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Image from Discogs
Powered by Audioscrobbler™There's 2 bands under the same name.

1) The band NeVeR (Death Metal) was established in January 1997 by Sebastian "Seba" Synowiec, but the band was unofficially together mid 1996. At that time Sebastian played in another band (since 1993-SEPSIS), but unfortunately the members of the band went their separate ways, so Seba decided to start his own band. For about 6 months he played in both bands - SEPSIS and his own that was un-named. Finally, Sebastian left SEPSIS in December 1996 when he found people to form a whole new band: Seba - guitars, vocals; Leszek "Pepan" Szewczuwiawiec - drums; Roman "Romex" Leszczynski - guitars.

Although the band encountered problems with finding the right bass player, they carried on writing material for their first record. Meanwhile they decided to name their band: NeVeR. In 1998 they decided that their first official album would be recorded in the summer of 1999, in SELAN Studio (Olsztyn, Poland). The band carried on until January 1999, as bassist Piotr Wawrzyniak decided to leave the band for unknown reasons. Anticipation was replaced by fear, however, the band did not give up and decided to search for a new bassist. They placed an advertisement which was a great success and Jarek "Jarex" Pietrzyk entered shortly. It also emerged that Jarek happened to be a great musician and fit into the band's style. In the end the band was complete and could finish work on their first album.

In August 1999 NeVeR entered the recording studio as was planned and it took them 2 weeks to record 9 death/trash metal tracks for their debut album called "Monument". It received good reviews from various Records Companies: Leif Jensen (Century Media) "...we received it and we rated it precisely. Overall material is much above the average, especially melodic parts and few riffs which reminded me of DEATH... cool"; Ingrid Reckwerth (Massacre Records); Dave Rotten (Repulsje Records & Avulsed) "I've listened to the album(...) Appreciate it's high-class melodic Death/Thrash(...) I'm sure you will find appropriate Recording Company that will release it, because your material is really good!!". There were also good reviews in polish edition of Metal Hammer (10/2000, grade 4.5/5), in polish portal RockMetal (www.rockmetal.pl), monthly magazine TylkoROCK, and were reviewed by people who listened to it.

However, even through the band received excellent reviews no recording company offered the band a contract, as they were unable to sign new bands. Time was running and band members realised that something has to be done. Meanwhile (February 2000), a German company called Noise Records gave the band recommendation and then they signed a contract for Internet distribution with Sonnicattack in London. In June 2000 official Management was created to help the band to come out into the light. NeVeR decided to release their first record with the support of NeVeR Management and so they did.

The official release of the album "Monument" was held on 16th October 2000. NeVeR's management signed a distribution contract with KOCH International Polska, and soon NeVeR's CD was in stores.

Beginning in November 2000, up until June 2001 the band focused on writing new material hoping to get noticed by a wider audience. In July 2001 NeVeR recorded their second album (Selani Studios) which contained 9 songs made of authentic, technical death metal "Mind Regress". Soon they started writing and visiting recording companies again without expected results. The companies either didn't want to cooperate or offered a contract on non-acceptable conditions. The second album was released again by NeVeR Management. After long discussions the band finally signed a contract with Metal Mind Productions on 21st of October 2002 and the official release for "Mind Regress" in Poland was set for 25th November 2002, and MMP was in charge of distribution. Soon afterwards the band went on tour, although it was hard to play loads of gigs at that time. Their biggest success was playing on side-stage at the biggest in central Europe Metalmania Festival 2003, in front of over 1000 people. Worth mentioning is the fact that they gathered biggest audience of all the bands that played on side-stage. They also had good gig with other world-known band called VADER in Gliwice. The band received a very encouraging welcome from the audience.

Another great success was taking 19th place for their album "Mind Regress" on the top selling Metal Mind Productions CD's chart list populated by polish Metal Hammer #144 (6/2003).

In May 2003 the band decreased its live shows activities and focused on writing songs for next album. The exception was open-air concert in Sztum, Poland where band played as support for Acid Drinkers. Meanwhile working on their new album was interrupted several times which unfortunately extended the writing time and suspended it for a few of months.

Luckily the NeVeR band resumed their work on new album, at the end of 2004, beginning of 2005. It was temporarily named "Morbid Danger". Usually the third record released by a band decides a band's future, so this time NeVeR decided to take their time and work on it as long as it's needed, mind their abilities and recording process in Poland. Meanwhile in November 2005 after long discussions Romex decided to leave the band as a guitarist to focus on recording processes and sound on rehearsals and concerts. Also he decided to finish his own recording studio where NeVeR composes and rehearses their music on a regular basics. Although it was much easier with having Romex taking care of recording processes etc., the band faced a new problem - difficulty in finding a new guitarist. While the band was looking for a new guitarist, Seba minimized the delay with making a new stuff for a record by working on the music in his mini studio at home.

After 6 months of auditions, NeVeR finally found a New guitarist (16.12.2005) - Andrzej Posiadlo, a former guitarist of Infatuation of Death. Soon after, Anna "Chimera" Dziob joins the band (03.2006) as a main vocalist. In meanwhile, the band has decided to book a studio to record their third album. Recordings would proceed on 21.09.2006 for 3 weeks, with 2 new members. But that didn't happen.

Within 6 months after taking in 2 new members, the band managed to play just 2 gigs, cancel the recording session, and... break up. Jarex left first, as in his opinion things didn't go in the right direction. Soon after Seba decided to stop cooperation with all other NeVeR's musicians.. His decision was based upon... Jarex's leave, as the band's material for new record would suffer the most without Jarex. Seba also agreed with Jarex on band matters, but the band's break up was not what he expected, still composing music for the new record. As advised by the band's manager and people close to the band, Seba decided to continue band's activity and finish up the recording of 3rd album.

Few weeks after the break-up, NeVeE started to rise again, with probably the best line-up ever. Jakub Chmura on drums, (Thy Disease, Sceptic, Anal Stench) and the guitarist Jacek Hiro (Sceptic, Vitgin Snatch, Dies Irae) acceptec the proposal to join the band and to make 3rd NeVeR's album together, so Seba decided to ask Jarex to get back in the band, which he happily accepts.


2) From Brisbane, Australia.
After three years of hard work and creative effort, never is proud to announce the release of its debut EP, called 'not here'! Formed in early 2004, never is a Brisbane collaboration between Rudi Weber from Japunga, Fat and Post Life Disorder [drums], members of 'esoteric' Andy Farrell [quitar] and Cat Andrews [bass guitar] and Rowena Specht-Whyte [vocals]. The Official EP Launch was held at Club Phoenix in Brisbane on Friday, 25 May 2007, with an incredible lineup supporting never, opening with Nucleus [Sydney], The Kidney Thieves and Arcane. The show was an immense success and never thanks all the fans for their support!

The EP was recorded at Black Box Recording, mixed by Jeff Lovejoy and mastered by Matthew Gray Mastering. All songs written by never; cover art designed by Rudi. As the sole lyricist, Rowena describes the EP as essentially about the psychology of the human animal. Pre-release sales of the EP have surpassed expectations and sales continue to rise. never will be touring Maroochydore and Sydney in September/October 2007.

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