amazingly lucky to start off playing with a group of amazingly tight and talented musicians who could craft powerful and catchy tunes that could stand up to my novice singing and songwriting. What I lacked in stage presence, those guys made up for in strength and ability, and if I had it to do again, I would have just done more of it.

Here is the official story: Prior to coming together as July, Ernie C. (bass), Ted K. (drums) and Justin M. (guitar) had played with another singer as Grope for Luna. Two weeks after starting to practice with Kate B. on vocals, we played our first show at the "Farewell to Bush Bash" at Stonehenge on the ND campus, which consisted of four songs. Not so great with names, we played our second show as Freezehead, and Kate also vetoed Sweep the Leg Johnny as a potential name (we'll let the history books weigh in on that choice) before we settled on July as a name.

In practices, Ted's drums were so loud that the other instruments had to be turned up to match, so the boys usually never heard the vocals until it came time to play live with a proper PA. I think the balancing act between an art-rock guitarist, a jazz drummer, a riot-grrl singer, and a Fugazi-loving bassist produced something really special and unique, if very much of its time. Or, to quote Joe C. from our entry in Maximum RocknRoll's Book Yr Own Fucking Life, "A great great grindy power pop punk kinda sorta thing with PJ Harvey-esque vocals."

April Twentieth was recorded live at Dalloway's Coffeehouse on, natch, April 20th, I think 1994. Rommell DD is taken from a Richard Brautigan poem. The cassette was released on the Rent To Own label as RTO5." (source: blogger)

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