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Artist Info


Powered by Audioscrobbler™Automatic refers to various artists:

1) Louisville, KY 90s hardcore band
2) Independent Label Owner
3) Bay Area sensation
4) West Coast Rap
5) 90's Australian alternative rock band

1). A band from Louisville

Former Mouthpiece guitarist Matt Wieder moved to Louisville a few years back, and played in Guilt and The Enkindels before deciding to put together a straight edge band with Enkindels/By The Grace Of God drummer Thommy Browne. They recorded their first seven inch with Thommy on drums and Matt doing everything else before recruiting more members for the band.

When Automatic became a fully functioning outfit, they found their guitarist in local hardcore scenester Ryan Patterson. Ben Teague later signed on to play the first couple of shows and never left. The second guitar spot has been a revolving door but the core of the band has remained the same.

The band's sound is melodic and catchy, highly reminiscent of Dag Nasty- something Automatic isn't ashamed about at all. While most hardcore bands site the New York sound as a primary influence, Automatic take their sound and ideology from Washington D.C. greats like Swiz, Ignition, Bad Brains, Gray Matter and yes, Dag Nasty.

Ryan sums up the bands outlook on straight edge and being part of a "revival" movement. "We wanted to start a band that were guys that were a little bit older but were still straight edge and still into hardcore," Ryan points out that, "we are going to begin a hardcore band and end a hardcore band. Every one of our songs has rock aspects to it so there 's no need for us
to put out our 'Staring Into The Sun' or 'Aftertaste'.

If Automatic follows the footsteps of their DC predecessors, Their days maybe numbered. So don't miss your chance to catch what will surely be one of the late 90's most important hardcore bands.

-Wade Wilson, Superhero Fanzine

Automatic broke up sometime in 2000.-from http://www.indecisionrecords.com/bands/automatic.html

4) West coast rap

2006 saw the release of Automatic’s freshman solo effort: “Paving the Way”. As many soon found out, the title itself was a statement of intent. Since that initial launch onto map, this Los Angeles based artist, writer, producer has laid down some major roadways in his career. The picture is complete with intersections, side streets, and green lights, as he keeps rollin’ through this carefully crafted domain.

By nature of Automatic’s multiple talents and creative involvements, his tag has been seeing light since way before the above-mentioned album. In the early 1980’s, Alan R. Dash (Automatic’s Government Name) was born to a hard-working family in a primarily black neighborhood in Denver, Colorado. Even as a kid, the future-Automatic’s natural musical inclinations were already at the surface.

Before long, the family was replanted in San Jose, California. Soon he found himself a familiar part of the entire bay area. Automatic broke up a trouble fueled youth by learning to write beats. Hooked on the possibility of being able to actualized the music in his mind, he sought the technology and knowledge, brought a couple of friends into the mix, and the whole thing was on.

He developed his tag and began making tracks for people around the city, but the escape from the real wouldn’t come that easily. Even before leaving high school, Automatic’s day-to-day was heavily tied to a scenario of quick cash from the streets, and all the risks it had to offer. With his handcrafted beats in demand, Automatic started grabbing points in the game and letting his name gain recognition. Soon word spread, and with strength worthy of the attention drawn, Automatic went pro.

After a few years of making things go own his own, Automatic hooked up with Dan Genovese. In the attempt to separate himself from his hood-active lifestyle, Automatic became an invested partner in Genovese’s independent record label Money Tree Entertainment. Through the label, a burgeoning Southern California hotbed of talent, he found a new outlet as producer for the camp. At the same time he began cutting his own tracks, playing the role of both MC and producer.

With the emergence of his solo and collaborative musical endeavors, Automatic resonantly renovates with a heavy-handed west coast flavor. His delivery style has been labeled: “...a contender for the throne, with a current and cold flow, spherical in relation to some of his musical influences.”
The tracks themselves are well polished, and stand up to test. His gift for production is high quality, and at the same time plugged into the street level grit that has so shaped his existence.
“...beats that blow doors back, laced with rough infectious choruses. The culmination holds up to harder times.”

Touring and widespread internet / word-of-mouth attention, reinforced the active cult following and put Automatic’s name on the tongues of major label A&R’s. At this point he headed south, holing up in a Los Angeles mansion for a minute with rapper Slim da Mobster (a longtime collaborator), and John Monopoly (among others). The move helped to put some distance between the trappings of his street oriented activities, and allowed time for more career motivated movement. Exploring the opportunities of an already existing association with Aftermath Records, Automatic began working alongside giants like Dr. Dre, Busta Rhymes, and other artists in league with Aftermath Records.

With the connection complete and ongoing, Automatic setup shop in L.A, but still maintains a bay-area presence. This dual residency has him splitting time between his work with artists like E-40, San Quinn, the Federation, and others up north, and his continued involvement with Aftermath Records and cross-label stars like Bishop Lamont and Slim da Mobster in L.A.

Currently, he is charting a course for yet another production company, The Encore Entertainment Group as well as playing tech industry insider with the audio development giant Native Instruments. To top it all off, Automatic has recently gotten his hands into another realm, with the film and television industries.

On the artist tip, Automatic continues to up the ante with ever-prolific new material. 2010 has him in the studio laying the groundwork for this year’s forthcoming full-length album “The Product”. In this new chapter, to be released by Sittin’ On Platinum / The Encore Entertainment Group later this year, we find Automatic pinning down a more eclectic beast. “The Product” expands his musical language by coming across the table with a wider range of styles. At the same time, the artist sheds more light on his tale; a rugged background, and an inside dish on coming up aces in the rap market.

To exact “The Product”, Automatic will be bringing in a variety of elements and guests.
No spoilers for now, but the combination is built to reshape the horizons of the area’s hip-hop output. “Seriously worth the wait.” said a representative. In the meantime, the video for the “Gimme What I’m Owed” single has garnered hot reviews and, along with the entire back catalog, is still receiving plenty of online play.

Just like his production skills, MC skills, and life story, Automatic’s career touches down on a lot of different angles in the music game. From artist to industry, behind the mic or behind the board, he keeps stacking the chips higher and higher. Now a days, you need GPS to navigate this constantly expanding infrastructure. There are great things around every corner, and if you’re rollin’ with Automatic, there is no chance of getting stuck in traffic.

Jeremy Kennedy (2010)

5) 90's Australian alternative rock band

Automatic was an alternative rock band from Victoria, Australia in 1987. The band consists of Matt Fenton (bass), Alex Jarvis (guitat), Danny Plant (drums) and Richard Taylor (bass). Plant replaced founding drummer Leigh Marlow. The band released two albums: "Automatic" (1994) and "Transmitter" (1997).
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Artist biography from last.fm

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