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Powered by Audioscrobbler™There are many bands/artists called Drama.

As of early 2019, the Drama appearing at the top of this chart is Chicago "soulful electronic" duo Na'el Shehade & Via Rosa, who have been active since 2015..

1. A Turkish indie/post-rock/shoegaze band. Their most popular release is "Yalnız Bir Duygu".

2. A Russian Black Metal band formed in 2001.
The band was formed in June, 2001 when Vindsarg and Dym left their previous project Blackart (melodic black/death metal) and decided to create something more serious. Zah (Ninzah, ex-Dethroner) joined the band, which took on the name Drama. In November, 2002 the band had its first appearance on stage in native Yeisk. In two months Elymas (keyboards), who added wishful atmosphere, joined the band.

The debut Drama's album "Silver Brilliance Of Nocticula" was recorded shortly after demo tape Wintercrown" in 2003. A short time later Elymas left the band because of a fatal accident. As a result of making a contract with Black Side Productions (Saint-Petersburg) "Silver Brilliance Of Nocticula" was released as MC (1000 copies) in December, 2003. Then Drama started working on the stuff for the next album.

In February, 2004 Drama came to Kazan for recording the second album Winds Choir Opera". The record was being made in Grindsound studio for six days. Afterwards the band started giving concerts steadily. At that time T (keyboards) was taken to Drama as a session musician. Soon she became its full member.

At the turn of 2004 Serg replaced the second guitarist and joined Drama. In April, 2005 there was made a contract with Musica Productions (Moscow) for the releasing of CD "Winds Choir Opera". And it was already put up for sale in May! That time Zah left the band because of Drama's removal for permanent residence from Yeysk to Saint-Petersburg.

In May, 2005 Musica Prod. released the album "Winds Choir Opera". And on 18 June, 2005 Drama took part in Unholy Storm Festival (Saint-Petersburg) with its new stuff: Vindsarg - guitar / scream, Serg - guitar, Erier - 5 string bass, Dym – drums battery, T - keyboards. There was made an official statement about band's definitive removal to Saint-Petersburg. In the end of 2005 the band makes one more contract with Musica Prod. for releasing the remastered re-release debut album “Silver Brilliance of Nocticula”.

In June, 2006 Erier (bass) left the band. More than six months they were looking for the new bass-guitarist and as the result a lot of plans were frustrated. About 30 candidates were tested. Only in January,2007 Larsson joined the band (founder and ex-leader of Black-metal band Serpents).

Winercrown – demo’ 2002
Silver Brilliance Of Nocticula – Black side prod. /MC/’2003
Live Armageddon – De Profundis prod. /CD/’2005
Winds Choir Opera – Musica prod. /CD/’2005
Silver Brilliance Of Nocticula (re-relase) – Musica prod /CD/’2006

3. Drama, born Keith Morgan, a talented rapper from the state of Georgia in the US. His music is described as purely Southern-fried sound, with hyperkinetic beats, operatic electronica backing, and lyrical flows in which every breath seems destined to be his last. Drama's impassioned, gruff growl lies somewhere between Ja Rule's and that of most of the No Limits posse. His song, "Left, Right, Left" was a club and radio hit.

4. Drama, a progressive rock band from france. In their beginnings they tried unsuccessfully to re-create the spirit of the 70’s but without inspiration is not much what you can accomplish but they improved with the pass f the years.. The band was formed in the mid 90’s in Rouen - France and in 1995 they release their first self titled album with Eric Azhar in the guitars, Jean-François Duboc playing bass, Laurent Guilhot the drummer, Richard Langlois in the keys and Jean-Marc Leclerc adds additional percussion, in track four.

There are a few things this guys should know, not everybody is able to play in the Genesis style and be successful, good instrumental debut but still it was evident something was missing and IMO it was ambition. For their second release “Flying through the 21st Century” (1998), Jean-Marc Leclerc and Richard Langlois leave the band so Eric Azhar takes the keyboards and they recruit a vocalist named Louis de Fusco. In the first album the main problem is the lack of ambition, well they went to the other extreme, still keeping the main Genesis influence, they add ethnic influences from Africa, Asia and even the opener named “La Magna Carta” with bagpipes, maybe they should stick to one sound and stop wandering, but still musically is a big evolution. Now the problem is the high pitched vocalist de Fusco, they should have remained as an instrumental band, the guy really wasn’t in the level for the band, the consequence was evident, the critics were devastating but they keep going. In the year 2000 DRAMA was invited to Baja Prog where along with AFTER CRYING, ECLAT, ISILDURS BANE and PALLAS received the bet critics, surely their sound was already improving more. In the year 2005, DRAMA surprises us with a their album called “Stigmata of Changes” with a completely different lineup formed by Azhar (Who claims back the guitar) and Duboc from the original formation plus a new keyboardist Ralph Adam and of course a new vocalist named Yvon Lucas. The change is for good, Lucas is far better than his predecessor, his voice is soft and gentle but serves perfectly for their new material and Adam’s keyboards are pretty decent, heavily influenced by Genesis and Pink Floyd again with some bluesy and Folk influences. This album is pretty good and makes us believe they can keep improving as they done through their career, hope this time we won’t have to wait 7 years for a new release

5. a Norwegian pop band from Larvik. They became a sensation when debuting on national television with the song "Daydreamer (Breaking Away)" as teenagers.

6. Drama was a very short-lived progressive rock band from The Netherlands (1971-1973), which was a bit of a 'supergroup' of sorts. Band members such as Polle Eduard (ex-Tee Set) and Shell Schellekens (ex-The In Crowd and Big Wheel) had previously played in succesful groups. The band recorded just one studio album - and folded shortly after its release. The Dutch hit single, 'Mary's Mamma' (#20 in 1972), is very untypical for the band's musical style.

7. The categorical beat-master McKaras from Lithuania

8. Drama, better known as DJ Drama, is a famous hip-hop DJ. His most featured artist TI tips his cap the same way that DJ Drama does, except drama's cap it toward the back. He's a part of the clique, the Affiliates.

9. Croatian Doom Sludge Metal
Deadweight Loss was founded in 2004 as a trio featuring: Ognjen - drums, Stjepan - bass and Bruno - guitar. The initial idea was to play covers of Crowbar, Down and similar sludgecore bands but from the very begining there was a certain "creative vibe" surrounding the band so in just 2 months the band wrote 4 songs. After 8 months, Goran - guitar, joined the band and the band continued to evolve in new directions. After his arrival, the band continued working on their songs with more passion and creativity. Finally, after more than a year, Marko - vocals , joined the band and Deadweight Loss , at last , started to function as a whole unit . The first gig was played in club Mochvara 29.04.2005.

12.04.2006. band recorded their first demo with 9 songs. After the recording process, Ognjen (drums) quit playing in Deadweight Loss. In the summer of 2006, after a long search, Matko joined the band and filled Ognjen's place perfectly. In the meantime, the band created 3 new songs which are conceptually quite different from the first few , so in that vein band changed their name from Deadweight Loss to - (drama).

10. Drama is fast and political HARDCORE / PUNK band from Barcelona. Strong antiauthoritarian, feminist and antifascist beliefs.

11. Drama are a rock band from Bolton, UK who formed in 2007. They are Ian Gordon, Rob Heyes, Rik Hindle and Alan Taylor.


12. A dark wave/ industrial rock / alternative band hailing from Brazil and singing in Portuguese.
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Upcoming gigs:

Tue 27 Jul 2021

DRAMA at Lincoln Hall (July 27, 2021): Lincoln Hall, Chicago, IL, US

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Thu 29 Jul 2021

Lollapalooza 2021: Grant Park, Chicago, IL, US

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Fri 30 Jul 2021

DRAMA with Ric Wilson at Fine Line (July 29, 2021): Fine Line, Minneapolis, MN, US

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Fri 17 Sep 2021

Life is Beautiful Festival 2021: Downtown Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV, US

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Fri 29 Oct 2021

Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival 2021: Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA, US

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