Andrew Morrison - August 2006
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
The Golden Virgins I Am A Camera (Silent Beast Remix) CD single 'I Am A Camera' Bunker Records BUNK013
The Fall Blackness CD album 'Fall Heads Roll' Narnack Records SLOCD003
Two's Company Feat. K Komplex Hardcore Frenzie 12" Two's Company 'Lost In Beats' Relentless Vinyl RLNT:002
X-Vectors Movies CD various artists album 'They Spoke Like An Axe - A Bulletin From The Underground' Blast First Petite PTYT06
Morrissey Ganglord CD single 'The Youngest Was The Most Loved' Sanctuary Records ATKXD018
Simon Heartfield Thurmond CD album 'Permanent Way' Hackpen Records HPR015CD
Fetimo Binary Unsigned mp3 None None
New Order True Faith (King Roc remix) 12" 'True Faith/Regret' New State Recordings NSER016
Nada Surf All Is A Game CD various artist album 'HMV Playlist -September 2005' HMV SDR34A
Bigbox Delta Digit Unsigned mp3 None None  
Echoboy The Grip CD album 'Elektrik Soul Psymphonie' Earworm Records EGS005
Jason Forrest (featuring Laura Cantrell) Nightclothes And Headphones CD album 'Shamelessly Exciting' Sonig SONIG 49CD
Simply Luke Leighfield The Rain Will Come Again Unsigned mp3 None None
Paperlung The Days That God Sold You Mp3 'The Days That God Sold You' Shifty Disco DISCOQUICK27
The Boo Radleys Walking 5th Carnival Vinyl LP 'Ichabod And I' Action Records TAKE 4
The Boo Radleys Lazarus CD album 'Find The Way Out' Creation Records CMEDD1112
Melophonic Russian Rampage Unsigned mp3 None None
Serotonin Forcefedlies CD-R EP 'The Forcefedlies EP' None None
Vortechtral Wandering A World Of Visual Perception (Tod Livingstone Remix) CD-R various artists 'Inner Ciry Remixed - Portsmouth Remix Compilation' None None
Leon Be There CD album 'Uppers And Downers' Freezer Recordings FRA001
The Mull Historical Society Len CD album 'This Is Hope' B-Unique Records BUNO82
Seagull Strange Love's Sick Disease mp3 'Love's Sick Disease' Shifty Disco None
Dan Barrell - August 2006
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
Department Of Eagles Moonbeams MP3      
The Immediate Don't You Ever CD EP Fantastic Plastic    
The Sailplanes I See You Walk CD Public Service Broadcast 7 Smalltown America STA028  
Tarmark Noddy Holder CD Gallipoli Records Sampler Spring 2006 Gallipoli GALL05  
Mugstar Bethany Heart Star MP3 Session      
Razor Digi Dugu 7” Gway – Chinkuzi Rhythm Chinkuzi CR0013  
Lady Saw Something 7” Fire Links GR004  
Darkus Stray Missile 12” Strorming STORM006  
Mr Oizo & Assasin Step Pon Eric 7” Noisy Bunch NB2  
Agent Alvin On The Run 12” Promo White Label    
Mugstar My Baby Skull Has Not Yet Flowered MP3 Session      
Boards Of Canada Skyliner CD Trans Canada Highway EP      
Neil Landstrumm Hallelujah Bleep Remix 12” Factory Revival EP Scandinavia SCAN025  
Skiptracer From A Standing Start CD Public Service Broadcast 7 Smalltown America STA028  
The Conspiracy Black and White CD Demo      
Tunng The Pioneers 7” Static Caravan VAN99v  
Mugstar Good Posture vs Bad Posture MP3 Session      
Doormouse Beer Theme 12” Hard Drive Clearance Sale EP Addict ADDICT23  
Mong Mong's Got The Car CD The Sound Of Mong Topplers TV004  
Olives Hairy Custard Necktie CD Olives Hairy Custard Topplers TOP008  
Pissed Jeans Don't Need Smoke To Make Myself Disappear 7” Sub Pop SP718  
The Long Blondes Last Night On Northgate Street 7” The Weekend Without Makeup Rough Trade RTRADSX351  
Help She Can't Swim I Don't Need You CDS Fantastic Plastic FPS046  
Mugstar Diksik MP3 Session      
Lone Ranger Johnny Mek You Bad So 7” Dynamite JBI1201  
Mogwai Travel Is Dangerous 12” Travel Is Dangerous EP PIAS PIASX066T  
Pizzy Yelliot Could You Be Loved 7” 1965 OLIVE003  
Vitalic feat Linda Lamb Bells 12” Bells EP      
Neil Jenkins - August 2006
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
The Liftmen Backwards        
Ramona Cordova Giver's Reply        
The Violets Climb Me, Miss Me        
Jesus Licks Harr Barbie        
Terry Douglas Mit-Verb        
Labour Flood Damage        
The Westfield Mining Disaster Clifton Bridge Song        
Mugstar Diksuk        
Salon Boris The Planet (Linus Loves Remix)        
Autons Snakes        
Messer Chups Contact 1 2 3 4        
The Flesh Happening Useless Pumping        
999 Emergency        
Barbatuques Barbapapa's Grooove        
AWWBLOT? 4 Years To Be An Artist        
Nimrod Hitler Is Dead        
Line Of Sight Unbecoming        
Charley Patton Some Summer Day        
Gorowski Below The Tarmac        
Sarah Li & The Silvers Good Boy (Demo)        
Bob Marley & The Wailers Simmer Down        
Twisted Trees You Stand Out        
Jan Turkenburg 4 Tributes To 365 Days        
October All Over Stegosaurus        
My Octopus George Will It Make Me New?        
The Vichy Government Death On The Instalment Plan        
Male Soap        
Daghoti (And Dude) Break We Did        
I'm Alas Animal        
The Favours I Don't Need Anything From You        
Saskia von Klitzing Frank-Ohm-Rama        
Blaknoisewhitesoul Sal The Swindler        
Peter Nelson - August 2006
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
People Like Us Kitten Thermos Explorer CD
Prosthetic Cunt Doing Bad Things To Her Butt With My Head Fuckin’ Your Daughter With A Frozen Vomit Fuck Stick CD
Robert Mitchum Ballard Of Thunder Road Where Were You When The Fun Stopped CD EMI Songbook Series    
Look Look (dancing boys) Arse Road demo CD
The Flesh Happening Anal Joy demo CD
Deep Elem Lost In The Woods CD Reveal    
NwodtleM One Single Ticket On The No13 Please 12” Getting Down To Business Here’s My Card    
Paul Kalkbrenner Frank Blase 12” BPitch Control    
Zea Faster Insert Parallel Universe CD Transformed Dreams    
Daisy Daisy Michelle Plays Ping Pong vicarious bliss match point remix 12” Sunday Best    
Superqueens Spinning Leaf Royal Shit CD Supermarket    
Eighteenth Day Of May Highest Tree S/t CD Hannibal    
Shitmat Rough Babylon Killerbabylonkutz CD Planet Mu    
Turddavid Cannibal Rolfmeister Shitmat Presents The Rolf Harris Mashup CD Wrong    
Dead Note Songbird International Ravensong Un40rmulated CD comp. Unlabel    
DJ Flush Baila Redux Music To Play In The Clubs 10 12” Shitkatapult    
Comanechi Naked 7” White Heat    
Benjamin Zephaniah Naked Naked CD One Little Indian    
Spinmaster Plantpot Girlfriend In A Coma MP3
Knifehandchop Dirty New York reverse 12” Tigerbeat 6    
Codex Machine Man vs Monkey CD
The Maytals 54-46 That’s My Number Singles Box Set CD Trojan    
Steveless/Syd Howell Peel A Much Grimmer Place Than Oblivion CD      
Flipron Raindrops Keep Falling On The Dead Fancy Blues And Rustique Novelties CD Tiny Dog    
Johnny Cash God’s Gonna Cut You Down American V American    
Peter Cook & Dudley Moore L S Bumblebee MP3      
Nightech Positiva On Arrioph Music Of Deneb 2099 CD comp. Dars    
Rainydayfuckparade Wasteland Demo CD
Rachael Neiman - August 2006
A mystery show from Rachael ...
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
Bearsuit Shhh Get Out Steven F***ing Spielberg' CD single Fantastic Plastic FPS059
Larry Pickleman Midget Stick Up All Blacks Are Bastards' CD EP Self-released
True Adventures I Dare You Myspace mp3 None
Bruno and Michel Are Smiling The Beach of Ruined Spirits Split 7" single with Skiperrr Adadaat ADT0012/7"
Maarika Vandre Metsas (The Bear Song) Unsigned mp3 None    
Ryan Hardy Zombie Raising Demo CD Self-released    
Steveless & Syd Howells This Is What Dying Is Like (Christmas In Swansea) A Very Cherry Christmas' compilation CD Cherryade Records CHY002
Casper and the Cookies Yer Birthday Oh!' CD album Happy Happy Birthday To Me HHBTM058
Das Wanderlust Lenor Self-titled CD EP Don't Tell Clare DTC003CDR
The Bobby McGee's Albert Camus / Audrey Tautou The Bobby McGee's? Yes Please!' 7" EP Cherryade Records CHY005
Spinmaster Plantpot Dairy Milk Greatest Hits' CD album Self-released
Lucky Lucky Pigeons Who Smells Marshmellows Happy Birds Day' CD EP Freedom Road Records FRR09
Applicants Packing Up Demo CD Self-released
MJ Hibbett and the Validators Better Things To Do We Validate' CD album Artists Against Success AAS052
Candy Panic Attack Spending Time With You Demo CD Self-released
Sukoshi Yutter Myspace mp3 None
The Narrow Escapes The Narrow Escapes Are Depressed In Spite of All the Danger' CD album Self-released
Toxic Lipstick Put It In Myspace mp3 Dual Plover
The Vichy Government Suspended On Full Pay Suspended On Full Pay' download single Little Hellfire Club LITTLE005
Blanketarms Boredom is the Opiate of Our Asses Myspace mp3 Offsides Records
The Pocket Gods The Ballad of the Peshwari Naan Rachael Experience session track None
Lardpony Straight Out of the Crompton This Is Lardcore' CD album Mr&Mrs Mr&Mrs02
Cars Can Be Blue You're So Cute All the Stuff We Do' CD album Happy Happy Birthday To Me HHBTM069
Michael J Coxx The Clap The Electronic Bible volume 2' compilation CD White Label Music
Hyperkinako Tokyo Invention Registration Office Demo CD Self-released
The Filthy Pedro Rock 'N' Roll Points Rock 'N' Roll Points' CD EP Self-released
The Retro Spankees Easy Squeezy My Sonic Driver' CD single Kooky Kookydisc020
Gay Against You Greased Lightning Down To Grease On Holiday' download compilation Little Hellfire Club LITTLE006
Finlay Tread On Flowers, pt 1 The Fall of Mary' CD album Fortuna Pop! FPOP62
Moogle Charm Fairlight Myspace mp3 None
Rocker - August 2006
A mystery show from Rocker ...
Artist Title Recording Record Label Catalogue No. Website
Hank Levine & Orchestra Image - part ll 7" His Master's Voice 45-POP 947  
The Mittens A star in velvet Compilation CD 'Joy of incompetence vol 1' Blue Minnow BLU 018
Peace Division feat. Pleasant Gehman Blacklight sleaze 12" NRK NRK115
Terry Callier Look at me now 7" Chess 45-5402  
Massive Attack False flags CDS 'Live with me' Virgin / EMI VSCDX1912
Horowitz Eskimo Compilation CD 'Joy of incompetence vol 1' Blue Minnow BLU 018
The Knife Forest families Double LP 'Silent shout' Brille / Rabid BRILLP103
The Pigeon Detectives I'm always right Compilation CD 'DANCETOTHERADIO - What we all want' Dance To The Radio DTTR007
Swell Maps Midget submarine LP 'A trip to Marineville' Rather / Rough Trade Rough 2
Depeche Mode The darkest star (Holden dub) 12" Mute PXL12Bong37
Maps So low so high mp3
Decoration Concrete CD LP 'Don't disappoint me now' SL Records lone 35
Leggo Beast & the Ossie All Stars Dub down Babylon LP 'Leggo dub' Hot Pot HPLP1004
Shiloh Dream on (Luke Chable remix) 12" Baroque BARQ057
The Sailplanes Doom one Demo CDr 'Books about cities'
The Blue Aeroplanes Up In a down world CD LP 'Altitude' EMI / Harvest CDSHSP 4132
Beatnik Filmstars It's not what you know CD LP 'In great shape' Track & Field HEAT40
Johnny Fortune Soul surfer 7" Sonet SON2139  
Help She Can't Swim Mind game girl 7" 'Midnight garden' Fantastic Plastic FP7060
Jim Rivers Rest or e mp3
Linus Lovers of London Compilation CD 'Joy of incompetence vol 1' Blue Minnow BLU 018
Belle & Sebastian Whiskey in the jar 7" 'The blues are still blue' Rough Trade RTRADS313
MonoTaxi Kind of better 7" Play It Again 7 Seven001
Nathan Fake Grandfathered Double LP 'Drowning in a sea of love' Border Community 10BCLP
Snow White Stop anything Compilation CD 'DANCETOTHERADIO - What we all want' Dance To The Radio DTTR007
Iliketrains The Beeching report Compilation CD 'DANCETOTHERADIO - What we all want' Dance To The Radio DTTR007
The Broken Family Band Diamonds in the mine CD LP 'Balls' Track & Field HEAT41
Mamie Lee I can feel him slipping away 7" MGM K13850  
Hank Levine & Orchestra Image - part ll 7" His Master's Voice 45-POP 947