Andrew Morrison - April 2021
Andy celebrates the release of the first album in 16 years by his favourite band Arab Strap in his April show by featuring two of its songs. As a special treat, he also plays the exclusive demo from an accompanying 7" flexi disc limited to just 600 copies when buying the LP or CD from Monorail Music in Glasgow - possibly the first time this long-since sold out rarity has been played on the radio anywhere in the world!

Elsewhere in the two-hour show are Adwaith & Massimo Silverio, A Certain Ratio, Victories At Sea, Black Honey, His Electro Blue Voice, Andy Bell remixed by Pye Corner Audio, Laura Cantrell, HMS Morris, plus a hard to find Andy's Old Chestnut from Orbital, and loads more new and recent music.
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Brownbutter - April 2021
Spring is here and Brownbutter is fluttering through the meadow with a four hour show of 52 astonishing pieces of music assembled as one cohesive evolution from your realm to a shared one, spanning from 1954 to now, from Sudan to Belarus to Italy to Chicago, from the overactive Brownbutter mutant brain to your sweet little ears.
Some artists you might know: Jonathan Richman, Mogwai, Television Personalities, Stooges, the Germs, the Besnard Lakes.
Some you might not know: Flyying Colours, Rats on Rafts, Al Bilali Soudan, Ufer, New Fries, For Those I Love. Plus, another "I got you covered," feat. Rob Crow covering King Crimson, Tindersticks covering Neil Young, and more.
Don't be distant, get in close, please. Brownbutter is fully vaccinated and taking calls and making plans.
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David Smith - April 2021
Greetings and welcome to my first Dandelion Radio show! I've assembled a carefully curated two hour mix tape that includes several tracks from new and upcoming 2021 releases from Shame, Night Lunch (New Zealand), Carpool Tunnel, Bread Scientists, Nose Goblins, Full Flower Moon Band, Fritz, and Amparanoia.
Early in the set we hear an incredible cover song that must be heard to be believed. We have an Historical Highlight section giving a brief focus on Go-Go music, a style of music from Washington, DC. Speaking of history, we hear two great songs from the long gone Maximum Rock and Roll label, one from Poland and the other from Russia. Enjoy the show!
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Jeff and Alfie on FSK - April 2021
Jeff presents another mixed bag of surprises with an uncompromising, varied, selection of musical genres from all around the world.
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Leo Gilbert - April 2021
Four pulsating hours of music from oh-so-many countries this month, with the continent of Africa taking the lion's share.
Among April's artists are favourites such as Porridge Radio, Mogwai, Blanck Mass, Jane Weaver, The Breeders, Clark and Aldous Harding.
As ever, though, most of the artists in the show have not been played by Leo before. Conjure with names such as Low Altitude, Lossline, Olan Monk, Polyop, Subp Yao, Maxwell Sterling and (band name of the month) Hallelujah Chicken Run Band.
Leo plays tunes from 4AD's forty-year anniversary release, a Bollywood stirrer, a solo track from an ex-Butthole Surfer and a song that has Festive 50 number one written all over it.
Listen in and be exhilarated.
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Mark Cunliffe - April 2021
With Easter upon us how many Kinder Surprises can be packed into this month's show? Hopefully you won't be left feeling, at the end of the show, like there are loads a Bounty's at the bottom of the Celebrations container ...
There's more from Billy Nomates and it hasn't taken long for JJ Lacey to be showing off more of his wares. Neil Cooper from Therapy! has remixed GodNo! to very good effect.
Cobbler is back with his old mucker Luke Wright to deliver more spoken word class and there is another from Sister Wives who's star certainly seems to be rising a little.
BLOIK has made his debut on the new label 44 Ton Recordings and it is a thing of crafted beauty. Expect three, yes three tracks from the wonderful Sault too.
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Mark Cunliffe on FSK - April 2021
Prepare yourself for a rich variety of styles as Mark's show twists and turns its way along, taking us through an eclectic tour of his musical obsessions.
ArtistTitleRecordingRecord LabelCatalogue No.
MoonyMoony 7 IN 1 Dub   
Boom PanManara (feat Kutiman)   
Sam Binga & ChimpoRude AF   
Woodfield Rd AllstarsSoul Flute   
Samo DJCome Down To Earth   
Leon GardnerFarm Song   
Brentford Rd Soul Rebels feat. Dennis Alcapone30-60-90   
DroneReptar's Revenge   
Nu GuineaNuova Napoli   
Hiro IkexawaHeretics   
San SalvadorFai Sautar   
Tingle In The NetherlandsEverything's Gone To Shit   
TriptidesHand Of Time   
Yasmin WilliamsI Wonder (Song For Michael)   
The RegulatorsWhy Why Why?   
CessirBooze Up!   
The Little KillersButterfingers   
Vito LalingaUnderstand   
Stella ChiwesheChachimurenga   
Interplanetary CriminalMomofuku   
Speed StickPlants   
Katatonic SilentioPrisoner Of The Self (Stenny Remix)   
James White & The BlacksContort Yourself   
Eddie BusterChurn The Butter   
Sister DeborahBorla   
Mark Whitby - April 2021
Several Peel favourites cram their way into this month show. There's something from the new Cathal Coughlan album, something else from Arab Strap, a locked down version of a much loved tune from The Wedding Present and something from yet another of those very welcome live releases featuring The Fall.
This month's featured compilation is a cracking Soul Jazz collection of rocksteady gems; there's an opportunity to hear half of the new Blanck Mass opus, new releases from Low Altitude, Bandicoot and Fatherfigures, plus classic reissues of Faye Adams and Memphis Minnie.
And of course Peel Back... takes us back into the mists of yesteryear too, or more specifically to memories from the Peel shows of April 1981, 1991 and 2001.
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Mark Whitby on FSK - April 2021
Join Mark as he takes us through another two hours of his favourite new music, with brief glances at reissued gems from the past and a general focus on the interesting, the odd and the unfairly overlooked.
Pete Jackson - April 2021
This month there's a tonne of new tunes, not least from current favourites Bumbo's Tinto Brass Band, one of the few bands from Detoit to be named after an Italian radical filmmaker turned softcore pornographer.
There's also a bunch of new stuff from returning favourites like The Cult Of Dom Kellor, Sir Robert Orange Peel, Plankton Wat and DJINN, music old and new from Angola, Peru, Russia, Morrocco and Somalia, some great reggae and blues re-issues, and we'll meet Cool Ghouls and visit Horrid Hill.
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Rocker - April 2021
Two hours from Rocker this month, including new tracks from Girl One And The Grease Guns; Itchy Self; Summer Sleeves; Dropkick; Departure Lounge; Beau; Nuevos Hobbies; The Natvral; Cult Figures; The William Loveday Intention; Fresh; The Reds, Pinks And Purples; Power Users; The Higher State and The Catenary Wires.
There's a whole bunch of Bristol artists - new and forthcoming releases by Slagheap; The Rev Jonny Kinkaid; Grove; Arrest! Charlie Tipper and Lonely Tourist.
This month's Rocker's Shellac Attack is from 1954, and there's also electronica from Emanuel Satie & Nanghiti; Nicky Elisabeth and Ellen Allien remixed by Keith Carnal.
As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: 'Monstruoso' is indeed the Spanish word for monstrous.
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Sean Hocking - April 2021
Ring of Fire for April and another 4 hours of music for you.
The lockdown effect has really taken hold with new releases coming in from all angles from new artists and also interestingly artists we haven't heard from in a long time like DJ Muggs from Cypress Hill who kicks off the show with the opening tune from his new concept album that seems somewhat obsessed by black magic and goats! Right up our street.
London's ROC are back with a sublime song off their late 2020 release, Jah Wobble is in overdrive on his Bandcamp at the moment and we are particularly taken with his tune “Old Jewish East End of London Dub”. Gobstopper records boss Mr Mitch is back with a fab new ep and also new releases from Benefits, Canada's Whitney K and even Tony Joe White.
On the punky front we have Sydney's Sick Set with their tune TV Fucker and Slagheap out of the UK.
The debut from new hip hop outfit out of South Central LA, Paris Texas, has us hitting the play it again button every time their gem Heavy Metal coves to a close. South African house just keeps re-inventing itself at the moment with the likes of DJ Black Low & a new 12” from Indigenes.
We've found a couple of great tunes from 1971 that I'd never come across before from Cambridge Mass duo Compton & Batteau and, out of the UK, Raw Material who do a killer cover of Spirit In The Sky.
Oh and I forget to tell you about a new gospel / soul release on Fat Possum by singer Elizabeth King called Living In The Last Days.
Lots more but you'll have to listen.
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Sean Hocking on FSK - April 2021
Sean, of the Metal Postcard label, continues to bring us new and undiscovered tunes from around the globe in his monthly 'Ring of Fire' show.
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Thomas Blatchford - April 2021
Thomas genuinely has a cassette tape tattoo on the left arm, and so April's show is dedicated to Lou Ottens, the inventor of the cassette, who died last month in the Netherlands aged 94. It'll be two hours long, which is the length of a C90 and a C30 combined.
A number of artists featured this month have new tapes out, including the latest album by Opposite Sex, the Psychic Hotline anthology which is on a C60, and the new cassingle by Bitch Diesel.
You'll also hear a nod to recently departed legend U Roy, a slice of a nautical opera, a cover you'll definitely recognise by Tkay Maidza, a song about traffic cones, and new old releases from PJ Harvey, The Fall, and - having been lying in a vault since the eighties - The Magic Roundabout.
Plus recent singles and songliness from Loraine James, Rival Territory, Senyawa, Child's Pose, Drumskull, and many notable others. Turn to page 31 of your programmes ... now!
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