The Official 2020 Festive Fifty - January 2021
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! An assortment of our DJs count down through the best 50 tracks from 2020 based on your votes - continuing the John Peel tradition.
You can hear the full results of this classic poll repeating from Christmas Day and into January, finishing off with Brownbutter revealing this year's winner!
We repeat it to give everyone a chance to listen in - therefore many people will be listening long after others so please keep the results to yourself for a while.
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2020 Review - January 2021
Join Dandelion Radio in January 2021 for a 2 hour review of the year 2020.
Join Rocker, Leo Gilbert, Gareth Jones, Pete Jackson and Andrew Morrison as they run through some of their musical high points from the past year.
Tune in, enjoy, and let us know what you think.
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Andrew Morrison - January 2021
Andy begins the New Year with a January show in which he presents a selection of personal highlights from the last twelve months. This includes Arab Strap's recent new single 'Compersion, Pt. 1', plus such acts as Skuldpadda, Phelimuncasi, A Certain Ratio, Tompaul, Victories At Sea, Algiers, Kelly Lee Owens, Football FC and Brutalist. The show culminates in a rundown of his nine absolute favourite tracks of 2020.

Andy also appears in two other collaborative shows this month: January's '2020 Review', featuring several Dandelion DJs picking their tunes of the year; and the official 2020 Festive Fifty listeners' poll results countdown show. Check the schedule on the website for all of the broadcast times!
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The Beatbox Saboteurs Show - January 2021
It seems Skreen has been at the sherry again, as this month's two hour show unleashes a whole plethora of wonderful oddities in the form of Northwest, Good Parley, Nhktar, Craig Scott's Lobotomy, The Newport Dolls, Jack Of None, Life As Surface Noise and Asa.
Repeat offenders include Amyl & The Sniffers, Sir Robert Orange Peel, Scenius and Analogue Electronic Whatever.
The SchytëHawkës, States Of Nature and The Grasping Straws provide noise aplenty with Inflexi0n, Sintetica Project, Octavia Freud and H-M O adding something for the electro fans.
Top tunes by Slow Walk and Polarized Eyes are lifted from the latest Thomas Imposter compilation, the Joy Of Six Volume 6.
There's much more too - and all delivered in Skreen's usual shabby chic style.
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The Beatbox Saboteurs Show on FSK - January 2021 Replay link will appear after show has finished
Brownbutter - January 2021
Brownbutter whips up a speedball with the absurdity of the world and the profundity of sound with this looking-back-to-look-forward mix of recontextualized sonic commentary and reflection, curated for us all to hold hands and share baked goods, pulling down the old facemasks long enough for a few bites, a smile and the blowing of kisses from a safe distance.
New music from Digital Leather and Cyril Cyril, with an eclectic slew of cult gems and undiscovered classics-to-be from Shannon & the Clams, Slowdive, This Heat, Tall Dwarfs, Klaatu, Franco and OFF!, among others.
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Jeff and Alfie on FSK - January 2021
Jeff Grainger from kicks off 2021 with another mixed bag of surprises. In his January two hour show there will be a preview of what musical delights the year has to offer.
Jeff will also be replaying some of his favourite tracks he's featured, over the years, during his time as a DJ at Dandelion Radio along with some hand picked selections from his record collection.
Once again thanks for tuning in to the show and Happy New Year!
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Leo Gilbert - January 2021
Four hours of almost entirely up-to-the-minute music from Leo to start the year off with a bang! In what is possibly his most international show yet, he has sounds from all over the globe, with an absolute minimum of chat from Leo.
Among the artists are: Jamaica Mnanda, Sir Robert Orange Peel, Adulkt Life, Oliver Coates, William Basinski, Tiga & Hudson Mohawke, Sega Bodega & Låpsley, Mush, Dry Cleaning, Rian Treanor, Cabaret Voltaire, Mirabelle Gilis & Miossec and Marie Davidson & L'Œil Nu – and that's just the first hour! Later in the show, he has (what felt like a bit of a scoop at the time of recording) the new single from Burial, Four Tet & Thom Yorke.
If you haven't heard it yet, tune in to Leo's January show and prepare to swoon!
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Mark Cunliffe - January 2021
We are kicking off a, hopefully, much better year with more new releases. The temptation was for a review of 2020 but there is too much new stuff to get out there. Maybe I'll do a separate review show if I have time.
What new releases have we in store for January? There's more Sleaford Mods with their album out this month and a track from a fabulous album by Sweeping Promises, a new band on me. There's a great minimal house track from Jonathan Kaspar and something beautiful from Guardeloupe in the form of Beliz.
There is some reggae from Tampanae and there something new from Jawbone who made a right ole impression on John Peel when he came across the one man band in the noughties.
To be honest, it's the usual wide range of stuff, if you fancy it.
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Mark Cunliffe on FSK - January 2021
Mark Cunliffe hopes upon hope for gigs to start returning to our venues that are surviving the pandemic, and gigs in much greater numbers over the course of 2021.
Not knowing what the landscape will be is very strange but Mark was massively impressed by the quality of music in 2020 in the face of all the adversity and is keen to start 2021 with a positive look at what the new year might bring.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
OnipaForget 2020   
みんなのLa La La La La   
Puma & The DolphinNumber   
NatibongoHard Times   
Chained To The Bottom Of The OceanFour Cubits and a Span   
OyubiKill Confirmed   
Sniffany & The NitsHorse Girl   
SwamiDesi Rock   
Chase & StatusEngage   
Serge BeynaudCorée du Nord   
SumgiiDark Side Burns   
Marshmallow OvercoatWait For Her   
The King RoosterLoose Lips   
K-RaiBoo Yow   
The Cool GreenhouseAlexa   
Jack MarlowNarsty   
DJ ScientistFlow Of Imagination   
Black HeliumTwo Masters   
Luisa Sonza x Funk Rave 2020Braba   
RJ Productions526   
Songhoy BluesWorry   
Tha God Fahim & The ArchitectTill The Wheels Fall Off (feat Mach-Hommy)   
Satoshi TomiieLate Night   
DJ MaarsRocksteady Business   
Brackem X Dazen X Radical OneMaldad   
SubtifugeGanja Dadda (feat Mr Williamz)   
EkoFunky Disco Music   
Biggie vs James BrownBIG Poppa's Got A Brand New Bag   
Red AxesHanoi (Feat Co Doi Thuong Ngan & Viet Rice Band)   
Dandelion FSK showSkream / Rutten   
Mark Whitby - January 2021
Another excellent session from Vert:x is surely the best possible way to indicate a certain degree of optimism for the year ahead, in a musical sense at least. We also preview early 2021 releases from the likes of Digital Resistance, Chloe Juliette Beswick, Arab Strap and Thirty Pounds of Bone.
Our featured compilation is the latest 'Joy of Six' compilation from Thomas Imposter label which sees the light of day this month and, of course, we don't ignore a whole slew or great releases that came out in the later stages of 2020, including new singles from Mood Taeg, Invisible Wire and Kill The Giants.
As has become traditional, we Peel Back... to the Festive Fifty of twenty years ago and speculate, rather pointlessly, on what may have been in the chart fifty years ago, had such a thing existed.
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Mark Whitby on FSK - December 2020
Join Mark Whitby as he takes us through a selection of many of his highlights of 2020 including tracks from his Dandelion Radio sessions and favourite albums of the year, plus some reasons to be mildly optimistic about 2021.
Pete Jackson - January 2021
Happy 2021! Get things off to a proper start with a new and exclusive mix from the always-awesome DXIII to celebrate Pete's 13 years of broadcasting on Dandelion Radio.
Slotted around this extraordinary slab of sound are new tunes from some old favourites, including members of the aristocracy like Lord Numb and Sir Robert Orange Peel alongside commoners Cheval Sombre and Songhoi Blues.
There's more than a smattering of psychedelic noise thanks to the work of Anthroprophh, Carlton Melton, The Telescopes and Radar Men From The Moon and the whole affair is punctuated by some excellent commercial messages drawn from a new collection of vintage adverts recorded from London Pirate Radio stations.
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Rocker - January 2021
A three-hour show from Rocker to start the year, including new tracks from Stiff Richards; The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness; The Loving Paupers; Sissy Space Echo & The Invisible Collaborators; Loud Apartment; Half Stack; Neutrals; Corvair; Departure Lounge; Dummy; Pop Filter; Dragon Welding; McCookerybook & Rotifer; All Ashore!; Arrest! Charlie Tipper; The Reds Pinks And Purples; Milky Wimpshake; The Bongolian; Muddy Summers & The Dirty Field Whores and The Clockworks.
There's electronica from Sasha & Franky Wah; Carsten Halm; D3D Wax and Sycum, plus an amazing new 12-minute epic from Burial.
Pete Bentham & Sheepy cover Pete Shelley; The William Loveday Intention claim to improve Bob Dylan; while this month The Galileo 7 take on The Pink Floyd. There's also political comment from Bob Vylan; Benefits and of course that track by The Kunts opens proceedings.
This month's Rocker's Shellac Attack is an anti-war song from 1914, while this month's Educating Elizabeth record is a new cover version of a classic by The Specials.
As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: The Theremin, as featured on the recent dub tracks by Gaudi, was invented by Russian physicist Leon Theremin a hundred years ago.
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Rocker's 2020 Faves - January 2021
A one-hour show which features some of Rocker's favourite tracks from the past year.
2020 was a rubbish year in so many ways, but there were loads of great records released! Here are a few of them.
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Sean Hocking - January 2021
Welcome to 2021 and another 4 hours of music from Ring Of Fire.
In this show we catch up on some of the tunes from 2020 that should have made it into the programming but unfortunately didn't. So, now it is January let's give them a little time to breathe.
Gems such as Letter Whip by Melbourne's Cong Josie, The Stress Of Leisure's "Banker On TV", "Crack The Skies of America" by the Diabolical Liberties and Johnny Go Figure's "Revolutionary Youth" just to name a few.
I don't think I have ever played a Paul McCartney solo track on this show but the time has come. Album opener, "Long Tailed Bird" on McCartney III is everything we love in a track and more, almost takes these ears back to the first time we heard the White Album.
We include a few Ring of Fire Favourites from 2020 with tracks we haven't featured by them before: Sault, The Legless Crabs, Tony Joe White, Lou Terry, The Cool Greenhouse, The Felice Brothers and of course, a new one from Sir Robert Orange Peel.
Looking forward to new music in 2021 I have a feeling it's going to be a very revolutionary year in music and am excited to be searching the vanguard to find your soundtrack for the year.
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Sean Hocking on FSK - January 2021
Sean, of the Metal Postcard label, continues to bring us new and undiscovered tunes from around the globe in his monthly 'Ring of Fire' show.
This month we bring you 2 hours of songs about holidays and vacations. The concept of the holiday appears to be fading fast we are all stuck at home for the 2nd time so here's a few tunes to cheer you up and remind you of long hot summer holidays and places that you could go ... if you could go.
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Thomas Blatchford - January 2021
Thomas is not only pumped for the Festive Fifty streaming all this month, but after over three years at Dandelion Radio finally has a band in session! That's right, January's show includes a doozy of an exclusive appearance from Catford's favoured angels, CRASH THE SUPERYACHT!
CTSY are a duo based in London made up of Katie Hare and Steven Cass. They officially formed for a brief period of activity in 2017, but revived the band in 2019 with a view to start playing live in 2020… you can probably guess what happened next. Their debut EP Neighbourhood Watch came out in March of last year, with a follow up Release The Bees released shortly afterwards. They have recorded four songs especially for this show (I love saying that) in preparation for a new EP due to appear later in 2021.
But that's not all in this month's wingding! There's a visit to a Festive Fifty of yesteryear, some ghosts of London pirate radio adverts, a song about Animorphs, a swipe at anti-maskers, dolphin-like noises, and new singles from the likes of No/Trauma, Allara, Lande Hekt, Baby Doll Eyes, Ngalah Oreo and many more! Hardcore, are you sure?
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