Andrew Morrison - April 2008
Andy's April show features no less than two exclusive sessions: one from Rafter, the other from Atomizer, an electro act who've been remixed by Pet Shop Boys and produced by ex-KLF member Jimmy Cauty. There are new tracks from Elbow and Crystal Castles, as well as My Device, Samuraj Cities, and many exciting new and unsigned acts. Also listen in for Teresa's Tasty Tips and Scott's Funky Five Minutes. Look out for Andy's Autons Special playing later in Dandelion Radio's April schedule, photos of which you can see here.
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
My DeviceLife Is A BlastCD LP 'Jumbo Fiasco'Shifty
Stylus RexCops On Coke (Radio Edit)unsigned
ElbowMirrorballCD LP 'The Seldom Seen Kid'
RafterThe HealerCD LP 'Good Morning'The Bank Music6 34479 56830
AG ProjectRun, RunCD-R 'Hardnight Demo 2007"
AtomizerKarate Marble FactoryDandelion Radio SessionNagNagNag
TripwiresKings And QueensCD-R
RafterIt's A Shame GirlCD LP 'Good Morning'The Bank Music6 34479 56830
King Kong Was A CatSysteme 27unsigned
Ferlin Husky Convoy [Scott's Funky Five Minutes] iTunes download LP 'The Great Songs Of Ferlin Husky'San Juan Music
AtomizerRot Of The StarsDandelion Radio SessionNagNagNag
Lanterns On The LakeI Will Lay You DownCD-R
You Say Party! We Say Die!Monster [Teresa's Tasty Tip] CD LP various artists 'NME Canadian Blast The Sound Of The New Canada Scene'NMENME CD
Crystal CastlesTrash Hologram [Teresa's Tasty Tip] CD LP 'Crystal Castles'
RafterYour Secret's Safe With MeDandelion Radio SessionThe Bank
Dead World LeadersVitaminsCD-R promo single 'Vitamins'October Frequency RecordsOCTFRQ
AtomizerJapanese DiscoDandelion Radio SessionNagNagNag
GuillemotsThe Last Ride Tonight7" 'Get Over It'
Sex EducationEffectiveCD-R
RafterHideDandelion Radio SessionThe Bank
Samuraj CitiesHard Rain (Single Version)CD LP various artists 'Lesson No. 1'Imperial
AtomizerSnake XDandelion Radio SessionNagNagNag
AutonsMaybeCD LP 'Short Term Manifesto'Repeat
Before You Die.Silverfishunsigned
The War CrimesRussian DollsMP3 'Russian Dolls'Shifty
Dubster - April 2008
...Not very long ago, in the top left-hand corner of Fife, there was a garage. It wasn't a very long garage or a very important garage, but it was called Dubster and Llantisilly Radiophonic Broadcasting Company Limited, and it was all there was.
And in a booth, in a siding at the end of the garage, lives Stephen and Brian of the Dubster and Llantisilly Radiophonic Broadcasting Company Limited, which was a long name for a little radio show, so their friends just called it Radiodubster.
In the month of April the flowers start to bud around the siding and Steve and Brian's musical friends Don Juan Dracula, Let's go to war, Robots In Disguise, The Helio Sequence, Matthew Bayot and Whitey Housten as well as featured artists Ugress, Panda Riot and Jonas Silus pop by the garage to say hello and play a few tunes for them. Hope you can pop in and have a listen.
Contains explicit lyrics
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
Oliver Postgate09 Effects - Ivor ChuffingLP: Ivor The Engine and Pogle's WoodTrunk
UgressZombie EaglesRetroconassaince EP - Free DownloadUncanny PlanetN/A
Whitey HoustenI Got Fucked by Liberty MutualFree downloadN/A
Don Juan DraculaTake Me HomePromoSwitch Off RecordsN/A
Oliver Postgate07 Effects Donkey Departing.LP: Ivor The Engine and Pogle's WoodTrunk
Charanga CakewalkDirty CumbiaSXSW promo downloadN/A
The Vernon Elliot EnsembleCrusin ThemeLP: Ivor The Engine and Pogle's WoodTrunk
The Helio SequenceEverybody KnowsPromo download from Sub PopSub PopN/
AkalaBit by BitCD, Single, PromoIlla State ILLA009CD1
Robots in DisguiseI'm HitpromoPresident RecordsN/A
Oliver Postgate08 Effects - CoalLP: Ivor The Engine and Pogle's WoodTrunk
Jonas Silus I <3 MeikoDemoUnsignedN/A
Panda RiotMarkerLP: She Dares All thingsSelf
PantherPuerto Rico Jukebox 14 KT GodKill Rock Stars KRS490
Ebony BonesWe Know All About YouPromoN/
Oliver Postgate14 Effects - Get art of itLP: Ivor The Engine and Pogle's WoodTrunk
Buttercup - in loveButtercup - in loveSXSW promo downloadN/
1001 nights orchestraNeda Voda Nali ValaMusic from the Middle East and Beyond - SXSW promo downloadKamooli RecordingsN/A
Oliver Postgate13 Effects - Handeling chain LP: Ivor The Engine and Pogle's WoodTrunk
The TouchMaximisation NationPromoN/
Bud Melvin 62 MilesSXSW promo downloadN/A
Akron/familyPhenomenaSXSW promo downloadN/
These New PuritansColoursPromoDominoN/A
Various Production - fea.M.I.APINTMANPromoN/A
WOWWhen You're DeadPromoMetal PostcardN/A
Matthew BayotNo Big DealLP: The Standard Of LivingFire RecordsFIRECD
UgressDecepteconsRetroconassaince EP - Free DownloadUncanny PlanetN/
We are The Physics - This is Vanity.Promo
Carol HerringPaper GownFrom LP: Latana - SXSW promoSignature Sounds
Jonas SilusMSCE songDemoUnsignedN/A
Oliver Postgate12 Effects - Ivor Resisting starting LP: Ivor The Engine and Pogle's Wood
Panda RiotPlateauLP: She Dares All thingsSelf
Let's Go to WarPush Up Yr Lighter - Push Up Yer lighterSXSW promo download
The Vernon Elliot EnsembleIvor Short ThemeLP: Ivor The Engine and Pogle's WoodTrunk
Mark Cunliffe - April 2008
It's April and the blossom is creating a picturesque scene, it's settling on the ground all around Derby.....mixing in with all the McTurks kebab papers, fag ends and squashed beer cans.....lovely.....
On this month's show we have Magnum's lesser known side kick Mashnum PI investigating a Ragga sound.
There's more potty mouthed ranting from Lincolnshire's Sleaford Mods. There's Movado going gully, though I think his best position is silly mid off meself.
We have a UK band/artist???? who is shrouded in mystery but goes by the name of The Mofos. There's some jaw dropping drum & bass from RJ Productions. Flake Brown returns, this time with a Bucketful Of must be a big bucket to fit in ALL the members of Oasis in???
We have dubstep from MRK1, Skream & Cluekid, a remix of Peter Tosh's 'Legalise It' and a Latvian master of mood, Oyaarss. There's Shrag doing a dub re-mix of their best tune n'all. This month's show also see's my favourite tune of the year so far get an airing but I'll keep the identity of that one a mystery.
Perhaps you might want to get Mashnum PI on to it? What I've given you there is just the tip of the iceberg and not a piddling globally warmed, melted iceberg neither....
So, the only thing you've got to do is TUNE IN!! :-) xxx
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
Mashnum P.I.Wannabeatz feat Badbluntclan7"
Sleaford ModsLangleysMP3Deadly Beefburger
sMoKio &
Gideon ConnInside10" EP 'I Want You Around'Mannequin
MovadoGully SideMP3 LP 'Gangsta For Life - The Symphony Of David Brooks'
MRK1Sensi Skank2xCD LP '200'Planet
Tiken Jah FakolyMa Cote D'Ivoire (My Ivory Coast)MP3 LP 'L'African'Wrasse
KomusouKillMP3 LP 'J-Metal'
The MofosMy Toffos, Your Pocket2 Track Demo
RJ Productions52612"Dice
BabalooYour DoughMP3 LP 'International'
A.M.M.O.The PillageMP3Rekabet
Flake BrownBucketful Of FoolsDemo CD 'Overdog'
OyaarssThe Silver
LushusBig Fat Man7"Dying Giraffe
Quarta 330Sunset DubMP3
Sean Kingston & ChamsGals Clown7"Rown BeatGAL
StickboyCome Round (And See Me Again)
Don MeersReady To DownloadMP3 LP 'Splint'Groovescooter
Skream & CluekidSandsnake12"Disfigured
ShragPregnancy Scene (Dub)
ShackletonDeath Is Not Final feat. Vengeance TenfoldMP3Deadly Beefburger
Justin Adams & Juldeh CamaraNgamenCD LP 'Soul Science'Wayward
SwayF UR X Feat. $tushMP3 Mixtape 'The Dotted Lines'
Peter ToshLegalise It (Westcoast Remix)White label 12"NoneWAR002none
SkreamRutten2xLP 'Skreamizm Vol 1'TempaTempa LP
Mark Whitby - April 2008
With hotspots like London, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds and Norwich already placed further down the list, the world scratches its head at what will be revealed as the greatest UK town or city for music. Scratch no longer, for Mark Whitby's April show reveals the number one and pulls five top class tunes from the festive fifty archives all from the place in question. A three hour musical extravaganza also brings you a top notch exclusive session from Dalmatian Rex and the Eigentones.
While Mark puts a sensible rein on his desire to celebrate all things Eurovision, he makes room for the Atari ska of France-based Dubmood, Swedish reggae from Kapten Rod, electronica from Germany's Extrawelt and Holland's Ravage! Ravage! remixed by teenage compatriot Keukengerei. You'll find tracks from the new Breeders, Beach House and Malcolm Middleton albums nestling alongside astonishing debuts from Fuck Buttons, Kittens Ablaze and These United States. And a Swedish Elvis impersonator.
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
Why?The HollowsCD EP 'The Hollows'
Electromagnetic Impulses vs Crimson DeathWarewolvesmp3 downloadNonen/
These United StatesFirst SightDownload album 'A Picture of the Three of Us at the Gate to the Garden of Eden'United Interestsn/
Dalmatian Rex and the EigentonesI'm Scared of You Japanese CheeseExclusive trackNonen/
Ravage! Ravage!Just Another Lover (Keukengerei Remix)mp3 downloadNonen/
Fuck ButtonsSweet Love For Planet EarthCD 'Street Horrrsing'
Beach HouseGilaCD 'Devotion'
CoCoComa(Tryin' to) Read My MindCD 'Cococoma'
Malcolm MiddletonWeek OffCD 'Sleight of Heart'Full Time
DJ BlushSo Far So Beat (Isis Myth)mp3 downloadNonen/
Kapten RodStjarnona Finns Harmp3 downloadNonen/
The Battle of Land and SeaSaltwater QueenCD 'The Battle of Land and Sea'
This Will Destroy YouThreadsCD 'This Will Destroy You'Magic
Frightened RabbitThe Modern LeperCD 'The Midnight Organ Fight'Fat
Very ThingsThe Bushes Scream While My Daddy PrunesCD 'The Bushes Scream While My Daddy Prunes'
Dave ClarkeNo One's DrivingCD
The PipettesPull ShapesCD 'We Are the Pipettes'Memphis
KrakenSide Effects12"
Go! TeamBottle RocketCD 'Thunder, Lightning, Strike'Memphis
Dalmatian Rex and the EigentonesEver So Slowly Losing My MindExclusive trackNonen/
Aidan John MoffatSuper Sexxy Real LiveCD 'I Can Hear Your Heart'Chemikal UndergroundCHEM
Dementio13 (feat Nita Disaster)Deprived of My Sensesmp3 downloadNonen/
Stuart EstellSam Hallmp3 downloadNonen/
(team) photoThrenody for SpringSelf-released CD 'Until There is Nothing Left'Nonen/
Blind Willie JohnsonLet Your Light Shine on MeCD 'The Soul of a Man'Complete
Dalmatian Rex and the EigentonesEverybody in the World is a Robot Except Me and My MonkeyExclusive trackNonen/
We Are SpiritRunningmyspace downloadNonen/
Ana GoriAquela Estrada, Aquela Cancaomp3 downloadNonen/
The Helio SequenceThe Captive MindCD 'Keep Your Eyes Ahead'
Dave Cloud and the Gospel of PowerHopelessly Addicted To YouCD 'Pleasure Before Business'
Calvin PartyTryCD 'Godard's Girlfriend'Probe PlusProbe
The BreedersBang OnCD 'Mountain Battles'
The HykkersI Want a Break ThruCD 'Nigeria Special'
Dean CarterJailhouse RockCD 'Call of the Wild'Big Beat213None
Eilart PilarmJailhouse RockV/A CD 'Songs in the Key of Z'GammonGMN
Dalmatian Rex and the EigentonesHairy MonstersExclusive trackNonen/
Kittens AblazeStrobelightmyspace downloadNonen/
DubmoodExodus Ska-Dubmp3 downloadNonen/
Virgin PassagesBecause of Sad AusteritiesCD 'Distance'
Naomi Shelton and the Gospel QueensWhat Have You Done?7"
Not ListWorthless Treasuremyspace downloadNonen/
Mild HorsesA Swift Walk Through Battersea Park - 19 September 2007myspace downloadNonen/
Andy's Autons Special - April 2008
Andy's Autons Special marks the release and first ever play of their brand new double A-sided single. Dave and Tony from the band co-host the show from Tony's living room and local pub, picking some of their all-time favourite tunes, including Public Enemy, Eddie Cochran, Roxy Music, Red Letter Day, Public Image Limited and others. They discuss their influences and history, and introduce an exclusively recorded live Autons track. See photos of the night here. Also listen out for Andy's regular April show later in the schedule, featuring sessions from Atomizer and Rafter.
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
AutonsAndrew Morrison Ident - featuring 'Snakes'
AutonsSnakesCD-R EP 'Snakes/Ice Major'Repeat
Eddie CochranSomethin' ElseCD LP 'The Best Of Eddie Cochran'EMI7243 5 71443 2
Manic Street PreachersUmbrellaCD LP various artists 'NME Awards 2008'NMENME CD
AutonsDevil In MeCD single 'Election Singer/The Devil In Me'Repeat
TorpedoesTwisted Love SongCD LP 'The Gong Show'Mouthy
QhixldekxWalt DisneyCD-R EP 'The Twin Moon Conspiracy'NoneNoneNone
The Velvet Underground & NicoHeroinCD LP 'The Velvet Underground & Nico Produced By Andy Warhol'Polydor531 250
Pink FloydLucifer SamCD LP 'The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn'EMI7243 8 59857 2
Roxy Music2 H.B.CD LP 'Roxy Music'E G RecordsEGCD
AutonsIt's A Strange Thing (Live 6/2/2008)live at Cargo, London
Public Image LimitedDeath DiscoCD LP 'The Best Of British £1 NotesVirgin0946 3 37988 2
Arab StrapDon't Ask Me To DanceCD LP 'The Last Romance'Chemikal
AutonsDandelion Radio Ident - featuring 'Snakes'
Dead KennedysMoral MajorityCD LP 'Plastic Surgery Disasters & In God We Trust, Inc.'ManifestoMFO
Red Letter DayWherever You May RunCD LP 'Chance Meetings The Best of Red Letter Day 1985-1999'Zip
BonemachineThis Oceans Angry (Euthanasia Remix Edit)CD single 'Another Day OverHackpen
Public EnemyNight Of The Living BaseheadsCD LP 'It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back'Def Jam542
CurveRecoveryCD LP 'Come Clean'Universal
AutonsElection SingerCD single 'Election Singer/The Devil In Me'Repeat
Hot ChipOver And OverCD LP 'The Warning'
Depeche ModePhotographic (Rex The Dog Dubb Mix)CD LP 'Remixes 81.04' (Ltd 3 Disc Edition)
Neil Jenkins - April 2008
In this month's 2-hour programme, Neil has an exclusive session from Dandelion Children of Slovenia, features the work of Mark Graham of Warrington, England and hides some little minute-long gems from Munich-based Viola Vagina in snug, warm places.
There are also new idents and tracks from Filewile and Birmingham Bertie in addition to a bunch of other varied stuff that deserves to be heard.
What will Neil mispronounce this month? Tune in to find out ....
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
Bird Table CommunityExcerpt from 'Drum A'Self-Released double EP 'Kill The Drummer'/'It's Hardly Rock 'N' Roll'n/an/an/a
EpidemeThreateningsMP3 from band myspace pageJonson Family
Interstellar Wave WatchersHelmetsSelf-released promo CD 'Three Songs To Kick Off'n/an/
FilewileCity FitnessCD 'Nassau Massage'Mouthwatering
Mark GrahamScience Of SoundDemo CDn/an/
Scarlett O'HannaLittle BoxesMP3 from the artistn/an/
Viola VaginaFear & EaseMP3 from the artistn/an/
SinisterThe Grey MassacreCD 'Afterburner'Nuclear BlastNB
Dalmatian Rex & The EigentonesEveryone's A Robot Except For Me And My MonkeySelf-released promo CD 'Geek'n/an/
Birmingham BertieIs It EthicalMP3 from the artistn/an/
Mark GrahamChange My LifeDemo CDn/an/
Inga LiljestromFrom Russia With LoveCD 'Re-Fashioned 007: The James Bond Themes Go Under Cover'Groovescooter
YokozunaLollabrigidaCD 'This Japanese Guy Is OK'Twitch Core RecordingsNone
The Pop RivetsLambrettavespascootaCD 'The Pop Rivets - Greatest Hits'Damaged Goods RecordsDAMGOOD 217
Dandelion ChildrenStory Of A Man Who Had No Dream (session)Dandelion Radio Sessionn/an/
Dandelion ChildrenJamien Tune (session)Dandelion Radio Sessionn/an/
Dandelion ChildrenIn The Wake Of It All (session)Dandelion Radio Sessionn/an/
Dandelion ChildrenBroken String (session)Dandelion Radio Sessionn/an/
Gerry Mitchell & Little SpartaEternally WastedCD 'The Ragged Garden'Fire
Viola VaginaNouvelle VagueMP3 from the artistn/an/
Sara BergI Had To TraceCD 'When I Was A Young Child I Used To Feel Pleasure From Playing With Others'Gay Monkey RecordsGAY
Nouvelle VagueEver Fallen in LoveCD 'Bande A Part'The Perfect
Mark GrahamDistant SunDemo CDn/an/
MJ HibbettChips & Cheese, Pint Of WineCD 'A Million Ukeleles'Artists Against
HTRKLook What's Been DoneCD 'Nostalgia'Fire
OppenheimerThis Is Not a TestCD 'Oppenheimer'Bar/None
Viola VaginaSolitudeMP3 from the artistn/an/
Mark Graham (feat TSITSI)FreefallDemo CDn/an/
Matthew BayotNo Big DealCD 'The Standard Of Living'Fire
Puerto MuertoTread LightlyDouble CD 'Heaven & Dirt'Fire
Rachael Neiman - April 2008
In April's 'The Rachael Neiman Experience' we have crammed a whole lot of pop goodness into just one hour including tracks from Penny Broadhurst, Awesome Wells, Trick Babies, Pockets Filled With Matches, Stella Pace, MJ Hibbett and the Validators, Soft Toy Emergency and many more!
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
Penny BroadhurstLondonDemo
Alice (Musics)Not in this KitchenDemo
STeLLa PaCeKing Grrrlmp3Hotel La
Vacuum Spasm BabiesPunch in the FaceWhipping Clowns CD albumShark Batter
Soft Toy
PartylineParty-n-AnimalZombie TerroristRetard
Ray RumoursSpanish PopThe Hemulen CD albumStitch
MJ HibbettDo the Indie Kid7" singleArtists Against
The MadrigalsThe Ballad of TammetDemo
Pockets Filled with MatchesSpazz Mathsmp3Liar Liarwww.myspace.compocketsfilledwithmatches
SlowgunOld Man
Suicidal BirdsMe AnimalZ List CD albumTransformed
Rocker - April 2008
Another packed three hour show from Rocker - With a couple of featured albums, including Benga's hotly anticipated "Diary of an Afro Warrior".
There's the debut release from The Parallelograms, a new single from MJ Hibbett & the Validators, and also new tracks from Standard Fare; The Mekons; The Give It Ups; Ten Kens; The Pocketbooks; March Of The Carpenter Ants featuring Kenji Siratori; Dog End Disco; Honeyheads; The Haggerston International School of Suicide School; Pine Tarts; and Emmy The Great.
This month's Peel's Big 45 is a soul classic presented with extra surface noise for your enjoyment, while Mark Ronson covers Radiohead, Hefner's Darren Hayman releases a side project, and there's electronica from Locodice; Julien Parise; Heerhorst & Meissner; and Corrugated Tunnel.
As well as little known acts, here's this month's little known fact: The first stretch of Motorway in the UK was the Preston Bypass - built in 1958, and now forming junction 29 to 32 of the M6.
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
Hank Levine & His OrchestraImage (part 2)7"His Master's Voice45-POP 947
The Parallelograms1, 2, 3, Go!Shared 7" with The Pains Of Being Pure At HeartAtomic Beat
Heerhorst & MeissnerFahrstuhlmusicBeatport DownloadKompass MusicKOMPA
Standard FareDon't tellDemo CD - 'Get on board'
TheHaggerstonInternationalSchoolofSuicideSchool feat. Antonin ArtaudForest bodyMySpace
BengaEmotionsCDLP - 'Diary of an afro warrior'
Emmy The GreatWarMySpace
Tom Hingley & The LoversKick out the clocksMySpace
Vernon GarrettIf I could turn back the hands of time7"StatesideSS
LocodiceSeeing through shadows (original mix)12"
George PringleI'm very scared, buster. Yes, at last.CDEP - 'Poor EP, poor EP without a name'George
The Wedding PresentBlue EyesCD - 'Shepherd's Bush Welcomes The Wedding Present'Secret Records
BengaZVinyl 3LP - 'Diary of an afro warrior'
The Pains Of Being Pure At HeartDoing all the things that wouldn't make your parents proudCDEP - 'The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart'Painbow RecordsPainbow
PortisheadDeep waterCDLP - 'Third'Island
PortisheadPlasticCDLP - 'Third'Island
The MekonsZeroes and onesCDLP - 'Natural'Quarterstick
The MekonsBeaten and broken12" - 'Crime and Punishment'Sin RecordingsSIN
The MekonsWhere were you?7"Fast ProductFast
PocketbooksLove is the stick you throwCDEP - 'Waking up'Valiant Death / Make Do And
BengaTech wobblerVinyl 3LP - 'Diary of an afro warrior'
Dog End DiscoUnplug herMySpace
Mark Hibbett & the ValidatorsDo the indie kid7"Artists Against
Hayman, Watkins, Trout & LeeDirty tube trainCDLP - 'Hayman, Watkins, Trout & Lee'Fortuna Pop!
Puerto MuertoGone tooCDLP - 'I was a swallow'Fire
Corrugated TunnelOne night in Barcelona (Chymera remix)Beatport DownloadElevation
O. V. Wright with The KeysThat's how strong my love is7" - 'There goes my used to be'GoldwaxGW
Ten KensRefined (Demo)MySpace
March Of The Carpenter Ants feat. Kenji SiratoriAnti vitalMySpace
BengaZero M2LP - 'Diary of an afro warrior'TempaTEMPALP010 /
PortisheadThe ripCDLP - 'Third'Island
The Give It UpsBe my catLimited CDr
Fuck ButtonsBright tomorrowMySpace
Mark Ronson feat. Alex Greenwald of Phantom PlanetJust (radio edit)10"Sony / Rapster
Los Campesinos2007, The Year Punk Broke (My Heart)CDLP - 'Hold on now, youngster.'Wichita Recordings
Pine TartsLa neige la nuitMySpace
Ralph FalconThe dig (Radio Slave remix)12"
The Mai 68sTo have an islandMySpace
PortisheadWe carry onCDLP - 'Third'Island
Black Patterns From SaturnSound of thunderCDEP - 'Satire on satan'
HoneyheadsOut of MarseilleMini CDEPCloudberry RecordsCloudberry
Let's WrestleMusic is my girlfriendCDEP - 'In loving memory of.'Stolen
Julien PariséA5B (original mix)12"Imprimé RecordsIMP
Hank Levine & His OrchestraImage (part 1)7"His Master's Voice45-POP 947
Yank Sizzler - April 2008
In my first show on Dandelion Radio we spend an hour with new recordings from Nick Cave, The Dirtbombs, El Perro Del Mar, Coat Party, Holy Fuck and Sonic Chicken 4 along with classics from Elton Motello, Townes Van Zandt and Mississippi John Hurt. We also do a little travelling to India and Nigeria. Enjoy.
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
El Perro Del MarGlory To The WorldFrom The Valley To The StarsLicking
Holy FuckSuper Inuit'LP'Young
Mississippi John HurtLouis CollinsLouis Collins
Elton MotelloJet Boy Jet GirlVictom of TimeAttic Records LimitedLAT 1063N/A
The DirtbombsIt's Not Fun Until They See You CryWe Have You SurroundedIn The RedITR
Ustad Vilayat KhanArrival In BenarasV/A The Darjeeling Limited
Shankar & Jaikishan Title Theme from Bombay TalkieV/A The Darjeeling Limited
Mira BillotteAs I Went Out One MorningV/A: I'm Not There OSTColumbia88697 12038
Sonic Chicken 4SexiestS/TIn The RedITR
10 Minutes with My DadRock On Sister Child10" EP S/
DJ Shadow / Cut Chemistuntitled section of mixThe Hard SellPillage Roadshow HS001
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsJesus of the MoonDig Lazarus DigMuteCD MUTE
Townes Van ZandtPancho & LeftyRear View
Wareika Hill SoundsCoconut Head SpecialWareika Hill SoundsHonest Jon'sHJRCD104
The Les Ross OrchestraThe Bad Lit RoadV/A: Money Be No SandOriginal MusicN/A
Coat PartyBurn This House
The SsionStreet JizzFool's GoldSleazetone
Nadia CattouseLong Time BoyV/A: Cult Cargo: Belize City Boil UpNumero GroupNUM006