Andrew Morrison - October 2006
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
Half Man Half Biscuit Dandelion Radio Jingle #2 Unreleased None None
Trademark Sample Hold And Kill Mp3 'Sample Hold And Kill' Shifty Disco None
I Am Jen Broken In All The Right Places CD-R EP 'Broken EP' None None
Bonemachine Red Light Receiving CD album 'Why Can't We Catch The Liars?' Hackpen HPR021CD
Stars Of Aviation All Is Quiet On The Western Front CD-R promo single 'Marie Et L'Accordéon' Kitchen Records None
Electronic Get The Message (DNA Sin Mix) CD single 'Get The Message' Warner Bros. 9 21832-2
Rob Mooney She's A Trip (Edit) CD album various artists 'Inner City Volume 1' ElectraMento EMRCD002
Y Diwygiad Roots CD EP various artists 'Skipping Beats Sampler' Skipping Beats None
GCM I Don't Love You Anymore CD-R single 'GMC 07" None None
Ives Falling CD-R album 'Who Wants A Soul When You Got Image' None None
Drive-By Truckers Great Car Dealer War CD album various artists 'Comes With A Smile Volume 16 - How They Wash Away…' Comes With A Smile SMILE 016
Satellite Beach Elektra 12" 'The Haunted Sea' Record Camp RCLVEP002
Gilbert Self-Help For The English Unsigned mp3 None None
DJ Chix Feat Seren M.O.R.E. CD album various artists 'Inner City Volume 1' ElectraMento EMRCD002
David Gedge Dandelion Radio Ident - featuring The Wedding Present 'Blue Eyes' Unreleased Scopitones None
Stars Of Aviation Marie Et L'Accordéon CD-R promo single 'Marie Et L'Accordéon' Kitchen Records None
Epic45 History Vs The Future CD-R promo album 'Slides' Make Mine Music MMM022P
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly The Romance Vs. The Rational 7" 'Chronicles Of A Bohemian Teenager (Part One)' Atlantic LC01557. ATUK042 / 5051011 6542 7 5
Hush The Many Paper Doll CD single 'Mind The Sprawl' Handspun Records 5 060051 442292
Guillemots If The World Ends CD album 'Through The Windowpane' Polydor 987 782-4
Pet Shop Boys Fugitive (Richard X Extended Remix) CD album 'Fundamentalism' Parlophone 00946 3 62860 2 0
Arab Strap [If There's] No Hope For Us CD album 'The Last Romance' Chemikal Underground CHEM082CD
The Golden Virgins Staying Sober CD album 'Songs Of Praise' XL Records XLCD 175
Half Man Half Biscuit Dandelion Radio Jingle #1 Unreleased None None
The Cure Pictures Of You CD album 'Disintegration' Fiction Records 839 353-2
Dan Barrell - October 2006
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
Half Man Half Biscuit Tending The Wrong Grave For 23 Years CDS Saucy Haulage Ballads Probe Plus PP35
Shut Up And Dance Green Man (Original Mix) 12" Green Man Remixes Shut Up And Dance Music SUAD41
The Raconteurs The Bane Rendition CDS Steady As She Goes XL Recordings XLS229 CD
Bong-Ra Coke Sniffah CD Stereohype Heroin Hooker Ad Noiseum ADN64
The Fall Guest Informant CD The Complete Peel Sessions 1978 - 2004 Castle CMXBX982
The Future Sound Of London Papua New Guinea (Original) 12" Papua New Guinea Jumpin' And Pumpin' 12TOT 17R
Jaydee Plastic Dreams (Long Version) 12" Plastic Dreams R&S RS92097
Nina Nastasia Dumb I Am CD On Leaving Fat Cat FAT CD 47
Dub Syndicate No Bed Of Roses CD No Bed Of Roses Lion & Roots Lion & Roots 007 CD
Origin Unknown Valley Of The Shadows 12" Valley Of The Shadows Ram RAMM 16R
Cartridge Fooling Around MP3 MP3 sent from band
The Nightingales Bong Again In Birmingham (Live) MP3 MP3 from their website Unreleased
Sub Focus Swamp Thing 12" Dimensions 2 EP Ram RAMM61
Underworld Rez 12" Rez/Cowgirl S12 S12DJ118
Audio Active Happy Shopper CD Happy Happer On-U Sound ON-U CD 77
Brakes Pick Up The Phone 7" Pick Up The Phone Tugboat TUGS33
Nina Nastasia Bird Of Cuszco CD On Leaving Fat Cat FAT CD 47
Time Easy Star All-Stars LP Dub Side Of The Moon Easy Star ES-1012v
Urban Shakedown (feat Micky Finn) Some Justice (Concrete Jungle Mix) 12" Promo Urban Shakedown Promo
Cutter Razor Boy & Mirror Man 12" Old Skool Classics Volume 2 Old Skool Classics OSC2  
Gay For Johnny Depp Shh, Put The Shive To My Throat CD Blood: The Natural Lubricant Captains O CAPT024CD
The Cure 10:15 On A Saturday Night CD The Cure Peel Session 1978 Strange Fruit SFPSCD050
Department Of Eagles Sailing By Night CD The Cold Nose Melodic melo 034cd
Dubster - October 2006
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
22 Baboon Power Operation of Survival Mp3 download Unsigned N/A
Invisibles London Zoo CD Unknown / self release
A Belgian De Goulin Organ Mp3 download Unsigned N/A
The Deadly Snakes Gore Veil Mp3 download - Porcella LP IN THE RED RECORDS
PantiN Pam Pom Mp3 download Unsigned N/A
One Dog Clapping Blocks Mp3 download Unsigned N/A
Say Hi To Your Mom Angels And Darlas From LP Impeccable Blahs Euphobia Music (BMI)
Elvis Perkins Ash Wednesday Mp3 download Unknown / self release
The Polish Ambassador London Telecommunicating Mp3 download Unsigned N/A
The Premonitions Talisin Mp3 download Unsigned N/A
The Coup My Favorite Mutiny CD LP: Pick a Bigger Weapon Epitaph 86720
Inspector Tapehead I AM YOUR PEDIGREE Mp3 download Unsigned N/A
Dark Side Of The Cop Shaky Little Rules From Download LP: Dark Side of the Cop - s/t Auger Down Records
Tinkerbells Dope Ring Flat Mp3 download Floppy Records N/A
Kimono Onomatopoeia CD LP: Artic Deathship Aftermath CD / SM120CD
Baby Jane By Her Side WAV email demo submission Unsigned N/A
Gasgiant Lover Boy Mp3 download Floppy Records
O11 Music Mp3 download Unsigned N/A
Larkin Grimm Harpoon Baptism CD LP: Harpoon Secret Eye AB-OC-18
Sisterlovers Get Your Red Dress On WAV email demo submission Kerascene Music
Mank Qabalistic Geometry Mp3 download Unknown / self release
John Peel introduces Bowie The Sunday Show BBC Radio 1 1970 CD - 'Bowie at the Beeb' EMI / BBC 7243 528629 2 4
David Bowie Amsterdam CD - 'Bowie at the Beeb' - Live Peel session - BBC Radio 1 1970 EMI / BBC 7243 528629 2 4
WAV Better DrumsandBass Mp3 download Wonktronica Records
Yellow Jacket avenger Moonlighter Prizefighter Mp3 download Unknown / self release
Death by Maybe Sailors of the Infinite Sea WAV email demo submission Unsigned N/A
Ape Has Killed Ape Vista Lite CD LP: SNIDE RANTS & CHEAP GIMMICKRY Unknown / self release
Affmitive action The New Southpaw Soviet Mp3 download Unsigned N/A
Geese Clean These Lenses Mp3 download Unknown / self release N/A
Nero Monkey Song CD - EP 'A Good Smack In The Mouth' Unknown / self release    
Arms and Legs Baby Blue mp3 download Unknown / self release N/A
Mark Rosney - October 2006
Rumoured to be the secret love child of Arthur Negus, Mark spends a considerable amount of his spare time ram raiding charity shops and sticking crayons up friend's noses, the latter for which he has received an arts council grant.
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
Brian PerkinsShipping ForecastStrange Coincidences in Speciality Tea
Bobby Conn and the Glass GypsiesWe Come In PeaceThe HomelandThrill
The ME BandShaky BrainsN/ASelf ReleasedN/
Lord XTake Me BackRhizomeSelf ReleasedN/
EmeraldsTalk About LoveTalk About
386-DXSmells Like Teen SpiritN/AN/AN/
Stark EffectBunnyrabbit, Satan, Cheese & MilkMic In TrackComfort Stand
Zom ZomsDeciduous ProphetYellow RainbowBusiness Deal
Like Nothing DoJust FuckN/ADemo TrackN/
HugShit SexGod GasmBig Block
Delia Derbyshire/Brian HodgsonIntroductionJohn Peel Introduces Top
Risk RelayNever Speak Directly Into the MicrophoneLow Frequency ListenerErnest Jenning Record
Matthews/Murphy/ShorlandDiofal Yw'r AderynCeltic Airs and BalladsPast
Jegsy Dodd & the Original SinnersAll I Ever Wanted Is YouWake Up and Smell the
Inflatable Boy ClamsSkeletonInflatable Boy ClamsSubterranean
Ivor CutlerI'm
The Me BandHomemade MovieDemoN/AN/
Lemon DemonWord DisassociationDamn Skippy (2005)Self ReleasedN/
Teatime for TerroristsThe Rain SongDemo TrackN/AN/
GreensladeBedside Manners Are ExtraBedside Manners Are
The Roll DogsSorry I Peed On Your CarpetDemo TrackN/AN/
RobolintThe Bear and LemonadeDemoN/AN/
Alien Jazz PartyLove Is A WeaponDemoN/AN/
The Go TeamSoldier GirlFree Track on websiteN/AN/
MahjonggAluminiumFree Track on MySpaceN/AN/
LadytronSeventeenLight and MagicTelstar RecordsTCD
VolcanoFire FireBeautiful SeizureLeafBay 54
The Weird WeedsHoly Train WreckHold MeDigitalis
The Octopus ProjectMusic Is HappinessOne Ten Hundred Thousand MillionPeek-A-Boo RecordsBOO 1214
Death By PandaMy Sleep machineEP1Beardology
Bilge PumpArchaeological diggin'Qu'estquec'estBetley Welcomes Careful DriversN/
The Me BandLoaf Of Bread ManDemoN/AN/
Tarantula ADWho took Berlin (part 1)Book of SandKemado
Neil Jenkins - October 2006
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
Bird Table Community Drum A [signature tune to the show] CD 'Kill The Drummer/It's Hardly Rock & Roll' Self-released CD-R n/a Coming soon!
The Flesh Happening Anal Joy (fast) MP3 from website n/a n/a
Bumsnogger Being Fucked Over MP3 from website n/a n/a
Gregg Weiss Happy Man CD “Essential P”, 2005 Self-released CD-R n/a
Geese There Is Sunshine In The Shadows CD “It’s All We’ve Got Left”, 2006 Self-released CD-R n/a
Blaknoisewhitesoul Sal The Swindler Double A-side single “Pop Genius” and “Sal The Swindler”, 2005 U-Discs ( UDCD002
Mel Gimpsuit Mogwank CD “Send More Takeaways!” Self-released CD-R n/a
The Ragga Twins Juggling CD 'Reggae Owes Me Money', 1991 Shut Up & Dance SUADCD2  
The Playing Fields Simply Confused CD “EPs” Self-released CD-R n/a
LarwooD Bardot 2-track CD “Bardot/Winston Dale” Self-released CD-R n/a
Spinmaster Plantpot Came To The Mall CD-R “Spinmaster Plantpot Greatest Hits” Self-released CD-R n/a
Evangenitals The Work Song MP3 from website n/a n/a
Gorowski Spaced Rums LP “Gorowski' WM Recordings WM023
Geese God Revisited (The House Is On Fire) CD “It’s All We’ve Got Left”, 2006 Self-released CD-R n/a
The Ragga Twins The Homeless Problem CD 'Reggae Owes Me Money', 1991 Shut Up & Dance SUADCD2  
Sid Peacock Want LP “You Can’t Buy Everything Forever” WM Recordings WM030
Jorge Ben & Toquinho Carolina Carol Bela CD “Mr. Bongo Brazilian Beats 1” Mr. Bongo MRBCD015
Mel Gimpsuit Sweating Like A Fat Factory Lass CD “Send More Takeaways!” Self-released CD-R n/a
Sarah Li & The Silvers Serial Girl MP3 from the band n/a n/a
Nôse Tulip Schaps CD “How To Dance” Circus Company (of Paris) CC 004CD
cobSOn Old Lady CD-R from the band Self-released CD-R n/a
Da Rosa Cathkin Braes Compilation CD “CHEM087CD+DVD” Chemikal Underground Records CHEM087CD+DVD
Magda Staring Contest Compilation CD “min2MAX” M_nus (of Germany) MINUS40
Geese The Plane’s Gone Dad CD “My Lexus”, 2004 Self-released CD-R n/a
Masonic Boom Hung With Joy MP3 from MySpace page n/a n/a
Cartridge Fooling Around CD “Cases” Self-released CD n/a
The Ragga Twins Illegal Gunshot CD 'Reggae Owes Me Money', 1991 Shut Up & Dance SUADCD2  
Masque Mong’s Bones CD “Toppler’s Covers #2” Toppler's Records (no cat. no. stated)
Rachael Neiman - October 2006
A mystery show from Rachael ...
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
Death Sentence: Panda! Festival of Demons Myspace mp3 NotNotFun
A Smile and a Ribbon A Nice Walk in the Park The Boy I Wish I Never Met CD album Self-released
Marcus Hessenberg and the Tulips The Cable The Cable' EP Self-released
Hot Silk Pockets Late Friday Night Stolen Compilation CD compilation Stolen Recordings SR003
Jocky Venkataraman Summertime Girl My Heart's in the Humber CD album Self-released
De Agtige Oh Oh Let's Go Go Myspace mp3 Kanin Kanon
Cruiser Chimps Sweet Marmaduke Myspace mp3
Chalkdust Cheddar Would Be Better Lover of Ponies, Protector of Men CD album Self-released
Das Wanderlust Red Sauce Brown Sauce Orange Shop/Red Sauce Brown Sauce' 7" single Don't Tell Clare DTC003
The Bobby McGee's Billy & Tracey The Bobby McGee's? Yes Please!' 7" EP Cherryade Records CHY005
Scaredycat Haevn Myspace mp3 Kanin Kanon    
Picking Syllables Sculptured Testicles The Bridge CD album Self-released
The Girl From Headquarters On Reflection The Girl From Headquarters' CD EP Dulcet Thud THUD002
Swci Boscawen Popeth Swci/Popeth' CD single FF Lach CD028E
Zea New Kicks Insert Parallel Universe CD album Transformed Dreams DREAM33
The Lovely Eggs In Watermelon Sugar Myspace mp3
Yatagarasu Ah K Myspace mp3
The Seven Inches Spats, Cravats and Feather Boas GoJonnyGoGoGoGo Favourites #1 CD compilation GoJonnyGoGoGoGo GO05
Look Look (Dancing Boys) Titwank Myspace mp3 We Are Amateurs
Winston Echo Bureau de Change Myspace mp3 Undereducated
The Cat's Pajamas Sweeties Should Kill Myspace mp3
Lisa Says: shaneolinski Bin(g) Ban(g) Bon(g) Strictly Solo CD Compilation Howlback Hum HBH007
AbstraQt Sir Q A Gaime Ezt Myspace mp3
Beatnik Filmstars Romance's Final Image Barking CD Compilation The International Lo Fi Underground WOOF1
Diskoboy Middle Class Heroes Myspace mp3
Cosy Cosy Drive Drive Split 7" single with Chris TT REPEAT MMBR116
Rough Bunnies Rollercoaster Ride Myspace mp3
Syd Howells Chewing Gum Lung An Unexpected Manifestation of 'The King' Ruins An Otherwise Perfectly Lousy Day' CD EP Self-released
Bearsuit Hei Joska Hei Jokku Jesus Will Spear You Through the Heart' 7" EP Fortuna Pop FPOP44
My Favourite These Are the Happiest Days of My Life 7" single Hungry Audio YUMS2
Rocker - October 2006
A mystery show from Rocker ...
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
Hank Levine & His Orchestra Image (part 1) 7" His Master's Voice 45-POP 947  
The Early Years So far gone 7" Beggar's Banquet Records bbq398
Blake Jarrell Destin beach (original mix) 12" Release Grooves RGR016
The Nasties Daddy Shared LP Squirrel Records SQRL14
Booka Shade In white rooms Double LP 'Movements' Get Physical Music gpm006-3 // lc 13285
Lord Large featuring Dean Parrish Left right & centre 7" Acid Jazz AJX185S
The Brazen Black lips demo CDr     www.myspace,com/thebrazen
Camera Obscura Lloyd, I'm ready to be heartbroken 7" Elefant records ER-248
Rollercoaster DreamBabyDream demo CDr
Djuma Soundsystem Les djinns (Trentemoller remix) 12" Capitol Records / EMI-Medley (Denmark) DJAMAPRO 467
Culture Lion rock CD 'FABRICLIVE. 07: John Peel' Fabric Records Fabric 14
Lightnin' Hopkins Mojo hand 7" Flashback Records FLB 18  
Santa Dog Belle de jour CD Ra Ra Ra Records RACD002
Booka Shade Darko Double LP 'Movements' Get Physical Music gpm006-3 // lc 13285
Manhattan Love Suicides Crush whatever LP Squirrel records (UK) / Magic Marker Records (US) SQRL 16
The Wedding Present Silver shorts (Excerpt)        
Sunni & Shia I shot you babe Download
Downdime Hate the morning 7" Squirrel Records SQRL 15
Jim Rivers Route One 12" EQ Grey EQG12030
ILikeTrains Terra nova CDLP 'Progress-Reform' Fierce Panda nong43cd
Geese Clean these lenses demo CDr 'It's all we've got left'
Orange Blossom Cheft el khof (I've seen fear) CDLP 'Everything must change' Wrasse Records WRASS 175
The Hot Puppies Bottled ship song CDLP 'Under the crooked moon' Fierce Panda NONG42CD
Booka Shade Night falls Double LP 'Movements' Get Physical Music gpm006-3 // lc 13285
Pacific Ocean Fire Never gonna make old bones Shared 10" LP Sorted Gramophone Co. Ltd. SRLP11
The Stuck Ups My time Shared LP Squirrel Records SQRL14
Voxtrot Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives 7" Full Time Hobby FTH021S
Hank Levine & His Orchestra Image (part 1) 7" His Master's Voice 45-POP 947  
Andrew Morrison (Pilot Show) - recorded August 2005, broadcast 00:00 BST on 29th October 2006
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
Forbidden Space Isis (Dreamworld Mix) unsigned MP3 None None None
Bonemachine Coming Down CD LP 'Vent' Hackpen Records HPR006CD
Kev Hardy Enough Love CD-R LP 'Just Some Guy' None None
Malcolm Middleton Choir CD LP 'Into The Woods' Chemikal Underground CHEM076CD
I Am Jen Something CD-R EP 'Broken EP' None None
Qhixldekx Draw Your Lines (Euthanasia Remix) CD-R EP 'The Twin Moon Conspiracy' None None None
The Lazys Cherry Life unsigned MP3 None None None
Logistics Kaleidoscope 12" 'Spacejam EP' Hospital Records NHS81
Amusement Parks On Fire Yesterday's Mistakes CD promo single 'Yesterdays Mistakes/Smokescreen' None - available at iTunes None
Arab Strap Dead Air CD LP 'Acoustic Request Show' Arab Strap ASC002CD
New Order Bizarre Love Triangle (The Crystal Method's CSII Mix)' CD LP various artists 'The Crystal Method - Community Service II' Ultra Records UL 1268-2
Nu: Tone Featuring Natalie Williams Strange Encounter 12" 'Three Bags Full/Strange Encounter' Hospital Records NHS83