Andrew Morrison - April 2007
Andy's April show features not one, but two exclusives for Dandelion Radio... The first is a session from Forest Giants featuring five brand new recordings, four of which are unreleased songs. The second exciting exclusive is a live recording of Samuraj Cities at London's Koko - recorded in March when they supported I'm From Barcelona in Camden.
Andy also reappraises the career of The Frank & Walters in his occasional "Now, Then and... Somewhere In-Between" feature, plays a classic pre-rave tune in "Andy's Old Chestnut", and includes the usual mix of new and unsigned acts you've come to expect each month. You'll also hear for four tracks from Andy's featured label Series 8 Records.
All in all, much to keep you occupied and entertained during those inevitable April showers..! Enjoy.
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
Beangrowers I Like You CD album 'Dance Dance Baby' Series 8 Records SER 003 CD
Malcolm Middleton We're All Going To Die CD album 'A Brighter Beat' Full Time Hobby FTH033CD
Autons Devil In Me CD-R album 'Short Term Manifesto' None None
Forest Giants Billy Boy Dandelion Radio Session The International Lo-Fi Underground None
Helene No Choice Promo CD single 'Apostille' Series 8 Records S 007 CDP
My Device Eat Lead CD single 'Eat Lead/Slamming Doors' Shifty Disco DISCOQUICK32
Umeed It Came Up Gently CD album 'Hustle And Bustle' SNV UMEED01CD None
Forest Giants Let You Know Dandelion Radio Session The International Lo-Fi Underground None
The Frank And Walters Fight CD album 'A Renewed Interest In Happiness' Fifa Records FICD003
The Frank And Walters Angela Cray (Live) 7" flexi-disc 'Lawrence Olivier/Angela Cray (Live)' - given away free at the London Astoria 9/10/1992 Unknown Hou Ha 4
The Frank And Walters Indian Ocean CD single 'Indian Ocean' Go! Discs HOO CD6 850 639-2
Fußgängerzone I Love My Frank & Walters Love Sleeve T-Shirt (Live) Free mp3 download Frostbyte Records None
Forest Giants Leave Dandelion Radio Session The International Lo-Fi Underground None
Samuraj Cities Not Another Runner Live at the London Koko 27-3-07 Imperial Recordings None
Samuraj Cities My Modest Ones Live at the London Koko 27-3-07 Imperial Recordings None
Samuraj Cities So Sorry, So Sorry, So Sorry Live at the London Koko 27-3-07 Imperial Recordings None
Samuraj Cities Ugly Kids Are Alright Live at the London Koko 27-3-07 Imperial Recordings None
Samuraj Cities Thxa1000000 Live at the London Koko 27-3-07 Imperial Recordings None
Samuraj Cities All Along The Shoreline Live at the London Koko 27-3-07 Imperial Recordings None
Recreation You Saw CD-R EP 'Now Or Never' None None
Forest Giants Do You Have The Energy? Dandelion Radio Session The International Lo-Fi Underground None
The Pony Collaboration Giving Up The Ghost Series 8 Records CD-R sampler Series 8 Records None
Bonemachine Red Light Receiving (Single Version) Promo CD-R single 'Red Light Receiving' Hackpen None
LFO LFO (The Leeds Warehouse Mix) 12" 'LFO' Warp WAP 5
Beangrowers Star In Monaco CD album 'Dance Dance Baby' Series 8 Records SER 003 CD
Forest Giants Planes Fly Overhead Dandelion Radio Session The International Lo-Fi Underground None
Dubster - April 2007
Radiodubster leaps into spring like a new born lamb, eager to suckle on the food of love,, that's music by the way not sheep's milk.
The new season brings forth budding trees, blossoming flowers and great songs from the likes of Salon Boris, Gravy, Sans Trauma and our two featured artists this month Love of Diagrams and the Transisters.
Yes, everything is looking rosy in Radiodubster gardens, nurtured with a spadeful of the usual manure from the mouths of Steve and Brian!
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
Signal Electrique Groove In Ze Garage Album – Treat me Bad Expression EXPR 088EP
Cadence Weapon Black Hand Album – Breaking Kayfabe Upper Class Recordings UC010CD
Radio Luxembourg Eli Haul EP – A Day With The Animals PESKI N / A
Love Of Diagrams No Way Out MP3 Download Matador records N / A
The Transisters Walking on a Black Hole DEMO Unsigned N / A
Stuart James City on a Roll MP3 Download Unsigned N / A
Beatnik Filmstars Hipshakers & Acrobats Album – In Great Shape 555 Recordings N / A
Gravy Back With the Nerds Album – Glory to our Brilliant name Pony Rec Promo
King Creosote & Laura Hird Whee and When? Album – Ballads Of the Book Chemikal Underground CHEM098CD
Salon Boris Son Of Boris Album – I Am The Drug Udiscs UDCDA001
Sans Trauma Stare at the floor DEMO Unsigned N / A
Halph Weight Album – Ode to You Pony Rec Promo
Stereo Total Partir du Mourir Album – Total Pop - Compilation/Best of Cherry Red UK ANALOG 005CD
Dean & Britta Words You Used To Say Album – Back Numbers Zoe Records CDZOE1105
The Cherrystones Get It Album – Word Poptones MC5118CD
Love Of Diagrams Pace Or The Patience Album – Love Of Diagrams EP Matador records ole-736
Johnny Clarke & the Aggravators A Ruffer Version Album – Jonny Greenwood is the Controler Label – Trojan Cat no – TJCCD345
Joan as Policewoman Save Me Album – Real Life Reveal Reveal10
Adam Struth Hard To Pray DEMO Unsigned N / A
The Transistors Everything Will Be Alright DEMO Unsigned N / A
My Tiny Robots Haircut Song Album – Deploy EP   N / A
Pole Achterbahn Album – Steingarten Scape scape44
The Movies Creation Lake iTUNEs Download - In One Era Out The Other Houston Party N / A
Joakim I Wish You were Gone Album – Monsters and Silly Songs K7 records
David Vandervelde Jacket Album – The Moonstation House Band Secretly Canadian SC156CD
Bobby Conn I’m Through With My Ego Album – King For a Day Label – Thrill Jockey Records thrill177
Tantrum Liftoff Album – Advice to Users Floppy Records N / A
The Hiders White Hat Blues Album – 2006 DEMO N/A N / A
Good Shoes Never Meant To Hurt You Album – Think Before you Speak Brille BRILCD108
Les Georges Leningrad Skulls In the Closet Album – Sangue Puro Dare to Care records N/A
Does it Offend You Yeah? Battle royal PROMO EMI N/A
Mark Rosney - April 2007
In this flu-ridden* edition of my continuing mission to seek out and play music from strange new worlds, things have gone a bit knob-twiddlingly electronic.
My featured artists this month are the very talented UK electro-pop band Trademark. I'll be giving you a sneak preview of a few tracks from their forthcoming album 'Raise the Stakes', as well as airing a few classic songs from their previous releases.
I'll also be playing a wide selection of new electronic music from around the world, ranging from chip music to electro-thrash, with a side order of teeth Jarring electro-freneticy from Scotland.
But it's not all electronic, oh no ...... rest assured that all the above will be lightly peppered with high strangeness and lashings of the old ultra-noise.
There's also a bunch of classic tracks from Deerhoof, William D Drake and Frog Pocket, and finally, something new and beautiful from France.
So, take a Lemsip, wedge a Vicks Sinex up your nose and join me for two hours of music, mayhem and mucus*.
*For obvious reasons, non of the bands featured in this months show are from 'Dottingham'.
Neil Jenkins - April 2007
In his April show, Neil features the work of Veil Cassini, the never-released LP by Peel favourites First Offence and the recent compilation offering from Fire Records, and all this whilst trying to prevent the cat from jumping out of the window. There's also time to delve into the musical past of one of the Dandelion Radio DJs, to play something from the recently released and much awaited LP by The Fall, and to grumble about CD decks. Yes, it's all there. Red wine optional, but highly recommended.
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
Bird Table Community Excerpt from 'Drum A' Self-Released double EP 'Kill The Drummer'/'It's Hardly Rock 'N' Roll' n/a n/a n/a
The Fall Reformation CD 'Post-TLC Reformation', 2007 Sanctuary Records SLOCD007
Gusto Extermination Fluid Scurvysh Self-released CD 'Gusto Extermination Fluid' n/a n/a
Gerry Mitchell & Little Sparta Skyscraper Housebound CD 'Children Are Fascinated By Fire', 2006 Fire Records (No Cat. No.)
Prince Far I Yes Joshua CD 'Silver & Gold 1973-197, 2005 Blood & Fire Records BAFCD049 n/a
Junior Magnets Yesterday's News MP3 from MySpace n/a n/a
First Offence Just Try Me Unreleased CD 'Flowery Twats', 1990 n/a n/a n/a
Veil Cassini Fun Is Fun Self-released CD 'Veil Cassini', 2005 n/a n/a
Paul Kalkbrenner Gis 2000 (Modeselektor Remix) 12-inch 'Reworks', 2006 BPitch Control BPC 139
Dave Cloud & Gospel Of Power I'll Run The Jack On You CD 'Children Are Fascinated By Fire', 2006 Fire Records (No Cat. No.)
First Offence Manifesto For Power Unreleased CD 'Flowery Twats', 1990 n/a n/a n/a
James Cutmore It's Not Easy To Be Perfect Self-released CD 'Let's Samba', 2006 n/a n/a n/a
The Remake The Colour Of The Future Promo copy Shifty Disco Records n/a
Bendy Toy Fantastic Chicken CD EP 'Fantastic Chicken', 2001 Starshaped Records STARS003
Benjy Ferree Dogkillers CD 'Leaving The Nest', 2007 Domino Records WIGCD187P
Jessica Bailiff When The Shy Star Goes Forth CD 'Children Are Fascinated By Fire', 2006 Fire Records (No Cat. No.)
Veil Cassini Inkling Self-released CD 'Veil Cassini', 2005 n/a n/a
Bass'Flo Destination MP3 from the artist n/a n/a
First Offence Drugs Unreleased CD 'Flowery Twats', 1990 n/a n/a n/a
Markus Guentner All The Time (Renato Figoli Remix) CD 'Lovely Society', 2006 Ware Records WARECD15
Sir William Hills Wonderful CD 'Cheer', 2006 Bad Dog Records
The Eternals Space Dancehall CD 'Afro-Punk Compilation Volume 1', 2004 Aesthetic Records
Puerto Muerto Hangman's Song CD 'Children Are Fascinated By Fire', 2006 Fire Records (No Cat. No.)
First Offence Brotherhood Unreleased CD 'Flowery Twats', 1990 n/a n/a n/a
Veil Cassini Papaya Self-released CD 'Veil Cassini', 2005 n/a n/a
The Sleeping Years Islands MP3 from MySpace n/a n/a
Mstrkrft Paris CD 'The Looks', 2006 Play It Again Sam Records DIFB 1065 CDX
Rachael Neiman - April 2007
In this month's grrrl inspired show we talk about the upcoming Leeds Ladyfest and play tracks from Just a few of the bands playing there, Shrag, Sky Larkin, Drunk Granny, The Raincoats and Duloks.
Elsewhere, we have more top quality riot grrrl from Harlette, Valerie, Die All Bears and Labasheeda, fabulous pop from the peerless Das Wanderlust, 'And What Will Be Left Of Them?' and Helen's Evil Twin, a track from the superb new Loves album, the wonderful new single from the ubiquitous Los Campesinos!, a track from the wonderful new poptastic album by Lardpony, an exclusive first play of a track from the forthcoming new Steveless album, pretty pop from Sweden's A Smile and A Ribbon, Airport Girl, The Sweethearts and Sodastream, exciting art pop from Woman, Icelandic electro pop from Eberg, the sensational sounds of Brainlove Records' Junk Planet, a track from the excellent Broken Family Band, preposterous rock from Scaramanga 6 and antifolk gems from The Bobby McGee's and Filthy Pedro.
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
Harlette Operation: Close Your Legs, Love Harlette' CD EP Freedom Road Records
The Loves Honey Technicolour CD album Fortuna Pop! FPOP67
Los Campesinos! We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives 7" single Wichita
Steveless Steveless is a Bad Friend Mistakes In All the Right Places CD album Cherryade Records
Sky Larkin One of Two 7" single Dance to the Radio DTTR023
Lardpony TV Song The Greatest Invention Ever CD album Cowboy Democracy
The Bobby McGee's Horseriding Demo CD
Shrag Intelligent Theft Myspace mp3 Where It's At Is Where You Are
The Raincoats Lola mp3
Drunk Granny Tuna Vegan Myspace mp3
Duloks Star Trail Myspace mp3
The Wot Nots Adamski 2007 Vincent Price's Alsation Ate My Wotnot' CD EP     www.myspace.thewotnots
Tiger MCs The Drowning of Governess Alpha We Go Out CD album Cherryade Records CHY009
Das Wanderlust Sherlock Holmes is Better than You Das Wanderlust' CD EP Don't Tell Clare
A Smile and a Ribbon A Nice Walk in the Park The Boy I Wish I Never Met CD album
Helen's Evil Twin Stop Talking Helen's Evil Twin' CD EP
Airport Girl Ode to the City Slow Light CD album Fortuna Pop! FPOP069
Woog Riots Queen of Pop Strangelove TV CD album
Broken Family Band Diamonds in the Mine Balls CD album Track & Field HEAT41
The Sweethearts Illusions Myspace mp3      
Die All Bears Haircut Myspace mp3      
Sodastream Blinky Microindie sampler compilation CD Microindie
Woman Blood Orange Silver Wolf Dog CD EP Sea Records C1797  
Junk Planet The Apes of Now Not If This Was the Last Planet on Earth CD album Brainlove
The Scaramanga Six Baggage The Dance of Death CD album Wrath WRATHCD44
Labasheeda 99% Woman Charity Box CD album
Valerie Disco Punk Resistance Disco Punk Resistance' 7" EP
The Filthy Pedro Rock 'n' Roll Points Rock 'n' Roll Points' CD EP
…And What Will Be Left Of Them? Wet Weekend in July CD single The Little Hellfire Club HELLFIRE002
Eberg I'm Moving To Wales Voff Voff CD album
Rocker - April 2007
Rocker's Dandelion Radio show for April 2007: Yet again I've had so much good music come in during the last month that April's show is another 3-hour epic - it features the usual diverse mix of musical genres - from grime, drum'n'bass and "ambient classical hiphop", to the new Fall LP - as well as tracks from new releases and demos by artists such as The Despondents, Smokers Die Younger; Mr Gone; Butcher Boy; Chambre Bruit; and The Loves. This month's Peel's big 45 is a classic from Big Stick and there are new remixes of Ellen Allien & Apparat's "Jet", as well as a handful of tracks from this month's featured LP - the double vinyl "Chromophobia" by Gui Boratto, on Kompakt.
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
Hank Levine & His Orchestra Image (part 2) 7" His Master's Voice 45-POP 947  
The Fall Systematic Abuse CDLP - 'Reformation Post TLC' Slogan Records SLOCD007
Ellen Allien & Apparat Jet (Paul Kalkbrenner remix) Clear Vinyl 12" - 'Jet Remixes' BPitch Control BPC135
Piskie Sits Lotta bad things! CDLP - 'The secret sickliness' Wrath Records WRATHCD43
Gui Boratto the blessing Double Vinyl LP - 'Chromophobia' Kompakt KOMPAKT152
Manhattan Love Suicides You'll never get that guy 7" EP Magic Marker MMR-xxx
The Despondents Ain't got much MySpace Demo
Mr Ronz Yasa CDLP - 'A war of nerves' Skipping Beats SKBCD002
Mr Gone Do for love (Radio Slave remix) 12" Rebirth REB002
Christine Morrison Content Warning (Rocker)        
The Slits Number One Enemy 7" - 'Revenge of the killer slits EP' Only Lovers Left Alive OLLA0005
The Slits Man next door 12" Y / Rough Trade Y4 / RT044
Dennis Brown Man next door Double Vinyl LP - 'The promised land' Blood & Fire SVLP386
Gui Boratto mr. decay Double Vinyl LP - 'Chromophobia' Kompakt KOMPAKT152
Butcher Boy Keep your powder dry CDLP - 'Profit in your poetry' How Does It Feel to be loved? HDIF002
Hatcha & Benga 10 tons heavy 12" Planet Mu Records ZIQ164
Puerto Muerto Goodbye CD - 'Songs of Muerto County' Fire FIRECD101
Puerto Muerto Chapayev's machine gunners CD - 'See you in hell' Fire FIRECD87
The Big Stick Band Drag racing 7" Recess Records 008-A 23146
Trentemoller Moan Double Vinyl LP - 'The last Resort' Poker Flat PFRLP18
Ted Chippington Content warning (Rocker)        
Smokers Die Younger It's coming straight for us CDLP - 'X wants the meat' Sheffield Phonographic Corporation SPCDET001
Hello How Are You? Mad Rabbits CDLP - 'Why I Oughta…' Robot Rabbit Recordings
Monkey Swalllows The Universe You yesterday CDLP - 'The Bright carvings' Sheffield Phonographic Corporation SPCLP004
Gui Boratto hera Double Vinyl LP - 'Chromophobia' Kompakt KOMPAKT152
Mugstar Bethany heart star 7" trensmat records tr002
Half Man Half Biscuit Dandelion Radio Jingle02        
Half Man Half Biscuit Look dad no tunes CD Single Probe Plus PP31CD
Horowitz Tracyanne (Rough Mix) CDr Demo
The Roots Radics Scientist in fine style 3CD comp 'Trojan dub rarities box set' Trojan 06076=80538-2C
Pocketbooks The first world record Compilation CDLP - 'the kids at the club' How does it feel to be loved? HDIF001
Thee More Shallows I can't get next to you CDEP - 'Monkey vs shark' Monotreme Records MONO 22
The Loves Je t'aime, baby CDLP - 'Technicolour' Fortuna Pop FPOP67
Artificial Intelligence Bloodlines 12" Widescreen Recordings WR002
Countryside Estuary CDEP - 'Click.submit.send' Countryside Demo no 2
Chambre Bruit Fall on your face MySpace Demo
Electrelane More than this (live) CD - 'Singles, B-Sides & Live' Too Pure PURE 166cd
Ted Chippington Dandelion Radio Ident - Rocker03        
Ellen Allien & Apparat Jet (Ben Klock remix) Clear Vinyl 12" - 'Jet Remixes' BPitch Control BPC135
120 Days I've lost my vision CDLP - '120 Days' Smalltown Supersound / Vice 94527-2
Hank Levine & His Orchestra Image (part 2) 7" His Master's Voice 45-POP 947  
Sasser - April 2007
SASR's (or Sasser's) inaugural show for Dandelion Radio follows the pattern of his more regular podcast SAS Radio, consising of a tour of the world looking for music you wouldn't always expect to find where you're looking.
This month's journey includes shoegaze from Glasgow and Sweden; pub rock, a capella, dub and electronic rock from London, breaks from Manchester, Bristolian hardcore and south Essex hip hop; then German ska, Parisian rock and trip hop, Norwegian industrial, Danish experimental, and drum and bass from the Netherlands; from further afield there's New York psychedelic rock, dub and hip hop, acoustic folk from Philadelphia, blackgrass from Ohio and some very groovy stuff from Canada; and if that's not varied enough for you there's music from Mali, the Democratic Republic of Congo and 1944, with electronica from Australia by way of Dubai.
If anyone's feeling left out then send in an email so that it can fixed for next time.
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
The Bridge Gang The money will roll right in 7" Blue Sky Grey Brille BRILS12S
Sambassadeur Marie CD EP Coastal Affairs Labrador LAB087
Bong-Ra Necrogoat CD EP Sick Sick Sick Ad Noiseam ADN75
Blonde Redhead 23 Album 23 4AD CAD2727CD
The Sundresses Am American American Mp3 stream n/a n/a
Two Lone Swordsmen The lurch (Simon Heartfield rmx) Free Mp3 download n/a n/a
Toumani Diabete Africa challenge Album Boulevard de l'Independance Nonesuch WCD074
Superkable Sparkle and gleam Album Heaven is not Big Enough Number9records SUPERN9001
3hostwomexicansandatinofspanners She was a capitalist Free Mp3 download n/a n/a
Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip Thou shalt always kill Myspace stream n/a n/a
Cannibal Elvis Give you all Album The End of Poison Boogie Dog n/a
Groovin Goblins Mozambique Free Mp3 download n/a n/a
The Loveninjas I wanna be like Johnny C Album The Secret of the Loveninjas Labrador LAB099
Hopewell The notbirds EP The Notbirds Sunny Lane n/a
d_Cyphernauts You got your war Free Mp3 download n/a n/a
Hermit Crabs Goodbye my friend Untitled album Matinée Recordings n/a
Pop Levi Sugar assault me now Album The Return to Form Black Magick Party Ninja Tune COUNTCD003
Mad Professor Theme from Mandinka album Dub You Like Crazy 2007 Ariwa n/a
Tim Young Gotta go Free Mp3 download n/a n/a
Victor Scott Gotta go (excerpt) Album Happy Days SVC SVC004
Victor Scott Northern star (demo) Free Mp3 download n/a n/a
Elam Outback Album Interaction WD Records n/a
American Sneakers Finito Album Darts and Daggers Tonearm n/a
Combichrist What the fuck is wrong with you people? Album What the fuck is wrong with you people? Metropolis Records B000MRA6JG
Kékélé Yoka bisu Album Kinavana Sterns/IODA n/a
Under Byen Af samme stof som stof Album Samme Stof Som Stof Morningside n/a
Harry 'The Hipster' Gibson Who put the benzedrine in Mrs Murphy's Ovaltine? Album Who put the benzedrine in Mrs Murphy's Ovaltine? Delmark B000004BLN
Butcher Boy Girls make me sick Download single How Does It Feel to be Loved?
Chimp Beams Brooklyn dub Album Menina Concent Productions n/a