The Official 2007 Festive Fifty - January 2008
Your votes make up the 2007 Festive Fifty.
The show runs for 5 hours and is at various times throughout the schedule.
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
Introduction - Mark Cunliffe:
Blood Red Shoes It's Getting Boring By The Sea 7" 'It's Getting Boring By The Sea' V2 VVR5048017
Introduction - Neil Jenkins :
Ectogram Unter Rock CD album 'Fluff On A Faraway Hill' Klangbad KLANGBAD 34
Introduction - Rachael Neiman:
Hotpants Romance Blow My Fuse CD album 'It's A Heatwave' None None
Introduction - Rocker:
Black Affair Tak! Attack! 12" 'Tak! Attack!' V2 V2 VVR5049746
Introduction - Andrew Morrison:
Adam Tensta Bangin' On The System CD album 'It's A Tensta Thing' K-Werks/RMH BOR-KW015
Introduction - Dubster:
Decoration Laid Dandelion Radio Session 13 B Sides None
Introduction - Mark Whitby:
Liam Frost If Only We Could Sleep CD album 'Show Me How the Spectres Dance' Lavolta Lavolta 004P
Festive 50 Countdown (50-43) - Mark Cunliffe:
The Duloks (I'm Gonna Follow Your) Star Trail 7" '(I'm Gonna Follow Your) Star Trail' Art Goes Pop AGP08
The Manhattan Love Suicides Keep It Coming 7" 'Keep It Coming' Lost Music LMR001
The Royal We All The Rage 7" 'All The Rage' Geographic GEOG32
Panda Bear Comfy In Nautica CD album 'Person Pitch' Paw Tracks PAW014CD
The Nightingales Plenty Of Spare CD album 'What's Not To Love?' Caroline True Records CTRUE5
Of Montreal Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse CD album 'Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?' Polyvinyl Record Company PRC-124
Editors Smokers Outside The Hospital Door CD album 'An End Has A Start' Kitchenware KWCD 372
Arcade Fire Black Mirror CD album 'Neon Bible' Merge Records MRG285
Festive 50 Countdown (42-35) - Neil Jenkins:
Radiohead All I Need MP3 LP 'In Rainbows' None None
MJ Hibbett And The Validators The Lesson Of The Smiths CD album 'The Lesson Of The Smiths' Artists Against SuccessAAS056 AAS056
Pete And The Pirates Knots 7" 'Knots' Stolen Recordings SR-010
DJ Europe Christmas Bells MP3 'Christmas Bells' None None
Laura Marling My Manic And I 7" 'My Manic And !' Virgin VS1956
Pete Green Everything I Do Is Gonna Be Sparkly 7" 'Everything I Do Is Gonna Be Sparkly' Atomic Beat Records ABR001
Kubichek! Outward CD album 'Not Enough Night' 30:30 Recordings TTRLP001
Tall Pony I'm Your Boyfriend Now CD single 'I'm Your Boyfriend Now' Cherryade Records CHY010
Festive 50 Countdown (34-27) - Rachael Neiman:
The Bees Listening Man CD album 'Octopus' Virgin B000KB6DAA
Lucky Soul Lips Are Unhappy CD album 'The Great Unwanted' Ruffa Lane RUF06CD
Tinariwen Matadjem Yinmixan CD album 'Aman Iman Water Is Life' Independiente ISOM65CDX
Modest Mouse Dashboard CD album 'We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank' Columbia 88697105802
Bearsuit Steven F***ing Spielberg CD album 'Oh:Io' Fantastic Plastic FPCD020
Battles Tonto CD album 'Mirrored' Warp Records WARP CD 156
Trouserdog Apolocalypse For Gary Glitter CD-R album 'Eighties Fixation' None None
Skream Chest Boxing 12" 'Skreamizm Vol: 3' Tempa TEMPA 028
Festive 50 Countdown (26-19) - Rocker:
Bat For Lashes Horse And I CD album 'Fur & Gold' Parlophone 0999 502064 0 7
Okkervil River Our Life Is Not A Movie Or Maybe CD album 'The Stage Names' Jagjaguwar Records JAG110
Uke Stanza The Picket Line CD album 'The Very Thin Line' None None
My Device Eat Lead CD single 'Eat Lead/Slamming Doors' Shifty Disco DISCOQUICK32
Los Campesinos! You! Me! Dancing! 7" 'You! Me! Dancing!' Wichita WEBB138S
LCD Soundsystem All My Friends 12" 'All My Friends' DFA DFAEMI 2169
The Fall Fall Sounds CD album 'Reformation Post TLC' Slogan SLOCD007
The Bobby McGees When Father Died Ferrets Licked Away The Tears 7" EP 'S'Amuser Com Des Fous' Cherryade CHY012
Festive 50 Countdown (18-12) - Andrew Morrison:
Horowitz Tracyanne Dandelion Radio Session Glo-Fi Records None
The Nightingales Eleven Fingers CD album 'What's Not To Love?' Caroline True Records CTRUE5
The White Stripes Icky Thump CD album 'Icky Thump' XL Records XLCD 271
Electrelane To The East CD album 'No Shouts No Calls' Too Pure PURE201CD
The Nightingales What No Blog? CD album 'What's Not To Love?' Caroline True Records CTRUE5
Arcade Fire Intervention CD album 'Neon Bible' Mercury 1723388
Trouserdog Taxi For Tit Boy CD-R album 'Eighties Fixation' None None
Dface O'Jays Remix [background music for countdown] CD-R demo 'Good News' None None
Festive 50 Countdown (11-6) - Dubster:
Phil Lynott Yellow Pearl (7" Remix) [background music] CD album 'The Philip Lynott Album' Phonogram 8425642
The Fall Systematic Abuse CD album 'Reformation Post TLC' Slogan SLOCD007
Von Sudenfed Fledermaus Can't Get It CD abum 'Tromatic Reflexxions' Domino Records WIGCD190
Von Sudenfed The Rhinohead CD abum 'Tromatic Reflexxions' Domino Records WIGCD190
Beatnik Filmstars Inside The Mind Of Sam (Breakfast Serial Killer) CD album 'Shenaniganism' International Lo Fi Underground WOOF4
The Fall Reformation CD album 'Reformation Post TLC' Slogan SLOCD007
Phil Lynott Yellow Pearl (7" Remix) [background music for countdown] CD album 'The Philip Lynott Album' Phonogram 8425642
Beatnik Filmstars Life In The Country AKA This Civil War CD album 'Cat Scan Aces' Panda Records CD17
Festive 50 Countdown (5-1) - Mark Whitby:
Paul Rooney Lucy Over Lancashire 12" 'Lucy Over Lancashire' SueMi SueMi15
Beatnik Filmstars Curious Role Model CD album 'Cat Scan Aces' Panda Records CD17
Bearsuit Foxy Boxer CD album 'Oh:Io' Fantastic Plastic FPCD020
Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip Thou Shalt Always Kill 7" 'Thou Shalt Always Kill' Lex LEX 054
Battles Atlas CD album 'Mirrored' Warp Records WARP CD 156
Andrew Morrison - January 2008
Join Andy for his "2007 Recap" this month, as he plays his favourite tracks from the last twelve months. Many of these are recordings made especially for Dandelion Radio - such as session tracks from Autons, The Bobby McGees, Forest Giants, Decoration, Epic45 and The Pony Collaboration, and live recordings from Seagull Strange, My Device, Samuraj Cities, Paperlung, Hush The Many, King Of Spain and The Race.
Teresa picks her favourite two tracks of 2007 as her Tasty Tips, and Scott selects what is possibly the most inappropriate track ever played on Dandelion Radio as his Funky Five Minutes for the month. Listen in to find out how he justifies his choice!
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
Lonely Ghosts Predictions For The New Year CD-R promo 'OIB Split Series Volume One' OIB Records None
Samuraj Cities Not Another Runner Live at the London Koko 27-3-07 Imperial Recordings None
Underworld Boy, Boy, Boy CD LP 'Oblivion With Bells Different/Play It Again Sam UWR-00017-3
The Bobby McGee's Albert Camus/Audrey Tautou Dandelion Radio Session Cherryade Records None
Whole Sky Monitor Harehills Chapeltown Promo CD single 'Harehills Chapeltown' Firebomb Records FR10CD
Paperlung Same Mistake Live at the London Luminaire 26-1-07 Shifty Disco None
Radiohead All I Need [Teresa's Tasty Tip] MP3 LP 'In Rainbows' None None
Bloc Party I Still Remember [Teresa's Tasty Tip] CD album 'A Weekend In The City' Wichita Recordings WEBB120CD
King Of Spain Flying Machine Live at Cargo, London 6-2-07 None None
Autons Weekend Dandelion Radio Session None None
Eliza Queen Of Solitude CD album 'Empire Fall' Lavaland Records LL001 IMPCD004
The Race Comfort, Comfort Live at the London Luminaire 26-1-07 Shifty Disco None
Malcolm Middleton Beep Beep, I Love You 7" 'Beep Beep, I Love You' Full Time Hobby FTH034S
Forest Giants Do You Have The Energy? Dandelion Radio Session The International Lo-Fi Underground None
Beangrowers Waiting CD album 'Dance Dance Baby' Series 8 Records SER 003 CD
Seagull Strange Missing The Point Live at the London Luminaire 26-1-07 Shifty Disco None
Pet Shop Boys Integral (PSB Perfect Immaculate Mix) Promo CD single 'Integral' Parlophone 50999 506033 2 9. INTEGRAL 001
Epic45 Lost In Failing Light Dandelion Radio Session Make Mine Music None
Hush The Many Song Of A Page Live at the Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms 18-4-07 Label Fandango None
Whitesnake Here I Go Again [Scott's Funky Five Minutes] CD album '1987" EMI CDEMS1531
My Device Eat Lead Live at the London Luminaire 26-1-07 Shifty Disco None
MPTP Jim Morrison (Zeigeist / Per Störby Remix) 7" 'Jim Morrison' Spegel SPEGEL1
The Pony Collaboration Let Go Dandelion Radio Session Series 8 Records None
Decoration Good Health Dandelion Radio Session 13 B Sides None
Electronicshire - January 2008
A new and occasional 1 hour show of electronic noise, beats and ambiance by Steve from Radiodubster.
On this show, he'll introduce you to the bizarre world of Cassette Boy; unleash the nightmarish soundscapes by Tristram Cary; but will also try to sooth your ears with the 3 Theremin noise combo that is The Lothars.
Others will be lurking too, so why not tune in for an hour and all will be revealed...
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
The Lothars Dust Mah Space Broom Meet The Lothars Camera Obscura CAMO18 CD
Cassette Boy The Parker Tapes The Parker Tapes N/A N/A  
Windy & Carl & The Lothars Ballast Windy & Carl & The Lothars Wobbly TOTTER005
Tim Hecker Whitecaps Of White Noise Harmony In Ultraviolet Kranky KRANK 102
Cassette Boy Fist Up Mother Brown The Parker Tapes N/A N/A  
Philip Jeck Lambing Stoke Touch TO:56
Cassette Boy Bring Back Cloaks The Parker Tapes N/A N/A  
The Mofos Don't Rock Me DEMO Unsigned N/A
Tristram Cary Electronic music 5 The Hammer Quatermass Film Music Collection GDI Records GDICD008
Cassette Boy Your Love is Like Benyln The Parker Tapes N/A N/A  
The Lothars Metallic Sonata no. 1 Oscillate My Metallic Sonatas Wobbly TOTTER004
Birchville Cat Motel Lux Siberian Earth Curve Drunken Fish Records dfr-43  
Cassette Boy The Meat Section The Parker Tapes N/A N/A  
Piano Magic For Engineers A Piano Magic - For Engineers Wurlitzer Jukebox WJ26  
Mark Cunliffe - January 2008
Well, all the festivities are over. You didn't need a white Christmas because the jumper your Auntie Ethel gave you caused the equivalent of snow blindness...a traditional Christmas..
So what has January 2008 got in store for you here..well..2007 actually.. We're having a look back at the tunes that, for me, really made the year musically great.
Expect ...
a refix of a Bob Marley number (it broke down on Clapham Junction*), frenetic drum & bass not once but TWICE, gentle
folk to sooth your now bleeding ears, a VERY CONTROVERSIAL selection by an artist that has sold over 20 MILLION records
in their career. A hardening of style for the artist concerned and a top five tune for me. It might lead my fellow Dandelion DJ's to put me in the stocks and throw Rene & Renata CD's my way! :-)
we have an older adult STEALING CHICKENS on the show ... it wouldn't have happened in my day y'know
we get VERY grimey, I'm talking a toddler at a chocolate fountain ... yes, THAT GRIMEY!, there's some dubstep
(no...REALLY!), incredible desert blues
GRINDCORE!!!!, techno with a twist
a nice bitta indie, thought provoking reggae
some Latin vibes from Central America
Bhangra ... YES!!!!!
and some sampling sensations..(no, I'm not interviewing a group of wine tasters)
36 of the best (I'm not talking about my punishment for playing THAT controversial track!) but 36 of the best tunes of 2007 as chosen by the boy Cunliffe

*distributor cap problem
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
Asian Dub Foundation Target Practice CD LP 'Time Freeze 1995/2007: The Best Of Asian Dub Foundation' Virgin France 94638851301
Matty G War White Label 12" None WAR 001
June Tabor The Dancing Download From MP3 LP 'Apples' Topic Records None
Sarantis Feat. Warrior Queen Retaliate 12" EP 'More Than Money EP' Senseless Records Senseless002R
Franki Valli and The Four Seasons Beggin (Pilooski Edit) S/Sided White Label 12" 679 Recordings SAM 01251
JacoBeat Last 2 Nites MP3 None None
Gregor Salto & Chuckie Done That (ft. Doctor) 12" EP 'Toys Are Nuts! EP' G-Rex Music GREX 014
Dcs O Jaan Meri Ya 2 CD LP 'Desi Culture Shock' Kamlee Records Ltd KL CD 1087
Skepta Doin’ It Again Download From WMA LP 'Greatest Hits' Boy Better Know None
Mouth Flesh In My Grip Demo CD-R LP 'Drown' None None
Asbo Asbo 1 S/Sided White Label 12" None Asbo 001 none
Shaggy Church Heathen 7" Big Yard Music Group Ltd BYJ-7090
Shackleton ft. Jackson Del Ray Next To Nothing 12" Crosstown Rebels CRM 040
Tinariwen Matadjem Yinmexan CD LP 'Aman Iman: Water Is Life' Independiente ISOM 65CD
Éamonn Coyne & Kris Drever House Jigs Download From MP3 LP 'Honk Toot Suite' Compass Records None
The Bug Feat. Killa P + Flow Dan Skeng 12" Single Hyperdub HDB06
Neil McSweeney Postcards 7" Kids KIDS015
Ladyscraper 100 Year Old Chicken Thief Download From MP3 LP 'The Death Of Mary Poppins' Cock Rock Disco None
Skream Chest Boxing 2x12" 'Skreamizm Vol 3" Tempa Records TEMPA 028
Wiley No Qualms Download From MP3 LP 'Playtime Is Over' Big Dada None
Queen Ifrica Mi Na Rub Split 7" Down Sound Records SDG 003
Aaron Spectre Say More Fire 12" Rag & Bone TOTTER 016
Fuzzyhead Bang Bang MP3 Download None None
Kush Arora Seed Haffi Grow Download From MP3 LP 'From Brookyln To SF' Kush Arora Productions None
The Broken Family Band Don't Change Your Mind CD LP 'Hello Love' Track & Field Organisation HEAT 48
Durrty Goodz Boi Bem CD LP 'Axiom' Awkward AXIOM 01
Son De Madera Los Juiles Download From MP3 LP 'Café Moondo' Moondo Records None
Cazzurillo Leaves Of Leaves Demo CD LP 'Maialkoki' None None
Broken Note The Fury Download From MP3 Single 'The Fury' None None
Eugene Francis Jnr Poor Me 7" Single Legion Presents Legion001
YT Runnin’ Wild 7" Single Rebel Cuts RCut 0002
Tru-Skool Chad Khairra Baanieh Dha CD LP 'Raw As Folk' Bazaar Records BAZ1001
Rory McVicar Not The Time MP3 Single 'Now That You're Mine' Series 8 Records None
Kobo Town Abatina Download From MP3 LP 'Independence' Unknown None
Burial Archangel Vinyl LP 'Untrue' Hyperdub HDBLP02
D-Code & Chan1 The Rebirth White Label 12" Shiva Soundsystem SSR 002
Skream Rutten Vinyl LP 'Skream!' Tempa Records Tempa LP 008
Pete Jackson - January 2008
This is Pete's first show. He'll be spinning some tunes from the past and the future... expect noise, beats, fear, hypocrisy, culture, Mark E Smith and some honky-tonk piano.
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
Von Sudenfed Rhinohead 12" single Domino RUG264T
Good Shoes Smalltown Gril 7" single Brille BRILS26S
The Damned Sick of Being Sick 12" single Peel Session Strange Fruit SFPS002
Lovecraft Mudman's Brunchday Unreleased None none
The Whip Sister Siam (Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya remix) 7" single Southern Fried ECB131S
Thirteenth Floor Elevators You're Gonna Miss Me CD LP 'The Psychedelic Sound of ...' Charley Records SNAP225CD
Drumsound and Bassline Smith Go 12" single b-side Bingo Beats BINGO67
My Bloody Valentine You Made Me Realise 12" single Creation CRE055(T)
Culture Two Seven's Clash CD album ''Social Classics Volume 2 - Dread Meets Punk Rockers Uptown' Heavenly HVNLP33CD n/a
The Go! Team Flashlight Fight Vinyl LP 'Proof of Youth' Memphis Industries mi0991lp
DJ Shadow 6 Days - Soulwax Remix CD LP 'Soulwax - Most of the remixes...' Parlaphone B000WFFCTC
Foals Hummer Vinyl LP 'Kitsune Maison Vol. 4" Kitsune DLP008
The Wedding Present Hopak CD LP 'Complete John Peel Sessions' Castle CMXBX1447
New Young Pony Club The Bomb 7" single Modular NYPC7002
The Fall Blindness - Alternate Version MP3 download Slogan records none
Rachael Neiman - January 2008
In January's 'Rachael Neiman Experience' we kick off what will hopefully be a fabulous year of shows in fine style as we're joined in the studio at Cherryade Towers by the lovely Ste Mccabe to talk about his forthcoming debut ep to be released on Cherryade in February and to choose some brilliant records by fab feminist and queer positive artists including Jean Genet, Super Casio, Hug Party, Salty Lips, Minty and Partyline.
We also play some bands who we believe are going to be unstoppable in 2008 such as The Lovely Eggs and Hotpants Romance and some fab new records from the likes of The Brownies, Club 8 and many more, plus Ste and Rachael pick a golden oldie from the legendary Shampoo to end the show (Adam denies all responsibility for this choice!)
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
Hotpants Romance Stop Escaping It's a Heatwave CD album Big Print ETC3
The Lovely Eggs I Like Birds but I Like Other Animals Too Demo CD
Jean Genet Shit Job Demo CD
Manic Cough Eggs & Chips 7" single Purr PURR020
Manhattan Love Suicides Things You've Never Done The Manhattan Love Suicides CD album Magic Marker MMR038
Supercasio Rock the Poundshop Demo CD
Bearsuit Foxy Boxer 7" single Fantastic Plastic
Club 8 Heaven 7" single Fortuna Pop!
Hooker It's True mp3
Fight Like Apes Jake Summers 7" single Cool for Cats
Ste McCabe Hyton Scum mp3
Vile Vile Creatures And Yr Grandma Too Demo CD
The Kabeedies Petits Filous Woman? CD EP Cherryade
Town Bike Dougie When Good Kids Go Bad 7" EP Keith Records KEITH007
Salty Lips Whitney Houston mp3
MJ Hibbett and the Validators A Million Ukeleles A Million Ukeleles CD album Artists Against Success AAS057
Minty Useless Man Open Wide CD album Candy Records    
The Brownies Means To An End 7" single NR One
Joey Hateley The Queer Eminem mp3
The Bobby McGee's Kafkaesque / Kafkan S'Amuser Com Des Fous 7" EP Cherryade CHY012
Valerie Big Bad Billy C Disco Punk Resistance 7" EP
The Left Outsides Fallen by the Wayside The Left Outsides CD album
The Bobbed Haired Bandits Stephen Fry mp3
Shrag Pregnancy Scene 7" single Where It's At Is Where You Are WIAIWYA30
Partyline Trophey Wifey Zombie Terrorist CD album Retard Disco RET011
Shampoo Trouble We Are Shampoo CD album Parlophone
Rocker - January 2008
Starting the year with a bang! This month's three-hour show is as usual packed with new tracks from the likes of Skylark; Easy Star All-Stars; The Cubical; Soda Fountain Rag; Skream; The Manhattan Love Suicides; Burial; Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip; Vancougar; Small Crew; Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences; Cranium Pie; and Afternoon Naps.
There's a classic track from Ike Turner, who sadly died last month, plus the 1960s meets the 1790s when Gerard Langley of The Blue Aeroplanes reads William Blake over David Axelrod, from the latest CD in the "Lit" series.
There's also the second half of The Wedding Present set recorded live last October on their George Best 20th anniversary tour.
In addition to little known acts, here is this month's little known fact: The fear of the number 666 is known as hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia.
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
Hank Levine & His Orchestra Image (part 2) 7" His Master's Voice 45-POP 947  
Paul Hawkins & the Awkward Silences Don't blind me with science MySpace download
Butch Cassidy Sound System Bear in the den 7" Red Hook RH011
Emmy The Great MIA 7" - 'My Bad' Close Harbour Records CH01
Skylark Look no hands CDLP - 'I-panik' Saved Records
Sky Larkin Summit Comp CD - 'Something I learned today' DanceToTheRadio DTTR028
Kevin Two Sheds Prozac viagra & cappucinno MySpace download
Patrik Fitzgerald Safety pin stuck in my heart 7" Small Wonder SMALL4
The Upsetters Key Card 7" DL International DL 5073  
Venetian Snares Integraation Double Vinyl LP - 'My downfall (original soundtrack)' Planet Mu Records ZIQ199
The Blue Aeroplanes (I'm) Stranded CDLP - 'Harvester' Harvest CDSHSP 4133 SE
The Saints River deep mountain high 7" - '1,2,3,4 EP' Harvest
Ike Turner & the Kings of Rhythm Rocket 88        
Gerard Langley & David Axelrod A divine image CDLP - 'Lit vol. 4 - William Blake's songs of experience' Art Star GL04
Mary Weiss Good taste tip Comp CDLP - 'The Shangri-Las - Myrmidons of Melodrama' RPM Records RPM 136
Vancougar Distance Promo CD - 'Do the mint twist' Mint Records MRD-112
The Icicles Gedge's song CDLP - 'Arrivals and departures' Microindie Records microcd10
The Wedding Present Shatner Recorded live for Dandelion Radio
The Wedding Present Something and nothing Recorded live for Dandelion Radio
The Wedding Present It's what you want that matters Recorded live for Dandelion Radio
The Wedding Present Give my love to Kevin Recorded live for Dandelion Radio
The Wedding Present Anyone can make a mistake Recorded live for Dandelion Radio
The Wedding Present You can't moan, can you Recorded live for Dandelion Radio
The Wedding Present Perfect Blue Recorded live for Dandelion Radio
The Wedding Present Kennedy Recorded live for Dandelion Radio
The Wedding Present Flying saucer Recorded live for Dandelion Radio
Skream Sublemonal Triple Vinyl LP - 'Box of dub 2 - Dubstep and future dub' Soul Jazz Records SJR LP172
Vanilla Ride A boring day in Oslo Promo CDr
Soda Fountain Rag The fall MySpace download
Easy Star All*stars Dub is what you get (Mad Professor / Joe Ariwa mix) Double Vinyl LP - 'Radiodread' Easy Star ES-1014V
Scout Niblett Uptown top ranking 7" Too Pure PURE 155S
The Manhattan Love Suicides Last stand mini-CD Single Cloudberry Cloudberry 062
Carolina Buddies The murder of the Lawson family 3CD set - 'People take warning! - Murder ballads & disaster songs, 1913 - 1938' Tompkins Square TSQ1875
Burial Raver LP - 'Untrue' Hyperdub HDBLP002
The Cunts No surprise MySpace download
Thrushes Into the woods CDLP - 'Sun come undone' Birdnote BN1001-A
Cranium Pie The man with the open head MySpace download
Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip Letter from god to man MySpace download
PJ Harvey The mountain LP - 'White chalk' Island 1740335 - LC 00407
Hybrid Finished symphony (Deadmau5 remix) Download EP - 'Hybrid Re_Mixed' Distinctive Records
The Cubical Everything you touch CDLP - 'Poor man's disease' Record Collection
Subway Sect Stool pigeon CDLP - '1978 now' Overground OVER 118VP CD
Puerto Muerto Dance 2CDLP - 'Heaven & dirt (Requiem 1 & 2 for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre)' Fire Records 809236110923
Konono No 1 Kuke kele CDLP - 'Congotronics' Crammed Discs Crw27 CD
Afternoon Naps The end is near CDLP - 'Sunbeamed'
Small crew Getting up Promo CD
Santa Dog Big bang 7" Sounds Experience SXP003
Alan Haven Image 7" Fontana TF 542